Aeromexico Flight Change Policy

Change Your Aeromexico Flight

Learn how to use Aeromexico Change flight ex-facility online and offline.

Your plans may change at any time without any warning. Airlines know this too, so they offer you the facility to modify a booking. Similarly, you can pay Aeromexico change flight fee and alter the date, time, or destination of your booking anytime before the flight’s scheduled departure.

However, if you are aware of the rules and regulations of this facility, you can make changes timely and save a lot of money on air travel expenses. 

Let’s explore different provisions of the Change Flight Policy to save time & money.

How Do I Change My Flight In Aeromexico?

You can opt for Aeromexico Change flight online and offline. Visit the official website, download the mobile app, or talk to someone at customer service to modify a reservation. Check out the methods below to smoothly edit your ticket details:

Method 1: Through The Website/ Mobile App

  • Initially, check out the official domain:
  • Further, visit the My Trips link at the top of the page.
  • Also, click the Change or cancel your flight checkbox.
  • Next, enter booking details such as the ticket number and your last name.
  • Besides, you need to enter the 6-digit reservation code/ 13-digit ticket number, 
  • After that, press the arrow, confirm the details and enter new itinerary information.
  • Save the changes and pay the necessary fare difference.

You will get a verification message with new booking information. Also, you can’t change your flight with Aeromexico when less than 3 hours are left before the scheduled take-off.

Method 2: Talk To Someone From Customer Service

  • Firstly, dial the Aeromexico change flight phone number 1 (800) 237-6639.
  • Next, the automated response will let you know further details. 
  • Dial 2 to get in touch with an executive at Aeromexico.
  • Besides, you must keep your 6 or 13-digit ID and last name handy.
  • When your call connects, also give the new itinerary/ date details.
  • Lastly, the executive will inform you of any fare difference and the applicable Aeromexico change flight date fee.

Finally, pay these charges and the agent will get you a new booking ID and other details. Download the e-ticket for the travel final day.

Method 3: Visit Office/ Airport ticket counter

You can visit the ticket counter to modify your booking if you are already at the airport or regional office. Use the Aeromexico Flight Change Policy to modify any ticket at the regional office or airport counter. 

Hence, you can flexibly modify your ticket online and offline. The best way is to call the reservation department of Aeromexico, and the staff will always be ready to assist you 24/7. The round-the-clock facility might not be available at the airport as they have specific working hours.

Aeromexico Change Flight Policy Terms & Conditions

Aeromexico online flight change facility comes with some restrictions. Knowing these conditions and rules allows you to modify your ticket without losing its full value. Take a look:

  • You can’t modify an Aeromexico flight scheduled to depart in less than 3 hours.
  • The option to change/ cancel tickets isn’t available for airlines’ basic fares.
  • After you check-in for the flight or download your boarding pass, you can’t modify it any longer.
  • If you’ve previously modified your bookings, you can’t change them again. It can happen if your fare category permits.
  • Aeromexico Flight Change Policy isn’t available for booking with infants/ unaccompanied minors/ pets/ multi-city routes.
  • If you’ve bought tickets through PayPal/ club premier/ travel agencies.
  • Lastly, you can’t use this facility if you’ve booked a ticket with 7+ passengers.
  • However, booking with 10+ people allows you a free Aeromexico Change ticket name facility.

Besides, you can talk to someone at Aeromexico customer service at +1-860-374-7617 to check the Aeromexico flight status or change the destination in a booking.

How Much Does Aeromexico Charge to Change Flight?

The Aeromexico Change Flight online/ offline fee costs USD99-USD299 after the passenger uses a one-time waiver. Also, basic fare flyers can’t change their flights at all.

Travel CategoryAeromexico Airlines change feeFlex Fare TicketsAeromexico Airlines change cost
Basic FareCan’t change flightsBasic FareNo such Category
Classic Category( USD100- USD150) ChargeableClassic CategoryNo fee/ no limites on number of changes
AM+ Fare( USD100- USD200) Chargeable AM+ FareChange your flight as many times as you want without cost
Premier ClassAvailable at a fee

(Upto USD300) 

Premier ClassNo fee/ no limites on number of changes
Premier Light CategoryAvailable at a fee

(Upto USD300)

Premier Light CategoryChange your flight as many times as you want without cost
Premier One CategoryFirst Time Change FreePremier One CategoryWon’t be penalised for as many changes as you want.

How Do I Change My Flight with Aeromexico For Free? Buy flexible fare tickets and enjoy unlimited modifications till one hour before the flight’s departure.

Aeromexico Flight Same-Day Change Policy

Do you want to book an earlier/ later flight with the same itinerary and same day? Aeromexico airlines offer a same-day change flight facility that you can use to book a flight of the same day at a later/ earlier time. Here are its features:

  • If you have booked a flight with Aeromexico and want to fly later that day, inform us atleast 1 hour before the departure of your current flight.
  • Also, when you’ve checked in for a flight/ boarding pass has been issued, you can’t use this policy.
  • Besides, the dedicated scheme of same-day flight change at Aeromexico airlines asks you to pay any fare difference, and a service fee applies.
  • You can’t change destination or airport through a same-day ticket modification policy.

Lastly, to use the same-day Aeromexico modification in flight, you can talk to an expert at +1-860-374-7617  or send a WhatsApp text at (55) 5133 4000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to change a flight in Aeromexico?

You can modify a booking within 24 hours before the flight’s take-off timing without paying a fee and receive a refund immediately. If you’ve bought a domestic flight ticket, you might need to pay upto USD200 to modify your ticket. Also, for an international flight, pay upto USD400.

How do I reschedule my Aeromexico flight?

To change your reservation, contact the reservations at 1 (800) 237-6639, send a WhatsApp text at (55) 5133 4000, or dial +1-860-374-7617 to skip waiting time. The executives will respond to you quickly, or you can request a callback from them.

Can I change a flight I already booked?

Yes, you can surely reschedule/ cancel an air ticket. However, you must pay Aeromexico’s service fee and fare difference to change your flight. If your flight gets impacted due to COVID-19, you can change your flight for free or at marginal prices.

How can I change my flight without being charged?

  1. Use the 24-hour change flight policy to modify the Aeromexico flight.
  2. Fly frequently with them to achieve a higher membership/ status.
  3. Use the same-day change/ standby facility to be charged lower.
  4. Use Aeromexico customer service to convince them to slash charges.