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Established in 1919, KLM Airlines is the oldest running Netherland airline with its original name. It is headquartered in Amstelveen. On 30th September 2003, Air France and KLM came together for a merger. Now the two airlines have become a subsidiary of a holding company Air France-KLM. Get KLM Reservations done now and fetch amazing deals and offers on your bookings. 

It serves more than 130 destinations on 5 continents name Seoul, Barcelona, Bilbao, Abu Dhabi, Cape Town, Kyiv, Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Vienna, Manama, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Luanda, Budapest, Calgary, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Singapore, Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, and Aberdeen. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is popularly known for its onboard and airport services and facilities offered to its customers, including self-service Kiosks check-in, a priority check-in lane for privileged customers, and additional baggage allowance support that extra weight in customers’ luggage. 

Tips to Get Better Flight deals on KLM Airlines

Do not book Flights directly

The main mistake people make when booking flights is to go directly to the KLM airline website. If you need to change your travel plan, booking directly will simplify things, but the most affordable fares are usually booked through various online travel agencies.

Make sure to know when you should book

Some major mistakes that you don’t get cheap flights are booking flights either so late or very early. Also, this changes based on the route, season, etc., and sticking to certain airlines. If you do not spend enough time checking, it is also a mistake. So know when you want to book and get better KLM Airlines Deals. This will make it easier for you.

Try to book a connecting flight.

There are no discounts on direct flights from the UK-British Airways does not want to discount the fares at its hub airports. If you are willing to make long-distance travel to European cities, your flight will be cheaper.

Ignore the myth

There are many things you should ignore. Booking the flight as soon as it comes out is one way. Another misunderstanding is that buying on certain days will bring you a better deal. The last-minute fare is always more expensive, and it is also incorrect.

KLM Customer Service Number

KLM Reservations

This airline’ other essential service is its customer service on the phone or over the internet. It enables customers to clarify their queries at any given point in time, so whether you have questions about KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight booking or managing flight itinerary, the customer service executive is always available for help. You can make your KLM reservations by contacting the customer service executives and managing KLM booking seamlessly. Contact KLM Customer care executive on the number or connect with them on their email id given on their official website.

KLM Contact Phone Number Details

KLM Customer Service Phone Info+1-860-374-7617
KLM Booking Contact Info+1-860-374-7617
KLM Airlines Contact Number+1-860-374-7617
KLM Reservations Phone Number+1-860-374-7617
KLM Baggage Tracking Contact Detail1 (866) 434-{0320}
HubsAmsterdam Airport Schiphol
SubsidiariesKLM Cityhopper, KLM Asia, Cygnific , Transavi, Martinai
Fleet Size119
Parent companyAir France–KLM
KLM Royal Airlines HeadquartersAmstelveen/Netherlands
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Websitewww.klm.com

Manage Reservations with KLM

Booking and managing tickets online with KLM Airlines is very simple. Suppose you have made a KLM Airlines Booking online. You only need to select the Manage booking option, where you can make some essential changes to your flight. To manage KLM bookings, you can bring more benefits to passengers after booking your flight. You will find that your comfortable flight journey is perfect. If you encounter any trouble, you can seek us for the necessary guidance to overcome this task immediately.

Note: For more information About KLM Airlines so visit here Klm Airlines Wikipedia

Steps to manage your KLM Airlines Flights

  • Open the Official KLM Airlines Ticket Booking website.
  • Login to your account.
  • Enter the ticket reservation number and passenger’s last name.
  • Select what you wish to manage with your flight and proceed further.
  • Pay for the changes if required.
  • Continue the payment confirmation, and your changes will be processed right away

Changing the Date on your scheduled Flight

KLM Airlines offers you excellent support and appropriate advice to change your booked flight information as soon as possible. Suppose you have made your KLM airlines flight booking online but cannot travel on the specified date and time. Therefore, you are free to change the date and time and mention the confirmed date and time to travel comfortably.

