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Plan Vacations with Volaris Airlines Tickets +1-860-374-7617 & Get Amazing Deals

Volaris Airlines is a low-cost airline located in the city of Mexico. The airline provides regular flights across America, mainly in-house flights within Mexico and worldwide flights to the United States. It has a vast route network, including more than 60 destinations. Currently, the leading airline for domestic flights in Mexico, Volaris, was founded in 2004 with a vision to provide passengers with a convenient and low-cost air travel experience. Today, Volaris has become one of Mexico’s most important airlines, with one of the country’s fledgling fleets, with more than 200 flights a day. Nowadays, providing customers with Volaris Airlines Tickets is another useful and cheap option instead of flying with any other airline.

Volaris Hub Airport

The International Mexico City Airport is the primary Volaris Airlines Hub. Together with Volaris, the airport is also known as the hub airport for three other famous airlines. Deciding to take off having Volaris Plane tickets can assist you to get a whole new escapade and improve your journey.

Get All Contact Information Related to Volaris Airlines

Volaris Airlines InformationContact Number
Volaris Reservation Contact Info.+1-860-374-7617
Volaris Mexico Call Center Number11028000
Toll-Free Volaris Airlines+1-(800)-122-8000
Volaris Airlines Customer Service E-mailemail protected
Group Reservation E-mailemail protected (volaris.com)
Volaris Baggage Claim Contact Info.++1-800-122-8000
Volaris Flight Cancellation Contact Number1866(988)3527
HubsGuadalajara International Airport, Mexico City International Airport, Tijuana International Airport
Focus citiesCancún International Airport,Del Bajío International Airport,Los Angeles International Airport,Tijuana International Airport
Subsidiaries{Volaris Costa Rica}
Fleet size77
Parent companyVolaris
HeadquartersMexico City(Mexico)

Services and Amenities offered By Volaris Airlines

Volaris Airlines offers its passengers a variety of services and in-flight amenities, including an incredible amount of food and beverages. Having such facilities onboard makes the passenger enjoy the comfort and leisure provided by Volaris Reservation. Along with this, passengers are offered top-notch utilities and services to make their journey entirely satisfying.

In the Clouds: It is a special menu provided by the airlines that allows the customers to select food, drinks, and entertainment options when they are on board. It is to ensure that the passengers can enjoy their time on flights and have a healthy food intake.

Hold The fare: This service allows the customers to book their Volaris Airlines tickets and make the payment within 72 hours if they are unsure about their trip when they plan to travel.   

Medical Assistance: During the flight, individual passengers might have their specific medical needs. Volaris Airlines Reservation has recommendations and restrictions on medical items that passengers can take with them when flying with Volaris Airlines. Always remember to read the allowed medical equipment and other medicinal instructions on the website before you pack.

Combo Services By Volaris: This service is meant for adding anything and everything you require to have onboard from the very start.

Managing your Volaris Airlines Flights

Once you decide to air travel with Volaris Airlines and use the Volaris Book flight option to book your flight. Most of the time you wish to grab the best price. This is the main reason why you prefer Volaris airlines for booking air tickets. 

In addition to providing in-flight amenities and amazing services, it also provides you with many online options for convenience and comfort to passengers. Passengers can choose Volaris manage booking options and make various changes to their flights.

How to manage your booking with Valaris?

  • Open Volaris’ official website
  • Click on the My Trips option from the main menu.
  • Enter the flight booking code and last name on the e-ticket, and then click the “My Trip” button.
  • The flight details will be displayed as a result, and you can modify them as needed.
  • After the ticket is modified or canceled, the passenger can submit detailed information to confirm it.
  • After you confirm, you will receive an email or text message about the update, which contains the updated e-ticket.

For any other queries, you can contact Volaris Flight manage booking, and the airline representative will provide you with the best assistance.

Volaris Manage Booking option can help achieve the following purposes:

  • Modify your ticket after flight confirmation.
  • Use the services related to their flight check-in and boarding in the Volaris Manage My Booking Section
  • Passengers can change their names on flights and shift the travel dates.
  • Also, pay for the seat upgrade if any.
  • Add or modify extra luggage or other accessories in the “MyTrips” section of the flight.
  • Passengers can also request to enjoy traditional meals on board (if any).

Volaris VClub- Enjoy Frequent Flyer benefits

Are you a frequent flyer on Volaris Airlines flights? You can enjoy better benefits with their Frequent Flyer Benefits program and reach your destinations each time with ease. 

Volaris’ frequent flyer program is called VClub. It offers members special discounts on flights, luggage, and vacation packages. Furthermore, Individual and group subscriptions are available, and you can choose to pay for the service monthly or annually.

So, get ready to book Volaris flight tickets and head to the most exciting vacations, and enjoy superb flying benefits. Now let’s move over to view what actually does VClub offers?

