What to do When you Test COVID-19 Positive on a Vacation?

You can’t deny the fact that, since the Pandemic started, vacations have become a lot more complex. Therefore, we are all worried whenever we fly to our favorite destination these days. Though the situation is not under control yet, there has been a relaxation in air travel. But What Happens if You Test Positive for COVID-19 on Vacation?

What are the Air Travel Status and COVID-19 Positive advisories?

The world has never faced any situation like COVID-19 before. However, due to multiple efforts, some countries have been managing the situations so well. Also, the major airlines are doing their best to keep traveling intact.

Furthermore, it’s been more than two years into the pandemic. And the restrictions for COVID-19 constantly change as the new variant comes to the surface each time. Meanwhile, the antigen and RTPCR tests have been a part of our traveling routine. Passengers making American airlines booking or any other US airline travel need to take these tests before flying.

Besides, Most of the countries require the visitors to submit a negative test result for COVID on entry. Moreover, they need to take this test regardless of their vaccination status. Besides, some also need them to take follow-up examinations. However, some destinations, like the USA, ask people to bring a negative test result on their return after Vacation. 

But what will happen if they test COVID-19 positive on arriving at a new destination?

Well, it’s been a dilemma for most passengers over the gone year. Therefore, it’s been a matter of great concern. Moreover, everyone travels to make sure they have fun, and facing such a situation on arrival at your holiday spot is indeed disappointing. However, we do not have control over it.

We read a couple’s story, namely April DeMuth and Warren Watson, while researching the same. They were on a trip to Greece and were all ready to return to the US after long two weeks. However, the only wait was for their test results.

A few hours prior to their return flight to the USA, they found out that Watson had been COVID-19 positive in the test. Meanwhile, Greece allowed the passengers to enter their boundaries without a test for vaccinated visitors. Therefore, they weren’t required to provide their PCR tests results before the vacation.

Being COVID Positive on Arrival

Though Greece didn’t have any restrictions, the couple needed a negative result report for traveling back to the USA. However, the results came out positive, and DeMuth and Watson received a call from the authorities. Henceforth, the Greek government made arrangements to transfer them to a quarantined hotel.

Further, here comes the tricky situation, all travel insurances cover the COVID-19 positive people’s staying expenses and quarantine costs. However, the couple hadn’t taken any travel insurance for their trip.

Luckily, they got to stay in the quarantine hotels where the government pays for them. Also, Watson was fortunate that his symptoms were mild, and the next PCR results were negative. But on this, Watson made a vow that he would never fly without insurance again.

What is COVID Travel Insurance Coverage?

The Travel insurance with quarantine expenses coverage on COVID-19 is solely designed to provide the passengers great benefits. Further, they can receive accommodation or lodging benefits that incur during your positive test results.

Furthermore, the benefit value and amount entirely depend on the policy you take. Therefore, we suggest if you are planning to travel somewhere good this time ensure to get the most benefits. Dial American airlines español to enquire about their travel insurance services and schedule a vacation mindfully. Not all destinations will offer such generous facilities as Greek Authorities did for Demuth and Watson.