Is it safe to travel to Detroit?

Are you traveling to Detroit this year? Does your travel radar point to Detroit for your 2021 vacation? Well, as the biggest city in Michigan, Detroit may be famous for its Motown music and rock music, as well as world-class museums, theaters and arts, and other cultural venues, not to mention its car culture and sports teams.

Detroit has experienced a huge population loss and a decline in the number of tourists. Still, recently, its historic buildings have been renovated, and its downtown is full of new activities and developments.

Visitors can enjoy its parks and cultural sites. But how safe is the city? Will you have any risks when traveling there? Let us take a clear look and find out if it is safe to travel to Detroit.

Are there any Dangers or Warnings to Travel to Detroit?

The overall risk in Travel is Moderate.

Though Detroit is safe for tourists, it will still be best to avoid some blocks. The crimes that do occur mainly occur between street gang members or individuals who know each other and in areas that tourists are not interested in. Avoid rough communities and take normal precautions.

Traffic and taxi risks are Moderate in Detroit.

For drivers, it is recommended that they insist on driving on main roads and highways. Carjacking can happen in dangerous neighborhoods, so avoid it completely. Public transportation is not the safest for tourists, especially at night. There are reports of violent crimes in stations and trains. It is not common to avoid public transportation altogether, but you should always be vigilant.

There is a high pickpocket risk in Detroit.

Well, Pickpockets are indeed a frequent problem of Detroit, most importantly around tourist sites or artistic and musical events. Therefore, you may always keep your belongings steadily by your side because bag snatching also happens from time to time. The best way is to put your valuables in your residence.

However, the probability of having Natural disasters is low!

When it comes to the risk of natural disasters, Detroit doesn’t have much to worry about. So, feel free to book Delta airlines tickets to Detroit as you won’t see a rock falling from the mountains on your way. Hehe! Just Kidding, you can enjoy all your might in Detroit. Only keep track of your location beforehand and avoid problems.

Watch Out! You might be Mugged.

When it comes to the chance of being robbed or kidnapped, they do exist in Detroit. Moreover, there are even Violent street crimes, but you can avoid them by avoiding the dangerous areas. Also, do not wander around in communities where even the locals rarely dare to move around.

There is a very low possibility of terrorism.

For now, the city of Detroit hasn’t been a target of any terrorist attacks recently. However, we can not rule out the possibility of an attack. Therefore, always pay attention to your surroundings.

Beware of Frauds!

Just like in other tourist destinations, there will be people in Detroit who will try to lie to you. When you don’t want to give money to the homeless, they may be aggressive and use force. Be wary of any large signs that try to distract you, flash in front of you, or on the ATM. They look like they have been tampered with.

Are you a Female Travelling alone? Fret Not! you are safe.

Detroit is very safe for female solo travelers. Following basic precautions should minimize the chance of any problems. Act like in other countries or hometowns, and there should be no problem.

Therefore, we concluded that though the crime rates are lower each passing day, it’s still dangerous to visit there. We advise you to check the areas where you’ll be safest in Detroit before making American Airlines Booking reach there. For instance, you only have to avoid the areas with high crime rates. And, you will be safe and sound and furthermore get a warm welcome from locals.