If you have booked a refundable ticket online, you can use an easy way to change your flight in a second. However, if you have any trouble changing the booking date, please read more.

  • Visit the official KLM Airlines Booking website and login into your account.
  • Click on the manage booking option and select your flight.
  • You have to enter the booking code number and last name on the flight ticket.
  • Select the date you wish to change.
  • Click on the reissue button.
  • Enter the details of the flight again and book the ticket.
  • If the ticket is refundable, there won’t be any charges incurred.
  • For non-refundable tickets, you need to pay the price.
  • For Domestic flights, it is $150 and $250 for an international flight.

You are free to contact the KLM customer service team and talk to an agent for further assistance. 

How to Make KLM Reservations Online & Offline?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines allows its passengers to make KLM bookings online from the comfort of their home or office, rather than visiting the airport authority to make KLM Airlines booking. Let’s see the procedure. 

  • Visit their official website. 
  • Mention your departure airport and arrival airport in the space.
  • Tick on whether you want to book a round trip, a one-way trip, or a multi-city trip to your desired destination. 
  • Enter your departure date and return date if booking a round trip or a multi-city trip. 
  • Select the number of passengers traveling, including the number of children traveling. 
  • Click on the preferred class cabin you want to travel in, i.e. Business class, first-class, or economy class. 
  • Click on the ‘Look for flight’ option.
  • You will be redirected to the flight result page wherein you will see several flight options on that particular date. 
  • Select the flight that matches your time preference, i.e. whether you want to travel early or midnight.

After that, look for the fare that best suits you. The fares differ for every flight due to apparent reasons. 


  • Select the most preferred flight by you and click on the flight option. 
  • Check the flight details and cancellation and refund policy. It is essential to go through each and every detail before selecting a flight as some flights do not for refundable flights, which can later be an issue if you have to cancel the flight for any reason or emergency. Hence, please go through the details very carefully. 
  • Now you can either sign in or sign up or continue as a guest. If you are a member of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, remember to log in to get travel credit points or redeem them to book the flight tickets. 
  • Click on ‘continue.’
  • Enter the passenger details carefully, as they cannot be changed later on. 
  • Select your preferred seat and click on ‘continue.’
  • You will be redirected to the payment page. Select your preferred payment option to make the payment online. 

Once the KLM Reservations is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation mail containing your e-tickets along with relevant information. Please go through the mail carefully to avoid any discrepancies in KLM flight booking. 

KLM Airlines Advanced Seat Selection.

If you have already made a KLM reservation and are looking for seat selection and reservations based on seat category availability, you should check the map. Not only that, but you can also visit KLM’s official website to get real-time flight-related information. When you book a flight by making KLM Reservations, you will find a seat map to book from there. You can also contact customer service directly for seat selection in KLM.

How can I book my seat in advance?

For passengers’ convenience, KLM provides many facilities, and seat selection in advance is one of them. Nonetheless, if you confront any troubles, you can get assistance right away and simply see and pick a convenient seat online. Many people want the most suitable travel, so they tend to use the KLM seat selection process.

This is how to check the availability of seats and book them in advance while making KLM Reservations:

  • Go to the booking website and click the login button after filling in the correct login details.
  • Choose your cabin class, and then go to the seat map to choose your seat.
  • You can view available seats and select the main cabin.
  • After selecting the desired seat, enter your name and mobile number.
  • To find the seat reservation information at the end of the task, you can use the details you provided
  • Book the seat and pay if applicable.

Note: Selecting a seat in advance is chargeable, and it can only be possible if the desired seat is available or, in other words-vacant. You will only be charged if the seat is available to book and only after you have booked it.

What are the benefits of making KLM Bookings? 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a four-star rated airline due to the quality of its airport, in-flight products, and personnel services. There are various reasons as why you must choose Klm as your next travel partner, to name a few here we have listed the main benefits you get with KLM Book a flight.

