Top 5 places to celebrate Halloween across the world!

As soon as October comes, the vibes of Halloween spread all around the world. The houses are decorated as haunted houses and the street gets filled up with Halloween parades. When we think of Halloween, scary decorations, kooky costumes, and lots of sweets come in mind. Many places around the world celebrate Halloween in an exciting and vibrant fashion. Attend some of the best parties around the world during Halloween and have an ample dose of chills and thrills. 

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  • Italy

All Saints’ Day is a pretty big deal in Italy. In different parts of the country, celebrations are held in different styles, but one of the most popular places to celebrate Halloween is Venice. Though you may think that it is an unusual place to celebrate this festival, but people here dress up in costumes and go to haunted islands around it. Corinaldo is also a great place to visit during this festival and it is known as the “Italian Capital of Halloween.” This town is loaded with spooky attractions.

  • Canada

There is no shortage of scary attractions in Canada and all these attractions will scare the wits out of you. Haunt Manor is one of the best places to explore during Halloween and it is the most happening venue at that time of the year. Get your spook on and have a bone-chilling experience in Canada. Some of the extravagant Halloween parties are held in Canada, attend one of those and make your Halloween memorable. 

  • Ireland

Ireland has Celtic roots and the origin of Halloween is Celtic celebrations like Samhain. It comes as no surprise that Halloween is celebrated in a great style in Ireland. Tradition often includes eating fruitcakes, bonfires, fortune-telling, and dressing up, of course. Derry city of Ireland hosts the biggest festival of Halloween in Europe that is the Banks of Foyle Halloween Carnival. Visitors can enjoy horror-story telling, ghost tours parade, haunted houses, and much more. 

  • New Orleans

Home to some of the best spooky locations, New Orleans is considered as one of the most haunted places in the USA. The deep connection of the city to the penchant and occult eccentric costumes make it the perfect destination for Halloween. Visitors can enjoy various parties and events across the season that includes the Halloween Spooktacular Family concert, the Voodoo Music Festival, and the famous Vampire Ball. 

  • Belgium

Halloween has become one of the most popular events in Belgium with people attending costume parties. Spooky decor can be seen in most of the towns. Though every town looks very charming in the decor, but Brussels is the one that grabs everyone’s attention. A swimming pool is transformed into a “bloodbath” by coloring it red. Children wearing costumes can be seen swimming around. Various ghost parties and tours are held here. Ostend is also the most popular destination and it is baptized as “Belgium’s Halloween city.” 

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