How to change Turkish Airlines Flight?

Did your plans change suddenly, and are you now looking for ways to modify your ticket? You should learn more about the Turkish Airlines Change Flight policy to save money on airfare. Depending upon your travel route and distance, you can change your flight’s itinerary, date, and time.

You can modify your flight before the Turkish Airlines check-in window closes. However, you must not check in to your flight or ask for a boarding pass. Otherwise, there won’t be any option left.

Let’s explore all other conditions to modify flights smoothly at Turkish Airlines.

Can I change Turkish Airlines Flight?

Turkish change flight time, date, and itinerary policy lets you modify any part of your booking before the plane’s departure. However, the service is chargeable for most of the travel classes.

As per Turkish Airline’s change flight date rules, you can’t modify a booking when less than 1 hour is left before the flight’s departure. On many fare classes, it allows free flight change when more than 12 hours are left for departure.

How Can I change Turkish Airlines flight?

You can change your flight by talking to someone from Turkish Airlines customer service or checking out the Manage Bookings option from the official website.

Method 1: Change Turkish Airlines Flight Online

  • Firstly, check out the official website:
  • Next, click the check-in/ manage booking menu.
  • Further, fill in your ticket number/ reservation code and the passenger’s surname.
  • After that, press enter (red arrow button).
  • Now you can click the change booking details button and modify the existing ticket.

Lastly, you must pay the fare difference and the Turkish change flight fee for final changes. After that, you will get a new e-ticket and boarding pass.

Method 2: Via Turkish Airlines Customer Contact Service

  • Initially, you have to dial the Turkish Airlines change flight phone number 1 (800) 874-8875 or 1 (860) 374-7617.
  • Next, let the IVR provide instructions for different services.
  • Further, Press 2 to repeat the voice command (in case you missed anything)
  • Keep your booking details ready (booking ID/ transaction ID etc.).
  • After that, your waiting period will pause, and you will talk to someone from Turkish Airlines.

You have to pay the service fee, administrative fee, and change flight cost to modify your reservation. Once the transaction is complete, the executive will send a new confirmation email with e-tickets.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Turkish Airlines?

The Turkish Airlines change flight date fee international/ domestic reservation depends upon these factors:

  • Travel Route
  • Travel Class
  • Flight’s distance
  • Time left before the flight’s departure

Turkish Airlines will charge modification fees of 60 EUR/70 USD for some international branded fares. Refer to this list to know the rest of the Turkish flight change fees:

Domestic fares

Fare CategoryTurkish Airlines Changes Flight Fees
1 – 12 hours before departure12 hours or more before departureTRNC-Ercan flights 1 – 12 hours before departure
EcoFlyTRY 200+ Fare Difference.150+ Fare Difference.TRY 250+ Fare Difference
ExtraFlyTRY 150+ Fare Difference.100+ Fare Difference.TRY 200+ Fare Difference
PrimeFlyNO Turkish flight change fee NoneNO FEE
Business FlexibleTRY 300 + Fare Difference.NO FEETRY 300+ Fare Difference

International Non-Branded Fares

Fare ClassCost Of Turkish Flight Change Payable/ Non Payable
PromotionDepending on flight route and class
Semi-flexiblePermitted for a penalty fee
Business PromotionsIncure a fee.
Semi-FlexibleIncure a fee.
Business FlexiblePermitted, subject to deductions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I change My flight on Turkish Airlines?

Step 1: Check Out the official Turkish Airlines Website/ open the mobile app. 2nd Step : Go to Check-in/ Manage Booking, and enter the reservation code or ticket number and the passenger’s last name. Step 3: Choose the “Turkish Airlines flight modify” option. Last Step: Follow all the instructions and complete the new booking.

What are the Ways to Correct name on flight ticket Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines flight date/ name correction policy allows you to correct upto three characters in a name for free. However, you must cancel the ticket and book a new reservation to change the name completely. Exchange of tickets isn’t allowed. Hence, cancel the ticket more than 12 hours before to get full value.

How much does it cost to change an international flight Turkish Airlines?

On international branded fares, you must pay the Turkish Airlines flight adjustment fee of EUR 60/USD 70. For non-branded international fares, the amount varies per flight class and distance. On other top travel classes, same-day change is free of charge.

What is the cost to change flight date Turkish Airlines?

As per Turkish Airlines flight change Policy, the charge to modify the flight date and itinerary are the same. Pay the TRY 300 penalty fee to change the date or the flight’s destination when less than 12 hours are left for flight departure. If more than 12 hours are left, you don’t need to pay a penalty fee.