Discount for Flights Due to Death

Which airlines offer Discounts for flights due to Death?

Sadly, the days when most airlines offered discounted tickets to passengers suffering from bereavement are long gone.  Lufthansa, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, and WestJet are the few airlines that still offer bereavement fares. Moreover, in order to qualify, a passenger should be an immediate family member of the bereaved. Moreover to get  Discounts for flights due to Death they should be able to provide detailed information about the deceased and funeral arrangements. Although many airlines do not offer bereavement fares, most airlines are willing to help passengers find the best option. It is worthwhile to contact the airline directly and ask if they can provide suggestions that might reduce the cost of last-minute flights.

Air Canada

The bereavement policy of Air Canada also applies to Air Canada Rouge and Express flights. The airline emphasized that its bereavement fare is designed to provide flexibility and may not be the cheapest fare offered. Furthermore, the flights inside North America should be one-way and start within 10 days of booking. International flights must start within 7 days of booking and can be round-trip, except for certain flights. 

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines offers variable fares for travel within 7 days in accordance with its bereavement policy. Passengers must travel due to the imminent or actual death of their family members, and can only obtain Delta Airlines tickets by booking directly with the reservations department of the airline. Delta will waive the service fee when changing the date or time of the return/outbound ticket. However, passengers may have to pay the fare difference.


Westjet provides bereavement tickets for immediate family members and guests flying to the funeral of police, members of the armed forces, firefighters, or emergency. The airline suggests the passengers review the website for the cheapest airfare. They even have to pay a ticket change fee.


Lufthansa airlines offers Discounts for flights due to Death for round-trips starting in North America. Please contact the Lufthansa booking Desk in the U.S., Canada, or others to book your flight and for more information. services. The company advises passengers to check its website for cheaper tickets before booking bereavement tickets.

Offers from other airlines

Airlines that offer discounts in some cases include American Airlines and United Airlines. American Airlines provides flexible options for certain last-minute tickets. When the bereavement causes changes to the flight plan, United Airlines may allow refunds for non-refundable tickets, but a fee of $50 will be charged. .

Is the bereavement fare the cheapest option?

Although airlines have discounts on bereavement fares, they usually apply to unrestricted full-price fares. Although the savings may sound like a bargain when compared to a full-price ticket, the cost may increase and may not be comparable to the low-cost ticket you can find elsewhere.

And, while bereavement fares usually provide flexible travel conditions—for example, if you have to modify your travel plan due to an emergency, they may waive the change fee. Furthermore, many other airlines will also waive it in an emergency. Change fee.

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