Aeromexico Pregnant Woman Travel Policy

Aeromexico being the flag carrier in Mexico gives priority to pregnant women’s luggage and boarding. You can book seats for pregnant women by using Aeromexico Book a Flight procedure and hence require to follow the rules mentioned below:

  • Pregnant women must bring a medical report when checking in. 
  • If you are between 1 and 32 weeks, pregnant women do not need any medical documents. 
  • But starting from the 33rd week, you must bring a medical certificate. 
  • At all stages of pregnancy, pregnant passengers should consult medical experts before travelling.
  • If you travel after the seventh month of pregnancy, you will need to provide a medical certificate stating that the passenger is suitable for travel. 
  • The pregnant passenger must also sign a letter exempting Aeromexico from any liability.

Flying with your Infants on Aeromexico

Aeromexico considers a newborn baby (7 days away from a 2-year-old baby) to be a baby. They are allowed to fly on the plane for free, although the baby’s parents must issue a ticket and boarding pass to board the plane.. Any boy or girl under 2 years of age is an infant as long as the child is not using the seat of its own. You can make an Aeromexico Booking with an infant as long as you inform the airline beforehand.

  • Infants are not allowed to travel alone; they must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Infant tickets are always issued to the final destination in a one-way or round-trip manner, including connecting tickets.
  • Adults flying with the baby must present the baby’s birth certificate or passport to verify the baby’s age.
  • Unless a separate seat has been reserved for the baby, the baby can only travel on the lap of the parent (or other accompanying adult) in order to place and secure the baby car seat. 
  • An adult can only hold one baby on his lap.
  • Passengers who must (ie, an adult passenger with more than one infant) or who want to use an infant restraint device like a car seat on the plane must inform by calling aeromexico Booking Number.
  • You must pay a separate child fare for the infant who will be traveling on its own Seats. 
  • A restraint device is must for infants with their separate seats.
  • Children can enjoy a 25% discount on the adult fare 
  • There will be no discount on flights between the US and Canada.

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