What is Volaris V.Club?

Volaris provides a subscription-based frequent flyer program called v.club. However, this does not offer a standard frequent flyer program where passengers may earn points to spend on future trips. Usually, like other airlines, they do not get any points with Volaris book flights every time they fly. 

However, V.club members receive exceptional flight discounts, exclusive bargains, and extra baggage on certain fares. The V.Pass service is an exceptional facility for such passengers.

How Does the V.Pass Work?

  • Select one-way or round-trip flights as well as baggage when setting up your subscription.
  • For the next 12 months, an automatic charge will be placed on your credit card every month.
  • To book, go to the website, select your flight, and pay only the taxes.
  • Finally, add the extra services you require before your flight.

Furthermore, do you need additional information on your VClub or V.pass benefits? No issues, open Volaris flight manage booking and view the existing benefits you can have with this service.

What are the Volaris Airlines V.Pass Benefits?

  • You can plan affordable travel every month with v.pass. Furthermore, the travel will be safe. 
  • V.pass follows a Save, Book Air Travel, and repeat approach to help you out better.
  • Their monthly fee is fixed and does not fluctuate each time you book Volaris airline tickets. Therefore, you can make sure that you do not have to pay anything extra while paying for v.pass.
  • You only need to pay flight tax when you have a v.pass flying benefit.
  • Passengers also receive access to the v.club exclusive fares and prices.
  • You can even add bags at a preferable price option.

What is the v.pass fare?

Do you need to buy a v.club membership? Well, you have two plans to choose between. Either you can opt for the one-way or roundtrip domestic routes.

The price for one-way is $499 MXN for each month whereas you need to pay a $699 MXN charge for roundtrips each month. Besides, they will let you select between a number of destinations using this monthly pass.

Volaris Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

In all Volaris airline reservations for different routes and fares, all passengers can carry up to two carry-on luggage. These bags’ total weight should be 22 pounds or 10 kilograms and must not surpass that weight. For a single suitcase, each bag is 22.4 x 15.7 x 12.9 inches. For tax exemption, you can keep your handbag, purse, or wallet.

Besides, you must not use them as containers to transport items that would otherwise be considered luggage. When traveling by air, passengers need to ensure that their luggage’s weight stays below this mark to ensure a safe and reliable journey. Thereby, planning their luggage like how much to carry with their Volaris Airlines flights becomes easy.

Checked Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance for Volaris flights must be indicated on the ticket you carry. The total size of checked luggage should not surpass 158 cm or 62 inches. The weight of these bags should not exceed 55 pounds or 25 kilograms. Putting your luggage within this limit ensures that you will fly with Volaris Airlines, thus spending most of your time and money.

Make a flight reservation with Volaris Airlines!

Volaris Airlines offers a variety of booking methods, one of which can choose anyone according to their preferences. Here you will gain comprehensive knowledge about the process of Volaris Reservation through various available methods.

Booking via Website

You can make a reservation for yourself on the official website of Volaris Airlines through the following easy-to-manage and immediate steps:

  • First, visit the official website of Volaris Airlines Reservations and find the flight booking option. 
  • Once you open the booking section and provide your origin and destination city’s name, select the desired travel date.
  • Provide the number of passengers.
  • Then click to search for flights and book your Volaris flight ticket.

Booking Via App

You can also make Volaris Reservations on its mobile app. First, you need to download the Volaris mobile app on your device and follow the given steps to make a reservation:

  • Open the Volaris Airlines mobile application on your phone to find the ticket booking option.
  • Then click and open it to provide your booking details, such as departure and destination city names, travel dates, etc.
  • Then, follow the screen instructions to make the final booking as you do on the website.
  • And your Volaris Airlines Ticket will be booked, and you are just required to check in.

Booking Via Phone

Volaris Airlines also provides reservation services over the phone by providing a unique reservation support number.

First, you must call Volaris Airlines customer service number. 

  • You should wait until your call is connected, and then the reservation support staff will answer your call. 
  • Communicate your booking requirements to the booking supervisor.
  • They will recommend you to choose a few flights, meet all your needs and make the final booking decision.
  • After that, inform the booking staff of your payment details, and book the air ticket for you.

Booking at the Airport

Some airports also provide Volaris airline tickets booking services. From your location to the nearest airport, then secure the ticket booking from the ticket office.

Volaris Payment Plan

When booking Volaris Flight Tickets, it is much easier to pay through a payment plan. Choosing a payment plan option can increase your billing ability because it is an easy way to buy air tickets. However, there are various payment options available nowadays, yet only a few of them are completely secure. Some of these secure payment portals are Affirm (for American customers), Fly Now, PayPal Credit, Pay Later, Klarna, and PayBright (for Canadian customers).

