What is Spirit Airlines $9 fare Club?

Spirit Airlines allows some of the most affordable fares and thus considered an ultra-low-cost carrier. If you don’t mind using tips and tricks for air travel, you can save a lot by choosing Spirit Airlines reservations option.

In addition to low fares and constant sales, Spirit also offers substantial discounts through a paid plan called the Spirit Airlines $9 fare club. Although the name is a bit misleading because you rarely encounter such a low fare, this program can save you a lot on group travel and last-minute booking fees.

As with all things that seem unbelievable, there are some important alerts. You might not constantly save enough money to equal the membership fees, and there is a way to save even more without membership. Let us dive into everything you need to know about Spirit Airlines’ 9-dollar fare club.

What is the Cost for $9 Spirit Fare Club?

In opposition to its name, this Spirit  Airlines $9 Fare Club membership costs $59.95 per year in total and is renewed at $69.95. In exchange, you will get discounts on air tickets, vacation packages, and deals on baggage booked online, up to a 50% discount. If you travel with a group of people, you can save a lot of money, because for you and the same booking can accommodate up to 8 passengers, these benefits apply to you.

How much can you save with this offer?

On average, Spirit’s $9 fare club can save $10-30 per ticket. It is worth noting that not all flights will have discounted prices, so you may not be able to get more use from the Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club membership. Using Spirit’s calendar function, you can check the availability for the coming months. 

What is $9 fare club trial?

If you are not ready to join the full membership, you can sign up for the Spirit  $9 Fare Club trial program for $19.95. The trial period is two months, after which your membership renewal is $69.95. You can sign up for the trial on the payment page when you book your ticket.

If you are not a regular flyer on Spirit airlines, and you have already identified some discount air tickets that you want to take advantage of, then the $9 trial can be the right choice. If you’re going to save a group booking, this is also the right choice.

Please note that since the appointment is displayed on the checkout page, you can only sign up for the trial after booking your flight.