World-Class Comfort Seating

KLM airlines offer you amazing seating options and you can enjoy comfortable seats and legroom. If you plan your vacations with KLM booking you’ll see the seats are large enough to make you feel like you are floating in the air.

Extra Facilities in Business class

KLM’s long-haul flight airplanes are equipped with completely flat beds in business class. KLM’s business class seats are completely flat. You can also enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi and entertainment with business class tickets. KLM Reservations in business class help you experience leisure and comfort.

Affordable flight tickets

KLM is a low-cost airline from any point of view, and giving someone free water and sandwiches does not make them a full-service airline. Thus making Klm booking gets you affordable flight tickets and you can enhance your onboard experience by paying within your budget.

Complimentary in-flight meals

KLM offers free meals and snacks based on your destination, sandwiches, and snacks on shorter flights, and hot meals on longer flights. Also, with reduced ticket costs and complimentary meals you can enjoy good food onboard without burning your pocket holes.

KLM Reservations via Customer Service

If somehow, you are unable to book your ticket online, you can always switch to offline reservation mode. The customer care executive possesses several years of experience and knowledge about the reservation process in and out. Hence, you can trust them and get your ticket booked within no time. Besides, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ customer care executives have knowledge regarding affordable deals and offer on flights traveling during the non-peak hours. You can get your KLM booking done at an affordable fare and spend more on the trip. 

KLM Class Cabin 

Klm Class Cabin

KLM Airlines offers three different class cabins to travel in like:-

Economy Class

KLM Airlines offers a particular amenity kit along with a blanket and pillow. The seats are comfortable with an adjustable headrest and cushioned armrest. Economy customers can request a la carte menu and beverages and non-alcoholic drinks. Economy class includes two types of seats – Economy regular and comfort. 

Premium Economy Class

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines had announced the availability of Premium economy class soon in all their flights, with additional legroom, comfortable seats, and TV screens for viewing in-flight entertainment options

Business Class

Business-class enables passengers to pack more for their journey with Business class tickets. Besides, the business-class passengers can also visit the Crown lounge to spend their waiting time in comfort. 

Business-class passengers can travel in comfort with fully-reclined seats, reachable tables for work and study, lamps, and other amenities making the journey convenient. In-seat power pockets and extra storage space to keep your devices safe. 


First-class is still not available on any of the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ flights. The closest comfortable and luxurious class provided by KLM Airlines is the Business-class. 

Baggage Policy

KLM Airlines has a strict baggage policy for all its customers stretching from the Economy class to Business class. However, suppose you feel that your luggage is going to cross the advised limit. In that case, you can purchase additional baggage allowance during the KLM reservations process, or later through the ‘manage booking’ option.

Economy Class

          Check-in Luggage: 23kg Maximum

          Carry-on Luggage: 2 pieces of bag one small and one big of total 18kg. 

Business Class

          Check-in Luggage: 23kg

          Carry-on Luggage: 18kg

KLM Check-in Policy

For passengers who want more than one check-i policy, this is your time to rejoice as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is now offering three different check-in options. 

Online Check-in

Check-in at the comfort of your home or office. You can now complete your check-in from your home, select your seat, purchase additional facilities, and travel like a king on KLM flights. Web check-in passengers need to print their e-boarding pass and come to the check-in counter if they are carrying any check-in luggage, otherwise, they can move towards the security check. 

At the Airport

Customers who find it difficult to check-in online can go the old fashion way – the counter check-in. Passengers need to reach the airport 3 hours prior to the flight’s departure, submit their check-in luggage, collect their boarding pass, and move towards the security check counter. 


Kiosks, self-serving check-in machines are particularly designed for passengers who do not have check-in luggage and reach the airport after the closing of the check-in counters. They can simply put their last name, confirmation code, or e-ticket in the space, select their seats and print their boarding pass instantly. 

