Secret beaches In Phuket with long Lines of Sunbeds and pristine White Sands

Everyone who has been to Phuket must be familiar with the Sandy Seashores in Patong, Karon, Kata, and Mai Khao. The standard  beach culture of an Island portrays long lines of sunbeds, pristine white sands and noisy yet soothing seashores. The hustled life of such places is what makes people relate to these beaches. But the enormous shoreline of this biggest Thai island has some hidden secrets and places that not many people know about. After a long dig-up through the locals and some activists who work for the solidarity of this Island we came up with our list. Lets provide you clear outline to make you discover hidden Paradise in Phuket’s secret Beaches.

Pristine, Downright and Soo Romantic Beaches of Phuket, still hidden to some people

Rugged and Rocky yet Captiovating Ao Sane Beach

Ao Sane falls under the list of these hidden beaches in Phuket. Yes, you will not find sunbeds, motor boats or kayaks; but you will not find hawkers or idle tourists to disturb your romantic outing. There will be some photographers who come here to capture beautiful sunrises and sunsets or regular visitors who are aware of the typical diving and snorkeling experience that the beach offers. Its basic bungalows and beach restaurant as well as adjoining showers and toilets make it one of the island’s cutest secrets.

Breathtakingly Gorgeous and Amazing Banana Beach

The deserted and Gorgeous Banana Beach is one of the hidden Phuket beaches that vacationers must visit. Hidden Thai gems have sparkling water in front of the 180-meter-long coastline. Located Between Bang Tao Beach and Nai Thon Beach, 500 m north of Trisara Villa There are some high-end resorts nearby you can make direct reservations with Singapore Airlines and accomade in hotels such as  Phuket Trisara Hotel, Phuket Court and Andaman White Beach Resort. The restaurant at the beach serves delicious seafood and other dishes under the shadow of the big tree. There are also several masseurs sitting under the shade of the trees next to the restaurant.

Amazing Underwater beauty at freedom beach

Surrounded by 300-meter-long white sandy beaches and granite rocks, it is surrounded by dense mountains, dense jungles and dense jungles. This is Freedom Beach that was difficult to reach until a long time ago, so it is still a secret to most of the world outside. Therefore, it must be included in your Phuket itinerary. It is in the \Patong Beach southwest region and the northwest of Karon. Benindi Beach Resort and Avista Hideaway Resort are the closest resorts to Freedom Beach. Couples can take a long tail ride to and from Patong Beach, or relax on sun loungers. 

Two secret Beaches separated by a headland Ao Yon

The beach of Ao Yon are the two mystery sea shore gems in Phuket and a treasure for the whole world. Ao Yon Junior which is shrimp ranch’s home – is abandoned and offers perspectives on Chalong Bay and Koh Lone. whereas, Ao Yon Senior also is delightful and is regularly lauded about itsoverhanging coconut palms, pristine white sand,  and a radiant blue ocean.  Its Location is amidst the Panwa Beach Resort and cape Panwa. You can book with American Airlines Reservations and plan an exciting Holiday to Phuket.