Turkish Airlines Student Discount

turkish airlines student discount

Enjoy Flying Affordably With Turkish Airlines Student Discount

Studying abroad is everybody’s dream. But, at the same time, it costs you heavy often. And because of this, you might stop yourself from visiting your home country again and again, because flight tickets are quite high in price. However, if you choose to travel with Turkish Airlines, you can cut down on your travel expenses at least. Yes, with Turkish Airlines Student Discount, it is very fairly and easily possible.

To avail of this facility, the students need to abide by certain guidelines. Turkish airlines team has applied certain terms and conditions to be followed. So, you need to know all of these to crack the best possible deals with student discount Turkish airlines if you are a student who is also a frequent traveler.

To start with, you must first understand the basics of student discounts with Turkish Airlines. 

What Do You Mean By Turkish Airlines Student Discount?

Often, Turkish Airlines offers different deals and discounts for the customers and the passengers. With the same intentions, it has also come up with some cheaper costing flight tickets. Turkish Airlines has been kind enough to understand the needs and the pocket limitations of the students. Turkish student discount is the result of the same. 

However, you need to know that you must not be beyond 34 years of age if you are availing of this facility by Turkish Airlines. Therefore, if you belong to this age category, you will get a straightforwards discount on the flight tickets to your destination. 

Highlights Of The Turkish Student Discount

Here are some of the main highlights that you must keep in mind if, being a student, you ever book Turkish Airlines:

  • When you are traveling under Turkish airlines discount for students, you get the baggage allowance of 30kg. This is far more than the usual baggage allowance with the airline.
  • Students get free drinks and meals with flight seats.
  • Moreover, the students are provided with an entertainment facility with all types of flight seats on Turkish Flights. 
  • If you are traveling to your destination that covers more than 20 hours, you get free accommodation in Istanbul. 

So, if you look forward to this great Turkish airline offer, you can call on the Turkish airways customer service number. 

What Are The Types Of Turkish Airline Student Discounts?

Basically, Turkish airways offer two types of discounts for students.  They are:

Turkish Airlines Domestic Flights For Students:

Many of the passengers think that the Turkish airlines student discount is not for the people traveling inside the turkey. But it’s not true. They also have at least some leverage on the flight tickets. 

Turkish Airlines international flights for students:

If you are someone who is living abroad and away from your nation for your studies and you lie between the age group of 12 and 34, you can acquire a heavy discount percentage on the flight tickets. 

What Are The Advantages Of Booking Turkish Student Discount Flights?

Turkish students to help the students everywhere offer ceratin facilities and advantages in the name of the flight discounts. Here are the main advantages a student would be benefitted with:

  • The student flying with Turkish airlines will get a discount of 20% on domestic flights. And they will get a discount of 10% on the Turkish airline’s international flights.
  • When it comes to the baggage allowance, you get a 40 kg luggage allowance on international flights. However, there is no extra allowance for the passengers with domestic flights.
  • Moreover, if you are a student traveling with Turkish airlines and you want to change the flight ticket, you can do it for free for international flights. However, they will have to pay the amounts if there is any fare difference between the original flight and the new one.
  • Also, if you are thinking of flying with Turkish airlines discount flights for students anytime by the end of 2022, you will get 25% extra miles on your travel. 
  • If you are subscribing to the Turkish airline membership for the first time, you will get 1000 extra miles. That is, in total, you have 2000 miles earned on your first journey.

Therefore, these are some of the irresistible benefits that Turkish airline students offer gives to you. In the section below, we have discussed the correct and simple method to book your Turkish Airlines Student Discount.

How To Book Flight With A Turkish Airlines Student Discount?

Below given are the steps talking all about the procedure a student needs to follow for booking discount flights with Turkish airlines.

  • First and foremost, you need to visit the Turkish airline’s webpage. You can also log in through the Miles&Smiles account on the app.
  • Then, you need to go to the flight booking option. Fill in the following details:
  1. Destination city
  2. Departure city
  3. Travel date
  • Furthermore,  you have to select the passenger type as “student.” After doing this, you will be able to see the discounted price on the webpage. You can find the price displayed on your screen on the button on the page.
  • Finally, make the payment, and you are done.

If you find the Turkish airlines student discount not working, you can immediately call on the Turkish Airlines flight booking number. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do airlines have discounts for students?

Yes, Turkish Airlines is one of those airlines that offer heavy discounts for students traveling domestically and internationally. To fly with students discounts with Turkish airlines, you have to be at least 12 years. And you can not go for a bit if you are more than 34 years of age.

What is the baggage allowance for students flying with Turkish Airlines?

If you are willing to book flight tickets under student discounts, you get a baggage allowance of 40 kg. But this is for an international journey. You do not get any extra allowance for domestic flights.

How can I benefit from the Turkish Airlines Student Discount?

After logging in from the Miles&Smiles account either from the webpage or from the mobile app, you can avail of it. Just go to the student option when you are selecting the passenger type while making bookings,

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