How do I Get a Wheelchair on American Airlines?

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Wheelchair Assistance on American Airlines

Are you an American Airlines passenger looking for wheelchair assistance? Or have you ever wondered How do I get a wheelchair American airlines? In order to receive wheelchair assistance, call  +1- 800-237-7976 American Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number. To know more, read on and find out your options.

Disabilities should never stop you from fulfilling your air travel dreams. So, if your thoughts have ever been hindered by such conditions, there is no need to do that anymore. American Airlines makes sure that your air travel should be seamless even when you travel with a disability. 

Mainly because AA believes in being differently-abled rather than disabled. Therefore, read on and find out several options so that you never have to be challenged by your physical inabilities when flying.

Wheelchair American Airlines- An overview

American Airlines has dedicated a special team of assistance coordinators who work nine to five to resolve any issue you face. So, if you use a mobility device, or have a disability, get in touch with this team for help. 

However, to get a wheelchair on American Airlines, you need to know the airline’s policies and services for disabled persons in detail.

What is American Airlines policy for Disability assistance and wheelchair service?

In order to request a wheelchair on American Airlines, you need to call 800-237-7976 and ask about the American airlines wheelchair policy. To start this request process, you should first know about the airline’s special assistance department in detail.

Likely, American Airlines has created two teams to help you out with your wheelchair or other disability-related issues.  

  1. Disability team
  2. Special Assistance team

Basic Points:

  • For any special arrangements, passengers need to call the American Airlines Special Assistance number, i.e., 800-237-7976.
  • To report issues or concerns about your previous flight’s special assistance services, dial 800-892-3624, and you can connect with the American Airlines disability team.

Both teams are available at the airport as well as reachable through online options. Let us review the American Airlines wheelchair assistance policy in detail below!

American Airlines wheelchair assistance rules

Rule 1: In general, there are different types of special assistance at different levels. But, American Airlines, they do not poke for the disability levels. If you requested a wheelchair, you may get one.

Rule 2: The type of assistance, however, defines the wheelchair type you have to ask for air travel. Therefore, you must explain the disability and wheelchair type in case of requesting special assistance.

Rule 3: American Airlines has a strict rule for special assistance for disabilities. So, if the passengers wish to come with their own wheelchairs, they need to tell the airline in advance. The same applies when you wish to get a wheelchair from American Airlines.

Rule 4: AA will also ask you for the American Airlines medical clearance form and a related document to validate the fact that you’d be needing a wheelchair. The document should not be older than one year from the departure date.

Rule 5: Make sure to provide the documents at least 48 hours prior to the flight departure. Also, you should reach the airport to get the approval form one hour before the check-in starts.

Rule 6: American Airlines’ each cabin class has storage space for only one wheelchair. The space fills in on the First Come, First serve rule. So, try and book flights earlier. 

Rule 7: non-collapsible wheelchairs require check-in at the luggage counter of AA. They also offer you such wheelchairs at the counter.

Rule 8: Passengers who use Electric powered wheelchairs need to check them one hour before check-in and have to use the batteries with complete charged status.

Rule 9: The wheelchair storage area door dimensions are 25 x 40 inches or 25 x 38 inches. So, when your wheelchair is larger than this size, you need to connect with the American Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number.

How do I book my wheelchair on AA? 

To request a wheelchair on AA or make special assistance requests, you can enter the Contact For Special Assistance page. You can find various options to make such requests on this page. 

However, the best way to request a wheelchair service is using the online disability assistance request form. You can read on and find out how you can submit a form for wheelchair requests.

Steps for filling out the disability assistance request form

  • Go to the American Airlines official website and find the Contact us option.
  • Find the Special assistance option and enter a new page.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on “Submit Disability request.”
  • Choose the topic and option for Disability assistance request as the Subject.
  • Continue to provide your contact details.
  • Select the assistance type as a wheelchair, provide your flight information and enter the message.
  • Finally, submit the form after a cross-check for mistakes.

Soon the American Airlines special assistance coordinator will connect with you and offer you all the help in the process. You can also make a call at the airline’s phone number for more information.

Can I Call American Airlines for Wheel chair requests?

When you know, you can connect with the AA experts for any assistance you need, all the service requests seem easy. You just find “How do I talk to a real person at American airlines?” and the answers follow. You can also request wheelchair assistance using the AA phone numbers.

The airline has a dedicated person’s team working to look over the needs of the disabled both before and at the time of the air travel. Besides, they even help you sort out the troubles you’ve had during your previous trips. 

So, feel free to call the airline. And if you can not seem to get in touch with them, call on our given phone numbers. The agents on our team will assist you with whatever you need and help you get the assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact wheelchair assistance from American Airlines?

To request wheelchair assistance, you can contact American Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number +1- 800-237-7976 and get the help. Or you can also call on the hotline for AA travelers with disabilities at 800-778-4838 or 800-455-9880 (TTY). You can also make a call on the ACPD Aviation Consumer Protection Division at 202-366-0511 (TTY) or 202-366-2220.

How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport?

Simply call your airline and request a wheelchair up until 48 hours prior to your flight’s departure. If it is possible, you may call them earlier. The AA customer service agent will put your call marked as the special assistance requirement passenger. This note will go to your reservation record, your departure airport, destination, and also transfer airports(if any), to give you a wheelchair.

Do airlines charge for wheelchair assistance?

Mostly the airlines do not charge that much or anything to provide wheelchair assistance to the passengers. As per ACPD, the airlines must make one wheelchair available to you without a cost. And someone from the airline’s departments must deliver it to you in person.

How does special airport assistance work?

Suppose you are a passenger with some disability or reduced mobility. In that case, you have legal rights to receive support generally referred to as “Special Assistance.” Especially when you travel by air, you get this facility. The airlines should offer you the necessary assistance and help. The process is totally free of charge, as well as, it helps you ensure that there is no reason to stress on the journey.

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