What types of Inflight Amenities are provided by United Airlines?

When flying with United Airlines you are sure to get numerous services onboard and all the services will be top-notch. It is essential to know what will happen during the journey and to have confidence in your choice.

Entertainment Options

United Airlines provides a wide array of in-flight entertainment options. Passengers can know more about entertainment options that will be offered on the United Airlines  flights. They can check the flight status information of their flights on their official website. In-flight entertainment services will vary according to the plane and ticket price class.                     


A series of popular TV shows are offered on United Airlines Reservations, including popular classic comedies and contemporary dramas such as “Modern Family”, “Friends”, and “Will and Grace”.                               


With the help of United’s extensive film collection, find the right film that suits your taste. United Airlines Reservations has something for every taste. You don’t need to worry about the bored kids as they can enjoy various Disney films on United Airlines flights.

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Wi-Fi on Board

You can also connect to Wi-Fi provided by United Airlines and take advantage of high speed data connection while flying. You can buy United WIFI in advance before you fly, a monthly subscription fee of $49 for flights in North and Central America, and $69 for flights around the world. United Airlines also offers the option of purchasing an annual subscription, which is US$539 on all flights in North and Central America and US$689 on flights worldwide. You can also purchase WIFI while you are onboard with United Airlines. Although the price will vary depending on the route you take.

Meal choices

  • Economic class passengers flying to North American destinations and some parts of Latin America are eligible for free snacks and can choose to purchase meals and snacks on board.
  • Economic class passengers who are flying to and from certain destinations in Europe, Asia, South Pacific the Middle East, and Latin America will receive a free three-course meal and more than 12 hours of additional snack courses.
  • Meals for first-class passengers depend on flight time.
  • For passengers travelling in Business Class or United Polaris First Class, all meals are complementary, plus arrival snacks and 5-course meals.

Special dietary meals

United Airlines provides a variety of meals to meet a variety of special dietary meals requirements, from plant-based meals to vegetarian meals of all over Asia, also diets for minors, and meals based on medical and religious requirements. These meals must be requested at least 24 hours before the flight departure, and can be completed by contacting United Airlines Telefono.

Liquor and beverages

United Airlines Reservations offers its passengers a whole beverage trolley on its flights, which includes  alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, spirits etc, and soft drinks or hot drinks. Passengers in Economy are provided a free drink, and first cabin +class and business class travelers are offered free premium drinks upon arrival, including fine wines,local beer, spirits,  or champagne.

New seat back entertainment

United Airlines is pleased to announce the launch of a new feature-rich rear seat entertainment system, which contains more content and new features for customers to enjoy on board.

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