How can you request an extra Seat booking on United Airlines?

We can only enjoy our flight if it is comfortable enough. Sometimes, it is possible that sitting on a single chair in the United Airlines Economic cabin, and you may not feel that comfortable. If you cannot sit comfortably in one of the United economy seats, you must purchase an extra seat for each leg of the itinerary. 

  • In case you purchase two seats simultaneously, you can buy the second seat at the same fare as the original seat.
  • If you do not purchase additional seats in advance, you may have to buy them on the day of departure to get the fare available on the day of departure.

Instead, you can choose to purchase a United Business, United First,  or United Polaris business class ticket or pay to upgrade to a premium cabin if you have a seat. There is no need for United to provide additional seats or upgrades for free.

If you do not meet one of the following conditions, you must purchase an additional seat or upgrade:

  • Whenever the seat belt sign is illuminated, or the crew member instructs, you must be able to connect correctly, fasten and fasten the seat belt, and extend it twice as necessary.
  • During the entire flight, you must be able to sit with the armrests of the seat down.
  • You must not infringe on adjacent seating space.

United Airlines will refuse you to board a flight if you do not purchase an extra ticket when necessary. If you do not need two seats but need to wear a seat belt, you can request one from the board’s flight attendant. You are not allowed to bring or provide your own seat belt extensions.

Conditions for Additional Seats

  • There must be additional seats available without downgrade or cancellation of seats for other customers. 
  • If there are no extra seats on your confirmed flight, you need to rebook the next United flight and provide an available seat. 
  • United Airlines Booking will waive fines or fees that may be applied to this change.
  • Suppose you have to rebook your flight back to your home the next day. In that case, you will be provided with various amenities as appropriate, including applicable meals and hotel accommodation for one night.
  •  If you can rebook for future flights on the same day as originally scheduled, no amenities will be provided.

Baggage Allowance when requesting Extra Seats

The checked baggage allowance is determined by the number of seats purchased. When a customer purchases two seats, the checked baggage allowance is doubled. The number of carry-on items allowed is determined not by United Airlines but by TSA’s passenger limit. Therefore, the carry-on allowance will not be doubled.

Earn Miles while you purchase extra seats

If you purchase a second seat on United Airlines or United Express, you are eligible for award miles, equal to the flight’s necessary mileage points. Members are not entitled to earn Premier® qualifying income and related Premier benefits through purchased additional tickets. Miles earned on other tickets should be displayed in the “Airline Activities” section of your MileagePlus account, which is described as “Extra Seat Points.” If you do not automatically earn mileage points, you can use the MileagePlus contact form to provide the extra seat ticket number to request the missing mileage.

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