KLM Name Change Policy

KLM Name Change

Did you carefully fill out the ticket booking form yet make a typo error in your name? The KLM name change policy Passengers can change the name on their KLM ticket if they have bought it from the official portals of KLM airlines. Correct typos with a fee. allows you to correct mistakes in a reservation with a fee. However, you don’t need to pay to correct minor types when flying with KLM or its partner airlines.

The KLM name correction is quite flexible, as you don’t need to correct all minor errors. However, please don’t confuse it with replacing names with another person, as this change is not permitted. You can only correct typo errors.

Read and find out the process to fill KLM name modification form and modify names on tickets.

How To Change Name On KLM Flight

The KLM Name Change Policy is flexible but still has some rules. These conditions state when and what type of name modifications the airlines permit. Read below to find out if conditions favor you:

  • KLM allows name changes when you’ve booked tickets directly from Delta, KLM, or Air France.
  • For other partners, passengers must request a name change atleast 72 hours before take-off.
  • Passengers with multiple first names don’t need to use the KLM name change policy if only one first name is available on the ticket.
  • Also, when your maiden name and passport’s last name are the same, there is no need to modify the name on your ticket.
  • Besides, if the name is written without spaces, it’s not a typo.
  • Travelers can’t replace a name with someone’s else name under the KLM name change policy.
  • Further, reward ticket passengers must contact flying blue customer service for name typo correction.

Lastly, if you’ve booked a ticket through a travel agent, request them to edit your name directly. Do this as soon as possible, as the travel agent’s name correction process can take longer.

How to Change Name on Flight Ticket KLM?

The KLM name change facility is available on call, on social media, and from the official website’s live chat option. With what feels comfortable, you can request a name modification till 72 hours before departure.

Via Website’s Live Chat Tool

  • Firstly, open the official homepage of KLM’s website.
  • Further, log in to your account with your flying Blue number or e-mail address. 
  • Find the live chat icon on the right side of the page as soon as assistants are available.
  • Open the box and type “change passenger name KLM.”
  • After a round of automated responses, an expert will join the chat.
  • Finally, provide the asked details and follow the rest of the prompts.

If you are eligible for modifications under the Name Change policy with a fee waiver, you won’t have to pay a fee. For partner airlines, kindly contact them on their official website.

Via The Social Media Handles

Passengers can also contact the airlines through one of the popular social media handles, WhatsApp or Messenger. Follow the links to contact pages and file your KLM name modification application.

WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=31206490787

Messenger: https://m.me/KLM?ref=src:klweb_contactpage;lang:en_US

Once you open these links and arrive at the official portal, an agent will soon join the chat. Before that, follow the generic automated response till you find the “KLM change name” option. Follow the rest of the prompts to edit your name details on the ticket.

How to Change Name on KLM Flight Via Phone Call?

Travelers can also use the KLM Name Correction policy facilities over a phone call. It has two service lines for name correction for both English and Spanish speakers.

Service ForPhone NumbersLanguagesWorking Hours
KLM Service Line+1 800 618 0104English, Spanish(Eastern standard time)

08:00 AM – 11:00 PM

KLM Service Line For Deaf & Hard Of Hearing711-1-833-648-2068English, Spanish(Eastern standard time)

08:00 AM – 11:00 PM

  • Dial the customer service of your choice, as mentioned above.
  • Further, wait for the IVR to respond.
  • Pick your preferred language.
  • Find the menu for KLM name correction charges and facility.
  • If unavailable, press the key that connects you to an executive.
  • Besides, you have to wait till the hold time is over.
  • Once the call connects, provide your booking details and required changes.
  • Finally, they will check eligibility and applicable charges.

If you have a reward ticket, you can enjoy a more personalized facility for changing the airline’s name. Further, follow the rest of the prompts under the name change facility. You can download the new ticket on their provided link, or they will guide you to get the new ticket. 

How Much to Change Name on KLM Ticket?

The KLM flight ticket name change is available free of cost. As per the information on the website, you don’t need to pay any fee for name correction on KLM, Delta Air, and Air France flights till 72 hours before the flight’s departure.

However, you should fill out the name change form and pay the charges for major errors. Your fee would depend upon the time left for the flight’s departure, whether the change is minor or major, and your fare category.

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KLM Name Change – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does changing a name on a KLM flight cost?

Name change with KLM is free till 72 hours before the flight’s departure when changing the name with Air France, KLM, or Delta Airlines.

How do I change my name on my KLM ticket?

You can correct the name on your KLM ticket via social media, the online chat option, or the blue rewards assistance number.