How Can I Get Refund from Etihad Airways?

Did your tour plans suddenly change, and now you must cancel your tickets with Etihad? If so, you must know the Etihad refund policy and its conditions. Not all bookings are eligible for a full refund, while others get 100% instantly. 

For example, any ticket canceled within the 24-hour of booking receives full money back provided you booked it 7 days before its scheduled departure. There are more conditions to the rule of a refund at Etihad. 

Read more and understand when and where you are eligible for refunds from Etihad.

Terms & Conditions: Etihad Airways Refund And Reimbursement

Passengers can change their ticket until 2 hours before their flight’s departure. If you wish to cancel your booking, read the refund terms and conditions: 

  • Firstly, the passenger must have bought their ticket 5 days before using a single credit card.
  • Also, their booking must be unused and under the refundable category whether or not it attracts a cancellation fee.
  • You may have to pay an additional processing fee per the Etihad refund policy.
  • Refund is applicable only upon the original price of the booking.
  • One cannot reverse their cancellation or refund process.
  • Besides, Etihad will take 14-30 working days to return your refund to the original payment source.
  • Global service and the basic fee is non-refundable as per the Etihad Airways flight Cancellation policy rules. 
  • Finally, note that if you apply online for this service, you won’t have to pay any global service fee. 

Lastly, the travelers can receive their payment to the original mode of payment only. Contact the airline official if you don’t own this payment method anymore.

How to Get A Refund From Etihad Airways?

Under the Etihad refund policy, you can ask for your money back online by going to “manage my bookings” or talking to 24/7 live agents at 1 (877) 690-0767. Learn how to get a refund online:

  • Initially, check the official website and go to manage my bookings.
  • After that, the system will identify your tickets when you enter details such as the booking number and your last name.
  • Next, when your list of bookings appears, choose the one you wish to cancel. 
  • Further, it will show the final deductions under the Etihad Airways cancellation policy.
  • When you click the cancel this booking button, it will ask you if you are sure about this or not.
  • Lastly, press YES, and the ticket will stand canceled.

You can track your refund application by visiting the MY TRIPS option. Passengers will get the confirmation mail, reference number, and estimated period by which you will get your money back.

NOTE: This method is applicable for bookings made through official channels, such as websites, mobile apps, or customer service. If you’ve booked it via travel agents, contact them for cancellation and refund of your ticket.

How Much is Etihad Refund Cancellation Fee?

As per Etihad refund policy, ticket cancellation charge varies on the fare type, destination, and distance. Hence, passengers usually won’t get a 100% refund.

  • The airline applies the most restrictive fares to multiple fare bookings.
  • When passengers cancel their bookings within 96 hours (4 days) of departure, they have to pay an additional 10% fee. The immediate charge is AED150.
  • Flyers from the USA can avail 100% refund under the Etihad Airways 24-hour Cancellation policy (canceling ticket within 24 hours of booking, provided it is purchased 7 or more days before the take off).
  • All the travelers will get their refund only as per the rules of their original fare.
  • The universal rule says you will not have to pay any charge if the passenger or immediate family member has passed away. However, this rule is subject to official documents.
  • Lastly, ticket buyers cannot ask for a refund in case of a no-show as the entire booking is canceled from Etihad, and 100% of the booking is forfeited. 

If you inform the airline staff that you might miss your flight, they will arrange credits or an alternative flight for you.

How Long Will Etihad Take to Refund My Money?

Official Etihad Refund Policy states that processing the refund request takes 14-30 working days. Passengers will get the amount on the initial payment source.

Hence, if you purchased the ticket through your credit card, check your card statement within this period to ensure you have your money. If this isn’t the case, call Etihad refund contact number 1 (877) 690-0767 for the same.

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