How Do I Request a Seat Upgrade on Austrian Airlines ?

Have you ever been with an airline that provides 4+ options to upgrade your flight? The Austrian Airlines seat upgrade policy offers four types of upgrades: for fixed prices, via bidding, through mile payments, at check-in, or at the airport. 

Hence, you can book a better seat anytime under any budget that suits you. The Austrian upgrades are available right after you buy your air ticket. Passengers can upgrade their seats to Premium economy, business class, or first class cabins.

Read every possible detail to book your next seat upgrade with Austrian Airlines.

How to upgrade your seat at Austrian Airlines?

Whether you want to upgrade your seat at Austrian airlines for a fixed price or in bid format, you can do so only after you’ve booked a reservation with Austrian Airlines. If you have plenty of amount for a bid or want to pay with fixed prices, you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines.
  • Go to my bookings and look for your flight to upgrade.
  • Further, click upgrade flights. All eligible flights will be shown.
  • However, passengers can only upgrade to one flight at a time. 
  • Hence, choose either an outward or return flight for an upgrade.

If you are paying a fixed price to request a seat upgrade on Austrian Airlines, you can do so till 48 hours before departure. You can bid for a better seat till 72 hours before the flight’s departure.

How Do I Choose an Upgrade On My Seat On Austrian Airlines With Miles? 

You can purchase an Austrian airlines seat upgrade with your miles by visiting the Miles & More portal of star alliance. Moreover, mileage upgrade is available at check-in, at the airport, or via customer service.

Here’s how it works online: 

  • Firstly, go to the Miles & more website.
  • After that, click book upgrade now.
  • Further, go to my bookings and choose your flight.
  • Click upgrade.
  • Finally, you can redeem miles here. 

Here’s how it works at the check-in counter:

  • Visit the airline’s check-in counter.
  • Ask for upgrade availability.
  • Provide miles & more service cards.
  • Aslo keep miles & more PIN ready.
  • Finally, book the upgrade and redeem miles here.

However, the Austrian Airlines upgrade price during check-in might be higher as these are last-minute options. Try to book an upgrade right after your reservation is confirmed with the airline.

How Do I Get Last Minute Austrian Airlines Seat Upgrades?

Austrian airlines check-in and airport upgrades are options for those looking for opportunities at the last minute. Here is how you can seek an upgrade last minute with Austrian:

  • Upgrade in online check-in: Passengers can check for upgrades at online check-in starting 47 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • Last-minute upgrade at the airport: At the check-in counter, talk to an Austrian Airlines agent at the gate or directly speak to the crew on board to get an upgrade.

However, last-minute Austrian Airlines class code upgrades might be costly, and there are fewer chances of confirmation. To reserve a better seat, kindly book it right after buying the ticket.

A Comparison of Different Ways to Upgrade a Seat on Austrian Airlines

We learned that multiple ways to get Austrian Airlines seat upgrades are available. Look at the table to find out when you can earn more miles with your upgrade:

FactorsUpgrade Via BidUpgrade with a fixed priceUpgrade during online check-inSeek upgrade at desk/ on-board
Time LimitAvailable till 72 hours before departureGet upgrade till 48 hours before departure (before check-in)Available from 47 hours before departureWhen your trip is about to start
Pay With Miles optionNot AvailableAvailableYesNot Available
Earn milesAvailableYes, you canNot availableN/A

To seek a business class Austrian airlines upgrade or any other better seat, you need to use miles from the MILES & MORE website. The facility to use miles is not available on the official website. 

Terms & Conditions of Austrian Airlines Premium Economy and Other Upgrades

You can seek Austrian airlines seat upgrades for premium economy or above cabins only under the following conditions: 

  • Upgrades in premium economy and business class cabins are subject to availability.
  • Further, you must have a confirmed reservation to seek an upgrade. 
  • Besides, passengers must have a valid economy or premium economy booking.
  • Also, the scheduled flight must be under the operation of Austrian Airlines with an OSxxx number.
  • Lastly, you can only purchase the Austrian Airlines upgrade for everyone in a reservation.

Finally, note that the bookings you’ve bought directly from the website are valid for an airline upgrade.