Avianca Change Flight Policy

Did you plan an air journey or trip but suddenly, your plans changed? You must learn more about the Avianca change flights online facility that lets you modify your booking if you haven’t used the ticket yet. The airline enables you to modify booking for one or many passengers in a hassle-free reservation!

Avianca Flight Change policy also allows some passengers to seek a waiver for their cancellation/ change flight fee. Also, you can modify your contact information for free without affecting the date & itinerary of your flight.

Learn other conditions of Avianca Airlines flight change policy to make an informed decision.

How to Change A Flight On Avianca Airlines?

The Avianca Flight Change facility is flexible to use. You can modify an Avianca booking through the official website, via reservations, or at the airport.

Method 1: Through The Official Website

  • Firstly, go to the official website:
  • Next, enter the reservation number and the main passenger’s last name 
  • Click “Continue” and log in to your account.
  • Further, click the Change your flight option.
  • Also, click the Buy now option and access your itinerary.
  • After that, mark the flights you want to change with the departure date.
  • Next, select the latest flight’s origin/ destination/ date and time.
  • Available flights with fare differences will show up.

You can pay through a credit balance as well. Verify the payment summary, click continue to pay for the Change, and confirm your new booking.

Method 2: Via Avianca Airlines Customer Service

  • Initially, dial Avianca flight change number 1 (800) 284-2622.
  • Let the IVR present an automated response.
  • Press the necessary key to use the Avianca Flight Change/ cancel facility.
  • Further, press the required key to get in touch with a live person from Avianca.
  • Once your call connects, provide the details of the booking that you wish to change.
  • Next, provide alternative dates/ destinations/ timing details.
  • They will inform you if new flights are available and specify the change flight fee and fare difference.

Once you’ve paid the cost to modify your booking, the staff will confirm your reservation with new details and send you a downloadable e-ticket.

Method 3: Visiting The Ticket Counter

  • Visit any official/ airport ticket counter of Avianca.
  • Further, tell an executive that you want to use the flight change policy.
  • Next, provide the alternative date, time, and destination. Be flexible with dates.
  • The agent will check eligibility and availability and inform you about additional charges.
  • Pay the respective charges to complete the booking.
  • Once done, you will get a link to download the e-ticket or ask for a physical ticket.

Also, you will get a confirmation email from the agent at the ticket counter immediately.

Steps to Change Flight Date on Avianca Airlines

Even though the airline is quite flexible regarding ticket modification, you must remember these Flight Change rules before making changes. 

  • Firstly, the changes you make to the ticket apply to all the passengers in a reservation.
  • Contact customer service if you want to modify the itinerary/ date/ time of one person from the ticket.
  • Also, if you are required to pay an Avianca Airlines flight change policy fee, you can only pay it with a valid credit card.
  • If a fare difference arises, you must pay the new fare apart from the change fee.
  • Besides, if you had an upgrade to business class on the previous flight, you won’t get it to the newly changed flight.
  • Only the bookings made through official reservations and website channels are valid for this facility.
  • You can’t use the flight change policy within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • Also, the facility isn’t available for LifeMiles and expired tickets.

To know Avianca Flight Change eligibility and status, call 24/7 live customer service at +1-860-374-7617 or 1 (800) 284-2622.

How Much Is The Avianca Airlines Change Flight Fee?

Avianca airline flight modification fee may change per different travel classes and types of flights. Check out the details that apply as per your ticket:

Avianca Airline Flight TypeCost To Modify Booking
Economy Class$500 + Fare Difference

$150+ Fare Difference (Flex Fare)

Promo Class $700 + Fare Difference
Within 24 hours of booking  Fare Difference Applicable
Other factors for Avianca Airlines flight change policy Fee
  • Time left for flight’s departure.
  • Ticket class
  • Route & Type of reservation
  • Refundable/ Non-refundable
  • Destination/ Route
  • Including stopovers

Dial the Avianca change flight phone number 1 (800) 284-2622 to learn more about the conditions & fees. The expert can modify the ticket for you.

Avianca Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is it to change a flight on Avianca?

Avianca Airlines Flight Date Change Fee

If you’ve bought an economy class ticket, you need to pay upto $499 as an Avianca Flight Change fee, along with the fare difference. However, if you have a flex fare package, the fee is either exempted or kept below $150, apart from the applicable fare difference.

How much does Avianca charge to cancel a flight?

Change flight fee is $600 for non-refundable tickets (XS, S, M categories). However, you can cancel/ change flights for free within 24 hours of booking, even if it is a non-refundable reservation. After 24 hours, you need to pay the necessary charges to modify your booking.

Can I change a flight I already booked?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your already booked flight. You may not need to pay the flight change cost if you can ask for a Covid-19 waiver. Otherwise, you can use the 24-hour risk-free policy to modify your booking. If you have Avianca’s Life miles, you need to contact reservations to alter your booking.

How can I change my flight date for free?

Avianca ticket change policy for free 

  1. Change flight within 24 hours of booking.
  2. Book a refundable flight
  3. Enhance your flying status with frequent bookings
  4. Get trip cancelation/ flight change insurance
  5. Opt for same-day alter flight policy
  6. Get in touch with someone at Avianca.

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