Using these payment methods to book tickets on Volaris Airlines flights can help you get cheap tickets and ensure that you buy tickets safely. Along with these, these payment options allow you to simplify the transaction when booking tickets through Volaris.

Infant Travel Policy

When you are traveling with infants, you must follow the specific rules to keep the infant safe and comfortable. Moreover, you can make sure the flight is smooth. Here are the rules and necessary points to remember before booking an infant on Volaris Airlines Flights.

  • In order to be the standard for traveling with a baby, the baby must be between 7 days and two years old and must be carried by some adults who are at least 18 years old.
  • An adult passenger can only carry at least two babies if he is taken away in the car seat, and the other is on his guardian’s lap.
  • Furthermore, those traveling with infants can not just get seat assignments near the flight emergency exits.
  • Besides, you may ensure that your baby must be completely fine and may not have any infection at the time of flying.
  • If you put the baby carriage ticket in the car seat and travel on the parent’s lap, you must book the baby ticket with the full ticket, and then it is free.
  • Besides, you need to put valid age proof documents for babies under two years old.
  • Documents such as birth certificates, passports, or infant vaccination records can be used as proof of age.

Volaris Check-in

Online check-in

After passengers have purchased Volaris Plane tickets, the next step is to check in. Passengers traveling on Volaris airlines can perform online check-in via the Volaris official website, Mobile App, or Facebook Messenger.

Airport check-in

Passengers who are not checked online have to go through the Volaris check-in counter at the airport. Passengers should arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure. Then they may tell the airport agents a few details about their Volairs Airlines Flights and wait for the agents to complete the check-in process for them.

Moreover, the passengers can even check in at the airport kiosks for their flights. 

Volaris Airline Economy Class

Volaris Airlines only have one travel class available that is-cabin Economy. Being a low-cost carrier airline, cabins, and services are very simple and can provide you with everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable journey. Volaris Airlines’ seats are in a 3 x 3 configuration, and the first few rows provide premium seats with extra legroom. The standard seat width is 18 inches (46 cm), and the seat pitch is 28-32 inches (71 cm to 81 cm).

Volaris Airlines Services and Policies

Volaris Airlines Reservation provides many services to make passengers feel comfortable and convenient. Hence you can plan an exciting vacay by booking Volaris Airlines flights to your favorite destinations. Read more to find out their different policies for the passengers.

Pregnant Women Travel Policy

  • The International Association for Air Transport(IATA) has stated that pregnant women can travel until the 36th week of pregnancy while there are no complications.  
  • After you are past the 36th week of your pregnancy, you have to carry a medical certificate issued by a doctor that states you are fit to travel.
  • The certificate should contain the complete details and contact number of your doctor. 
  • The document must contain the Full name and pregnancy notice related to the traveler.
  • Suppose you cannot get the doctor’s Certificate beforehand or the doctor’s certificate is missing. In that case, you have to fill in and sign the airline’s e pregnancy notice to inform you of the risk of flying during pregnancy.

What is the Volaris flight Change Policy?

Sometimes passengers must make some changes to their Volaris airline tickets. In this case, the airline will provide a “Volaris Airlines Managed Booking” section on its website, where passengers can change their flight bookings. Well, if you make a mistake in booking your Volaris airline tickets, such as incorrect name and date, in this case, just go to the “My Trip” section to make changes. Also, you can follow the steps below to change your Volaris Airlines flights;

  • First, you should visit the website of Volaris Airlines.
  • Here, you must select the “My Journey” option.
  • After that, you will need to provide the booking code and last name to retrieve your flight booking and click on the “My Trip” option.
  • Here, you may see the “Manage Booking” section of Volaris Airlines in which you need to choose the “Change Flight” service.
  • After that, you must follow the prompts and complete the flight change process.
  • Sometimes, passengers may need to pay Volaris’ change flight price, which is quite reasonable. Also, in some cases, you can make changes for free.

Children Flying Alone with Volaris Airlines Booking

The minimum age for traveling alone with a Volaris Airlines Booking is 18 years old. If a minor travel unaccompanied, the airline will provide “Volaris is With You service.” When you arrive at the Volaris check-in counter, their staff will provide you with the necessary assistance to make your travel experience better.

What does “Volaris is with You” Service offers?

It includes providing services for minors flying alone from the departure airport until their arrival at the destination airport. It does not include services outside the airport. Minors of age 5 to 11 can only travel with “Volaris is With You” services. From 12 to 17 years old, they can choose whether to use the service when traveling unaccompanied. In both cases, minors must arrive at the Volaris check-in counter when accompanied by an over 18 years old.

What if a minor is under five years of age?

Children between 2 and 4 years of age can only travel as unaccompanied minors when traveling with family members between the ages of 12 to 17. Both the children must use the Volaris is With You service as unaccompanied minors.

