American Airlines Business Class

Are you a travel enthusiast willing to experience world-class onboard facilities? If so, then choose one of the biggest air carriers in the USA, American Airlines. It is an ultra-low-cost US airline offering some of the finest inflight services to its passengers. And making American Airlines Reservations in Business class can help you get most of all. With reservations in business class, you’ll get the highest level of service even on short-haul international flights within or out of the US.

Business Class Facilities: What will you get?

Priority in all Services

When you book the American Airlines Business Class seats, you get various priority-based services to your advantage. You can enjoy speed through check-in and an easy security process. You can even enjoy priority boarding and receive your checked baggage as soon as you land.

Five Star Amenities

You can enjoy ultimate premium assistance on the ground. Contact American Airlines Telefono and request premium assistance and services at the departure airport, connecting lounges as well as some of the destinations.

Flagship Admiral Club Lounges

On some qualifying flights with American Airlines, you get to relax before departure in the premium flagship lounges in some hub cities. You can also get access to the American Airlines Admiral Club Lounges in a few cities.

Note that flights qualifying for the flagship lounge access include services within the US and Mexico, South America, and Central America.

American Airlines Business Class Services In the Air

More Legroom Seats and High-Class seatings

Even with the American airlines business class domestic bookings, you can relax with wider and more legroom seats. In the business cabin, you get high-class seating and more space to rest your legs resulting in an engaging onboard experience.

Premium Dining and Meals

American Airlines Business class reservations allow you to choose from a larger business class menu. You can also choose some exquisite wines to add to your meal and have a lavish onboard dining experience. American Airlines business class meals are complimentary for some international flights, and Passengers can also reserve their choice of dinner from 30 days to 24 hours prior to their flight departure.

Premium Drinks and Beverages

Passengers get to enjoy complimentary drinks on American Airlines. Especially,  Non Alcoholic drinks for American Airlines business Class passengers are available free of cost, and they can even request hard drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Free Checked Baggage Allowance

Currently, all the passengers get three checked bags according to the American airlines business class baggage allowance policy. Each bag must not exceed the weight limit of 70 pounds and be under the specified dimensions.

Free Wi-Fi and entertainment access

American Airlines Business class seat booking also allows you to use free wifi with seatback wireless streaming as an entertainment option for some of the selected aircraft.

Superb Inflight Comfort and amenity kits

American Airlines Business Class cabins are designed for you to make you feel at home. You get a packed amenity kit as soon as you board your American Airlines reservations flight. This kit includes all travel essentials such as an eye mask, cream, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. You can enjoy your comfort of home onboard.

Luxurious Onboard Experience

The cabin is equipped with blue and purple mood lighting during the cruise phase, which complements the overall soothing cabin atmosphere. The seat height of the 777 business class is spacious, comfortable, and relaxed, with a pitch of 109 cm and a width of 52 cm. Each seat is located in its own shell, thus providing passengers with maximum privacy during the entire journey. The side of the seat has a trapezoidal wood grain workspace with a two-way folding work table. Thus making American Airlines business class seat reservations allows you a wonderful and luxurious onboard experience.

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