In-flight Entertainment System

If you travel on a long-haul or intercontinental KLM Airlines Booking, you can seamlessly enjoy 1000 hours of entertainment onboard, including movies, shows, games, and much more. The entertainment movies and shows are available in different languages like Dutch, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese.  

Passengers can enjoy eye-opening documentary to award-winning films comfortably with noise-canceling headphones and reclining seats. You can choose your in-flight entertainment options while making KLM reservations quickly. 

KLM Pregnant Passenger travel Policy

Are you a mother-to-be and want to travel abroad? Are you worried about KLM’s assistance for pregnant women? Then don’t worry, because the KLM reservations department allows expectant mothers to take the flight (with conditions) KLM Airlines enables pregnant passengers to fly with them. However, before mothers-to-be book a KLM flight, they must follow the guidelines below.

Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM advises pregnant women who have reached or exceeded 36 weeks of pregnancy not to fly. KLM advises pregnant travelers with more than one fetus to consult a doctor before traveling. All pregnant women who experience complications during pregnancy should seek the permission of their doctor before flying. KLM Reservations does not specify a policy that restricts travel during pregnancy, nor does it specify a policy that requires a care provider to provide a medical certificate before traveling.

For those expectant mothers who have more than one baby, the carrier recommends consulting a doctor before flying. If you have complications, you always need a doctor’s permission to fly. This states that Pregnant women with more than one fetus should consult their doctor before traveling. All pregnant women who experience complications during pregnancy should seek the permission of their doctor before flying.

Traveling with Infants – Baby (under 2 years old)

  • The baby does not need to sit by himself, but you must inform KLM that you will travel with the baby on your lap.
  • Each adult can only bring one child. If traveling with more than one infant, each additional infant must purchase a seat.
  • As long as you have the proper child control device, you can buy a seat for your baby.
  • A seat must be purchased on any flight with children 2 years of age or older.
  • Even if the baby will be on another passenger’s lap on an international flight, the baby will also enjoy discounted fares and taxes.

Children Flying Alone with KLM

Is your child 5 to 14 years old (including 14 years old) traveling alone? Make sure to book the unaccompanied minor service offered by KLM Reservations. This service can also be booked for children under 15 years up to  17 years old.

Unaccompanied Minor Travel Policy

By using the Service for Unaccompanied Minors by KLM you can relax because your child will be in safe hands. For children of age, 5 to 14 years taking this service is a must if they are going to travel without an adult accompanying them. For children aged between 15 and 17 years, the service will be optional.

  • Prior to departure and post-arrival, the KLM employees or employees hired by KLM will accompany your child to and from the plane even if the flight is delayed. 
  • During the flight, the flight attendants will pay close attention to your child. 
  • The airline will notify you of any changes to your child’s flight schedule via phone, email and text messages.
  •  At the end of the journey, the airline staff will personally accompany your child with the person you have authorized to adopt him or her.
  • For children under 15 to age 17, this service is optional. 
  • If you choose not to book an unaccompanied child service, KLM airline will treat your child as an adult passenger. 
  • If the flight is delayed or canceled, if your child mentions his or her age and needs the help of KLM staff, they will be able to help you. 
  • However, in order to prevent the flight from being interrupted, please be sure to book an unaccompanied minor travel service.

How can we Book Unaccompanied Minors?

  • You can book air tickets for unaccompanied children and unaccompanied minor help service at least 24 hours prior to departure. 
  • However, this service is not available for separate booking; you can only book it by calling the KLM Customer Service Center or your travel agency.
  • Fill out the form 
  • Tell the details about the child and the person who will come drop the child
  • Also, you need to inform the person who will be picking up your child at the destination.
  • A form will be filled and your child must carry it throughout the flight
  • You can also print the form and fill it out manually. If necessary, you can fill it out at the check-in counter, but please be patient and wait for 15 minutes.
  • Parents or guardians who are 18 or older need to bring their children to the check-in counter at least 2.5 hours before departure. 
  • Those who bring the child to the airport need to bring a valid ID and stay at the airport until the child’s flight takes off.

