Qatar Airways Seat Selection

Qatar Airways Seat Selection

Qatar Airways Seat Selection – Choose Seats for Comfort Onboard

To select your choice of seat on Qatar Airways, dial the Qatar Airways customer phone number 1 (877) 777-2827 and get in touch with the airline. The agents will provide you with detailed insight into your seat selection process and eligibility.

Let’s get into it!

Convenience and comfort are parallel to each other. The more convenient you feel, the more comfort you have. In terms of air travel, comfort goes with your seats. So, if you are traveling with Qatar Airways, you get the perk of preferred seating. With this benefit, you can enjoy sheer comfort onboard.

Besides, Qatar offers you seat selection free of charge for some selective fares. Kindly Refer to the details ahead and book your seats accordingly!.

What is Advance Seat Reservations(ASR) on Qatar Airways?

ASR, or simply Advance Seat Reservation, is a Qatar Airways seat selection service where you can choose your favorite seats with or without a fee. This service is available on all Qatar flights; however, it does not guarantee the seats because the aircraft type tends to change.

Rules for Advance Seat Selection on Qatar Airways

  • Once you’ve selected seats, it means your air travel is 100% confirm.
  • The airline expects you to report at the airport check-in counter at least 90 minutes before the departure. 
  • If you fail to reach on time, the airline will give your seats to another passenger.
  • Passengers traveling with carrycot, or those with medical cases, get specific seats as per their conditions.
  • You can not make Qatar Airways seat selection online for emergency exit row seats in advance.
  • These seats always fall under airport control, and the airline prefers to offer them to adults who appear capable of assisting with the evacuation operation in case of emergencies.
  • Passengers who do not get an Emergency exit row seat are
    • Incapacitated passengers
    • Expectant mothers
    • Elderly and frail passengers
    • Prisoners in custody or deportees
    • Passengers with Falcons
    • Children and infants
    • Obese passengers, etc.
  • Customers in the Economy(Comfort or convenience), can select the standard seats free of cost at any time while or after booking your flight.
  • The charges will only be for the preferred seats or extra legroom seats.
  • For Economy Classic passengers, seat selection is chargeable.
  • However, if you go online while the check-in opens, i.’e., 48 hours prior to the departure, you can select a regular seat for free.
  • You can also consider paying as it happens that your preferred seat will become unavailable till then.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection: Terms & Conditions

  • Except for the free seat selection Qatar Airways, all seat charges are based per passenger on each flight.
  • Your seat selection fee is not refundable in case of cancellations.
  • It is not possible to transfer your seats to another person.
  • You can only change your seats on a similar type of seat as well as on the same flight and route.
  • The value of seat purchase is only refunded in case of involuntary changes due to any security, safety, or operational conditions by the airline.
  • The passengers can not get a seat selection refund in case. They are voluntarily or involuntarily upgrading seats to a higher-class cabin.
    • Customers select a lower value seat after they already have the higher valued ones.
    • If you add the privilege club or Oneworld membership details after selecting a seat for a fee.
    • When a customer changes flight dates, routes, or the flight itself to a different airline
  • Passengers with infants and their co-travelers under the same itinerary can select a seat free of cost. However, choosing a bassinet seat will not guarantee a bassinet on board.

How do I Select my Seat on Qatar Airways Flights?

To select a preferred seat on Qatar airways, call the airline or go to its official website and clear the Qatar Airways seat selection fee. You can guarantee extra comfort onboard with these services.

The airline allows you to book your seats online using the process below:

  • Go to the Qatar Airways official website on a device with the internet.
  • Open the manage booking section and locate your trip details.
  • Provide the Ticket reservation number and your last name to review your booking.
  • Then, choose the Qatar Airways seat selection option to view the Seat map.
  • The Y character means chargeable seats. 
The location codes are 
  • Select the seat, and you’ll see a “/” code that indicates that it is chargeable right next to the SSR request.
  • Now, review the selected seat details and continue.
  • Update your payment form and pay for the seats.
  • Confirm your selection by email from the airline.

Finally, your Qatar Airways seat selection process will be complete and you can look forward to an exciting flight with the airline. 

Bottom Line

Wherever possible, you can get a seat next to your partner or enjoy solitude alone in your personal space on the plane. Simply dial the Qatar Airways seat selection customer service phone number and get in touch with the airline coordinators to choose your favorite seats.

Also, don’t worry if you can’t seem to get in touch with the airline supervisors; you can first connect with our professional team and know your options. Afterward, feel free to know your options with their precise help.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection Frequently Asked Questions

Can you select seats on Qatar Airways?

On most of the fares, Standard Seat selection is completely free of cost. Suppose you are in the economy section; you can choose your seats for free in the comfort and convenience option with Economy. The additional charges only apply to the preferred or extra legroom seats.

Does Qatar Airways charge for seat selection?

Yes, Qatar Airways will charge you a slight amount if you choose your seats in the preferred seating section or if you select an extra legroom seat. The airline will ask you to pay a certain amount to confirm your favorite seat onboard for Economy Classic or higher cabin flights.

How do I select my seat on Qatar Airways?

  • To select a preferred seat on Qatar airways, call the airline or go to its official website
  • Open the manage booking section and locate your trip details.
  • Review the selected seat details and continue.
  • Update your payment form and pay for the seats.

What is a Qatar comfort seat?

Qatar Confort fares are specific fare types that allow you to earn extra miles. You can even select your preferred seat and enjoy the best rates on seat upgrades. In short, you experience sheer comfort with the airline.

Where should you not sit on a plane?

The airline asks you to avoid the emergency exit row seats if you have trouble with your physical or mental strength. However, if you are going for the last row of the plane, that can also be a worse choice. However, preferably best options can be many, but it is quite difficult to explain where you should not sit because, for safety purposes, the middle is the worst; for convenience, the last row sucks. So, choose for yourself once you’ve enough experience.

What is Qatar Airways seat selection phone number?

Qatar Airways Seat selection phone number allows you to connect with the airline specialists and book the seats you desire to sit on on the aircraft. You can make a call at any time and receive excellent service help.

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