Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy

alaska airlines seat selection

If you travel by air regularly, you would surely have a personal favorite seat. In case you have such preferences, knowing more about Alaska Airlines seat selection policy may get you a seat that provides you more comfort.

When you are booking your flight with Alaska, it will provide travelers like you with interactive seat charts. You can choose between first class, premium, and economy class seats. As per your budget, pick the seating area that suits you best and start booking.

Read below to learn about restrictions, fees, and charges that come with the seating arrangement of Alaska Airlines. 

What is Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Not all local and international airlines have a seat assignment policy. However, with some restrictions, this carrier offers the Alaska air seat selection facility. Under this service, passengers can choose a seat as per their preference. 

For instance, flyers can choose from aisle, middle, window, or emergency exit seats. You can book your seat when buying a ticket in one of the classes on an airplane. Otherwise, you can later pay for it through the manage bookings option. 

Can You Choose Your Seat With Alaska Airlines?

Surely, you can. There is a dedicated seat selection process of Alaska Airlines for its flyers. Passengers in the main cabin, premium class, and first-class travel groups can pick a seat while booking their ticket.

Otherwise, they can also choose their chair after booking the ticket or when they check in for their flight. However, picking the chair during ticket purchase provides maximum options as you can access interactive seat maps of Alaska Airlines planes. An advanced selection of seats is a paid add-on for your journey in this air carrier.

What Are the Different Seat Categories At Alaska Airlines?

As per affordability and restrictions, there are three categories in Alaska. Learn which one suits you the best:

  • Economy Seats: Main cabin and main cabin basic seats fall under this category. There is a slight difference in charges from $15- $30. The main cabin section has fewer restrictions than the basic seats. Both varieties may have to pay extra charges in Alaska for any additional service.
  • Premium Seats: Premium Alaska seats have 4″ of more legroom. Also, complimentary drinks are available. For entertainment, travelers have wi-fi facilities. You can refer to the Alaska airlines seat selection map before buying a ticket for a premium seat. Also, priority boarding is available for premium class tickets.
  • First-class Seats: The Alaska First-class tickets are their most luxurious flying options. Along with recliner seats, passengers get up to two checked bags for free. Food and drinks are complimentary here. For leisure travel with a high budget, people can choose first-class seats and choose their preferred seating area under the Alaska air seat selection policy when booking a ticket.

Call the Alaska Airlines Phone Number 1-800-252-7522 to clear your doubts about Alaska Airlines seat selection policy from 24/7 available Alaska travel agents.

How Do I Choose My Seats With Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection is possible in three ways: pre-reserved seats, choosing seats online, or when you are at the airport gate for a flight.

Pre-Reserve A Seat

  • Firstly, one can pick their seats with Alaska Airlines while booking their tickets. 
  • Flyers get access to a proper seat map. Hence, they get to choose preferred seats with the plane’s arrangement.
  • Also, the airlines suggest its flyers mark their preferred seat in advance to avoid seat selection price rises in the future.
  • Alaska Airlines check-in seat selection won’t provide you with maximum choice. So, picking seats as soon as you book the ticket is the best way.

During Check-In

  • Passengers must not feel disappointed when they don’t get their desired seat while booking their reservation.
  • You can opt for online check-in seat selection via the official site of Alaska Airlines or the mobile app.
  • Seat selection via the online check-in window opens 24 hours before the flight’s departure till the check-in time closes.
  • Sometimes, passengers get better seats for free because many premium passengers don’t claim their complimentary selection.

Seat Selection At Airport Gate

  • Alaska Airlines passengers can also select their seats at the airport gate. 
  • However, you must arrive one hour before the scheduled take-off.
  • You must request Alaska travel experts at the airport to get a seat upon availability.
  • Sometimes, passengers are lucky enough to get their preferred seat.

Even though seat selection starts at $15 per chair, you can also seek a seat for free. However, you can make a seat selection only when you pick from available chairs. One can talk to someone at Alaska Airlines to reserve their seat in advance.

How to Select Seat on Alaska Airlines?

Getting your preferred seat to enjoy the journey is easy. Here is how you can book your seat through the Alaska Airlines seat assignment online policy:

  • Firstly, the passenger has to visit the Alaska Airlines official website through an incognito browser to avoid a price hike.
  • After that, look for the check-in option on the main page of the Alaska site. 
  • Also, fill in details like desired destination, reservation option, class of fare, etc.
  • Afterward, you will see details like the confirmation code, mileage plan, and the number of your e-ticket.
  • Flyers can now pick their reservation and preferred seats after paying the Alaska seat selection fee.
  • Finally, go forward with the payment when you’ve picked the seat per the seating map/ chart. 
  • After payment, confirm seating choice and download the boarding pass.

Flyers can book their seats at the time of buying their tickets. Otherwise, they can choose it 24 hours before checking in. Here, they don’t need to pay to pick a chair from available seats.

What Happens If You Don’t Do Alaska Airlines Seat Selection?

Selecting a seat for your travel plans with Alaska Airlines isn’t mandatory. Passengers who are not picky about where they sit can avoid opting for a seat. However, there isn’t a need to worry about it as the airline randomly assigns a seat on the plane.

However, given that you haven’t marked preference, there isn’t a possibility that the airlines will seat all the reservation members together.

These are things that happen when you don’t choose a seat preference:

  • Alaska Airlines randomly assigns a seat.
  • There is no guarantee that Alaska will provide chairs to all reservation members near each other.
  • Also, you don’t have to pay additional charges apart from your ticket fare to get a chair on the plane.
  • You may also get an aisle/ window/ emergency exit seat if premium customers have not opted for a complimentary seat selection and their chair is left unused.

Lastly, Alaska Airlines offers a no-fee facility to choose seats during check-in. Even if you haven’t yet marked a chair, you can do so that time for a more comfortable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my seat after booking?

You can choose a seat in Alaska after paying the Alaska seat selection fee. If you want to change your seat after booking the ticket, go to Manage my bookings after logging in to your account on the official website.

Can you choose your seat with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, indeed. Alaska allows its travelers to book seats when purchasing a ticket. You can book an aisle or emergency exit seats through the interactive plane map displayed while buying the tickets.

What happens if you don’t choose a seat on Alaska Airlines?

You will be assigned a seat automatically after check-in for the flight. Hence, if you like preferred seating, buy it with Alaska Airlines seat assignment online. Also, ensure you have marked your preference with the seating map.

Can I book Alaska seats on a phone call?

Surely. Call 1-800-252-7522 and connect with a live agent. Talk to them about your seat preference, budget, and other details, and they will book a ticket accordingly. Upon request, you will also get details about upcoming offers.

What is the Alaska Airlines seat selection fee?

The fee to book a seat in Alaska may change with time. They may charge $15 for an upgrade, but the cost varies depending upon the class of ticket you have opted for. Visit the official website to confirm the seat assignment fee.

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