Volaris Unaccompanied Minors Policy

  • Unaccompanied Children who made a Volaris Airlines Booking must arrive at the check-in counter with a legal age who can provide their personal information and the person who will get them to the reception desk and the one who will pick them up from the Destination airport.
  • They must wear a badge with their personal information in a prominent location. 
  • The crew and employees must be able to identify them as unaccompanied minors, and Volaris employees will accompany them during the trip.
  • The adult at the departure airport must inform the Volaris staff of the person who will pick up and drop off the minor at the destination airport.
  • Adults responsible for minors must consult the country of origin/destination’s immigration office regarding the requirements or permits for minors’ entry and exit.

You can also dial the Volaris Airlines Booking number and get expert guidance over detailed knowledge for children flying alone.

Pet Travel Policy

When you make Volaris Airlines Reservations, you are allowed to take your small pets along. When bringing a pet during the flight, you need to check the below-mentioned instructions: may follow.

  • Your pet cage must have approval from Volaris Airlines.
  • The cage size must not exceed 17.5x12x7.5 inches.
  • Your pet must be able to move inside the carrier.
  • You can carry any soft or stiff cage for your dog, but it must be a stiff plastic cage of the recommended size in a cat’s cage.
  • The cage must be kept under the seat in front of you and protected with the airport’s cable ties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Volaris Airlines provide free food?

No, Volaris Reservations does not provide free meals included in the fare. However, passengers can buy their favorite snacks, meals, and drinks from the various items mentioned on the airline’s in-flight menu. There’s a menu card on each seat pocket in front of the passenger. For more details, you can connect with Volaris Telefono at any time.

Where does Volaris fly?

The airline covers more than 60 destinations in the Americas and the Mexican peninsula. You can book Volaris in some major cities in the United States, including Mexico City, New York City, San Antonio, Cancun,  Chicago, Chihuahua, Los Angeles, Fresno, Tijuana, Monterrey, Houston, Durango, Guadalcanal Dalahala, Puerto Vallarta, etc.

Does Volaris provide any in-flight entertainment services?

Volaris does not provide any in-flight entertainment services. To keep fares low, airlines do not offer any such services. However, each flyer is given an in-flight magazine and other reading options while on Volaris Airlines flights.

How does Volaris Airlines Customer Service Number Help the passengers?

The Customer service of Volaris Airlines can help you find the lowest fare ticket through the ticket office because it takes a few hours for each customer to figure out the passenger’s questions and problems. Sometimes, travelers must clear every query related to travel. Therefore, to connect to the Volaris Airlines customer service for ticket booking and resolve your queries, you should call their hotline number.

Is WiFi available on Volaris’ planes?

WiFi is not available on all Volaris flights. Airlines have taken this step to maintain low fares.

Do I have to pay for the selection of seats on Volaris?

Yes, airlines charge fees for the seat selection process. If you need a seat with more space, you must pay an extra fee to select your desired seat. The airline will assign random seats to people who do not want to reserve seats.

How can I speak to a person on  Volaris?

You can find Volaris contact number on its official website, which can help you communicate with airlines. Further, you can retrieve all its services, available rates, purchases, flight reservations, claims, inquiries, etc. If you need any help, you can contact its customer service.

Is it safe to travel with Volaris Airlines?

Yes, making Volaris Reservations, the second-largest airline in Mexico, so it is absolutely safe. It provides ultra-low-cost Volaris bookings for more than 50 destinations in North and South America.

Volaris Airlines Customer Reviews:

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 3 reviews
 by James Mia
Superbb Service

Flown for the very first time using Volaris Book Flight service before. It had some mixed reviews so I was a bit scared but the trip went by smoothly. I enjoyed alot and even got the chance to experience some mexican cuisine onboard. The airline has some class and name and it lives up to that. Planes are clean and clear. I will fly with them again.

 by Mandy Pierce
Volaris Airlines

Last Saturday I flew to Ontario with Volaris Book Flight service and my experience was unbelievably amazing. They have such good staff and provide exciting onboard services. The on flight staff greets you with a smile and they even strike conversations in between interactions to make the passengers feel comfortable. We booked a business class seat so we were given complimentary drinks on the flight and we enjoyed it a lot. The seats were overly comfortable and it was an interesting flight. I will surely fly with them again.

 by Devin Claire
Volaris Airlines

I have been traveling with Volaris since 2014, and it has always been interesting. Last week I flew with them again using the Volaris Book Flight process. They have good inflight amenities and superb facilities. Their staff is accommodating. I remember one of the staff members was exceptionally great on our last flight. He welcomed us with a smile and even had a little fun conversation while giving our order. We ordered food on the flight, and it was delicious. Well done, Volaris Airlines.