Famous wine destinations to visit

As 2020 has started it is the ideal time for holiday detoxing. Plan a trip with your friends and family and refreshen up yourself. All travelling experiences are good but the best ones are with the glass in a hand. Winerists are eagerly waiting to travel to their favourite destination to make the most of your trip. With so many enchanting countries and amazing experiences waiting to be explored, it becomes difficult to know where we should start planning our trip. To make sure that all the Winerists have a great year, here is the list of top destinations that they must explore. 

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  • Paso Robles, California

Situated on California’s Central Coast midway Los Angeles and San Francisco, this charming city and its surrounding wine countries beckon wine lovers from all over the world. Various award-winning wineries can be found in Paso. The downtown of the city has a is home to a wide range of dining establishments that serves locally sourced organic produce and meats. 

  • Vienna, Austria

This capital of Austria is a hub of coffee, art, and music culture and it boasts fantastic Baroque architecture. If you are a wine lover and looking for an ideal destination then there is no better place or you than Vienna. It is the only capital in the world that produces considerable quantities of wine. It is home to almost 1,700 acres of vineyards. Autumn is the best season to visit Vienna as the annual Wine Hiking Day is hosted then. Wander around the city’s vineyards and have delicious food with wine pairings. 

  • Lombardy, Italy

When you check out the center of northern Italy, you will find that there is a small wine-producing area, known as Franciacorta. Some of the best Italian wines are made at this place. It is the best-kept secret of Italy. Wines in Franciacorta are made by using the classic method, just like Champagne. Visit this place and get the high quality of wines at comparatively less price. The perfect time to visit Lombardy is the spring season as the weather is very pleasant at that time. 

  • Tenerife, Spain

Spain is one of the most exciting winemaking destinations and many of the compelling bottles are made in the island territory of Tenerife. It is the largest of the seven Canary Islands and split into south and north territories. Well-established wine routes of Tenerife are situated on the northeast of the island. Visitors come here to enjoy different array of wines, which are made using indigenous varieties. When you want to take a break from the wine tasting, then go to the south of the island and enjoy sun, sea, and sand. 

These are the most popular wine destinations that must be in your bucket list. If you are a flexible traveller and not sure about your travel plan, then make a booking with Southwest Airlines as you can easily cancel your booking with the airline. Southwest Airlines cancellation policy is very decent that allows travellers to cancel their reservations without any additional efforts.