Costs Incurred

No matter how old your child is, the price of the unaccompanied child service is the price of the adult ticket plus the service fee. The surcharge for round-trip tickets is doubled. A booking can accommodate up to 4 children, and the unaccompanied child fee will only be charged once. They can be relatives or not, as long as their booking codes are the same. an unaccompanied minor ticket costs vary according to the country and airport it generally costs between $100 to $250.

Flight Change Policy of KLM Airlines

KLM offers various inflight amenities and services to its customers. It allows passengers to book their flights without any hassle as well as to change their KLM Reservations. Although, you must be aware that the airline only accepts valid bookings. KLM flight tickets are valid for 12 months. Therefore, you must modify the access before it expires.

Please note that the KLM Flight change policy requires you to change your booking at least 3 hours before the flight departure time. Remember, airlines need enough time to find suitable substitutes in time.

How to Change your flights?

You can use any type of changeable ticket type to change the travel date, time, and destination if you have purchased Flexibility. The conditions for changing your ticket type can be found in “My Trip” and in the booking confirmation email.

  • Open the official website of KLM Reservations and Log in to the My Trips tab.
  • If you have already done the check-in, you have to cancel it first.
  • Go to My Trips and click on the change Flights button.
  • Search the alternative flights available and look if there are any change fees required.
  • If you bought more further options for your KLM flight, you can instantly reserve the same choices again for the new flight, and all differences will be resolved. 
  • If the new flight no longer offers the same additional options and/or other options are purchased, you can request a refund of the different KLM flight options. 
  • In some cases, you will receive proof of the remaining value.
  • Confirm your flight change. 
  • Any additional flights and additional optional fees can be paid using your preferred payment method; any surplus will be cleared and repaid through vouchers.

After you have changed your flight, you will receive a confirmation email stating your new air travel details. You can also confirm and see them in the My Trips section whenever you wish.

How to Cancel the KLM reservations?

Due to some family emergency, or business appointments, you aren’t able to travel on the said date and time you can always cancel your flight and request a full refund or book another trip for some other day. Ensure to go through the terms and conditions of the KLM cancellation policy before canceling your flight. Please follow the instructions given below to cancel your KLM flight booking. 

  • Visit the official website of KLM Airlines. 
  • Go on the refund and compensation page. 
  • Click on the ’Refund of ticket fare’ option.
  • Walkthrough the details and cancellation policy carefully and click on the ‘Request for refund’ option to continue. 
  • Now select the country or the region of refund payment. 
  • Name the product type and choose the refund reason and click on continue. 

If somehow, you aren’t able to process cancellation requests on the web page, we suggest you contact their customer care service executives if you tell them why they might also get you a discounted offer on your next flight. 

Pet Travel Policy of KLM Airlines

You can bring a cat or dog with you on most of the KLM flights. In order to make your pet’s journey on the KLM journey safe and smooth, the airline provides a variety of travel options.

The rules for pet transportation in KLM vary. It solely depends on your country and destination. On particular aircraft and specific destinations, Pets are restricted and not allowed to travel with you. It always depends on the size and destination, that pets may travel in the cabin, in luggage, or transported as cargo. According to the KLM Airlines Pet Policy, Special rules apply to service animals trained to assist disabled passengers or rescue teams.

Rules for pet Transportation

  • Your pet must travel in a ventilated container.
  • During the flight, you can not take your pet out of the carrier.
  • You must ensure to present your pet’s health-related documents and travel-related other documents before flying.
  • Some destinations may have a quarantine period, so ensure to consult your destination’s embassy before you book your final destination flight.
  • You must contact KLM to register your pet at least 48 hours before the flight. 
  • If you do not register your pet in advance, you won’t be allowed to bring your pet on the plane.

What does KLM stand for?

¿Cómo llamo a JetBlue?

