How To Get Preferred Seating On Delta Airlines?

Do you want to choose a seat in advance for your air journey with Delta? When traveling in economy class, you can select the option of preferred seating on Delta to fly comfortably. It offers more leg space, better recline, and a chance to choose between a window or aisle seat.

Delta Seat Selection facility lets the flyers pick a seat in advance during/ after booking the flight or during check-in. You may have to pay a selection fee depending upon your seat assignment and whether you are choosing from available seats.

Read below to learn when choosing a preferred seat is the right option for you.

What Is A Preferred Seats On Delta Airlines?

Preferred seats are available when booking a Delta Airlines flight in the main cabin. Here, the choice is the location of your seat. These are the features of preferred seats:

  • Functionally, all preferred seats in the main cabin are the same as other seats in this section.
  • Regarding locations, Delta’s seat selection for preferred chairs are placed on spacious plane areas.
  • Exit, window, and aisle seats are the commonly known preferred seats on any Delta aircraft. Seats nearer to the plane’s entry also count.
  • Lastly, these chairs are available in the best positions and offer the maximum comfort in a standard economy booking.

You can choose your Delta seat anytime, but these are subject to availability. You can buy these seats on the main and connection flights of Delta.

How To Book Preferred Seats on Delta?

To get preferred seat selection on Delta tickets, get in touch with delta customer service executives at 1 (800) 221-1212 or install the mobile app.

Follow these steps to reserve your preferred Delta chair:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the Delta/ Fly Delta app and click the My Trips tab.
  • Next, find your trip by entering your last name, first name, and confirmation/ credit card/ debit card/ ticket number.
  • Verify the ticket details and go to the seat selection option available near your reservation information.
  • Next, you will see the Delta 3D seat map, where the preferred seats will be marked P.
  • Also, the passengers will learn whether Delta seat selection fees are waived for them or not.
  • If not, continue to pay for the chosen seat when reaching the check-out page. 
  • Reserve your seat and receive confirmation for the same from Delta.

In exceptional cases, Delta may not assign you the preferred seat on arrival and compensate you for the amount you’ve paid. People with disability, pregnancy, and illness are prioritized for such seats.

What Is The Difference Between Comfort And Preferred Seat?

Delta seat assignments for comfort and preferred seating are not the same. Comfort seats are one step above the main cabin seats in terms of price and spaciousness. 

Read this table to know the difference between preferred seating on Delta and its comfort seats as per Delta Air Lines’ seating system:

Preferred Seats on DeltaComfort Seats
These are main cabin seats.These are one class above the main cabin seats.
Cheapest seat assignment on Delta.Free seat selection is available for those who have purchased a Delta comfort ticket.
Except for basic economy, all other main cabin ticket holders can upgrade to comfort seats.Comfort seat holders can upgrade to higher Classes.
Only medallion members with silver to diamond status can choose preferred seats for free.Everyone on the comfort seat ticket can choose their seat for free.

How To Select Preferred Seating on Delta Free?

Not everyone has to pay seat selection fees for preferred seats on Delta. Apart from basic economy tickets and other exceptions, many fare categories are eligible for free seat assignments for preferred chairs.

Read below to learn if you are also eligible for free seat selection at Delta for preferred seats:

  • Those passengers who have paid full B, M, or Y fares.
  • Upto 8 companions of the same reservation have Medallion SkyMiles Delta membership.
  • Elite members of plus, Joint venture, and SkyTeam partners.
  • Medallion SkyMiles members with silver, gold, platinum, or diamond status.

Note: seat selection on Delta Air Lines is not available for basic economy tickets, even if the flyer has a medallion membership.

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