KLM might be merely just three letters, but the airline has a huge name in the aviation industry. Usually abbreviated as KLM, Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij is the actual name of the airline. Furthermore, the English translation of this name is Royal Aviation Company.

Where does KLM fly in the United States?

KLM currently flies to around nine destinations in the United States. Hence, you may find flights to ATLANTA, CHICAGO, BOSTON, NEW YORK, HOUSTON, MINNEAPOLIS, SAN FRANSISCO, WASHINGTON, etc. You can even take connecting flights with the KLM partners to fly anywhere else around the USA.

Is KLM flying to South Africa?

KLM airlines are continuing to offer flights to/from South Africa. First, the airline operates several flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Amsterdam. Furthermore, it has been compiling a strict approach and protocol to ensure no traveler is affected by the new COVID_19 strain. Henceforth, KLM airlines have been taking the strain seriously and will ensure to keep the passenger’s and crew’s safety first.

Where does KLM fly direct to?

KLM Airlines offer direct/non-stop flights to the following destinations
Antwerp (ANR)
Amsterdam (AMS)
Atlanta (ATL)
Detroit ( DTW )
Boston ( BOS )
Las Vegas (LAS
Miami (MIA)
Los Angeles (LAX)

Does KLM have free food?

Passengers can get free food on KLM booking depending on their destination. Furthermore, the route distance decides the menu and complimentary food choices. Suppose, you are on a short-haul flight with KLM. In that case, you may get sandwiches or other snacks onboard. However, on long-haul routes, you will get hot meals and non-alcoholic drinks.

Does KLM serve free alcohol?

Unfortunately, KLM airlines do not offer any alcoholic beverage onboard at the moment.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Review:

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by James William
Klm Airlines Booking

I have been taking flights with KLM Royal dutch airlines for a year now, and every experience is as good as new. They have free drinks on flights, and the attendants’ staff is just excellent. I often make KLM reservations for all my domestic and international trips. They have a straightforward approach to the booking and management of flights. Their manage booking option helps you make changes online very quickly, and you receive a confirmation email right after the process is completed. I recommend KLM airlines to everyone.

 by Camella Park
Klm Booking

It was a long yet comfortable flight with KLM  airlines booking. The check-in and boarding were quick as well as efficient. The boarding process was properly organized than usual, and the attendants on board were very helpful. They offered two beverage services on the flight. One was a small snacks package, and the other was a medium one. Our flight reached the airport on time, and exiting the plane was in rows. The time of deboarding was somehow longer, yet it was good as no crowding into the aisle seats. Thanks a lot, United airlines. See you, people, on the return flights. I hope we enjoy our flight again.

 by Olivia Sophia
Klm Airlines

FLight landed on time. The attendees were great. Plane was nice and we upgraded our seats to even nicer space. Our return flight was delayed so we can’t complain much about it but it was quite okay entertaining the two kids with the entertainment options at KLM airlines booking. The staff were awesome and the plane was totally safe. I enjoyed my flight.

 by Emma Thompson
Incredible Klm Airliness

We are Overwhelmed by KLM Airlines flight service. Their crew is very professional and they actually provide food on the flight. We departed from SJU for an earlier flight and provided you with scrambled eggs with bacon or pancakes with orange, pineapple, guava juice and coffee. On our return flight, the menu included spaghetti and meat sauce or grilled chicken plate. Will fly again I swear!

 by Richard Joseph
Klm Booking

Last year, I traveled with KLM airlines to a nearby city. It was a good flight experience. The had excellent in-flight entertainment options, including movies and shows of different and distinct cultures, loved it! The food was good, and the amenity kit they offer was rejuvenating. I really liked the staff though; they were very courteous and well-trained. There was only one problem while making KLM reservations; they did not allow me to purchase an additional baggage allowance due to which I had to dump some of my staff at the airport. It was quite a disappointment. Well, overall, good experience. I would like them to introduce a few more facilities, such as extra baggage allowance for customers.