Japan Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Did you know you can fly around the globe while sitting on your favorite seat at JAL? The Japan Airlines Seat selection allows passengers to pre-book a seat with or without a fee anytime after buying a ticket with the air carrier.

Also, the air travel company allows its frequent flyers with a status to book the paid selection seats for free anytime till all the seats aren’t occupied. Flyers must confirm if they are eligible for a fee-based/ free seat after booking tickets for a comfortable journey.

Read and understand when and how you should buy a seat in JAL.

Japan Airlines Seat Assignment Policy

Japan Airlines Seat Selection policy allows seat assignment for all travel classes, including discounted fares and award ticket holders. Passengers can pay for extra legroom seats during booking, after their reservation is confirmed, or till the check-in window closes.

  • You can choose extra legroom seats with paid seat assignments during Japan Airlines check-in and ticket booking. 
  • The most preferred paid selection seats are window, aisle, front row, exit row, and emergency exit seats. 
  • Seat availability is limited, and its configuration depends upon the aircraft type. Check out the difference between Japan Airlines seat map 787-9 and 777 to understand the changes. 
  • Passengers younger than 15 years of age can’t pick an emergency exit row seat as per the seat selection policy of Japan Airlines. 
  • For ease of selection, you will see that paid seats are marked with a star. 
  • Finally, note that the paid seat fee at Japan Airlines will be the same for both minors and adults.

Lastly, the fee for choosing a seat at JAL is valid for only one passenger per leg of the flight. Hence, you have to pay charges for every portion of the journey.

How To Change Seat In Japan Airlines?

With the help of the Japan Airlines seat map, you can always pick and reserve a seat after booking a flight or during check-in. You can make a seat assignment online via the website or offline through customer service.

Online Seat Selection Through Japan Airlines Website

  • Firstly, open the homepage of the JAL website through a safe browser. 
  • Next, check out the manage booking option. 
  • Further, you will be asked if yours is a domestic/ international flight. 
  • Also, locate your flight as per the date category. 
  • Next, if you have a membership, fill out the login form. 
  • Otherwise, enter details such as Flight Number, Boarding Date, Last Name, First Name, and Reservation Number.
  • Afterward, click booking details and explore different manage your booking options.
  • Passengers can now locate the option to pick Japan Airlines seats. 
  • Look at the map to choose your seats with JAL. Starred seats are available under paid seat selection.

Choose your seat after paying the amount, if applicable. JAL will soon send you a confirmation message regarding your seat selection.

Offline Seat Selection Through Japan Airlines Customer Service

  • Initially, dial Japan airlines 24 hours contact number 1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663) to make a seat selection with a travel expert.
  • Next, let the IVR guide you to a relevant live expert.
  • Once your connection is established, please provide them with your ticket details and desired seat.
  • Also, don’t forget to inform them if you have any membership status at JAL. It helps avoid japan airline’s seat selection fees.
  • The executive will ask you to wait and get back to you with details regarding free and paid seat selection.
  • Make the relevant payment for seat selection/ if applicable, and receive a confirmation email soon.

Even though japan airlines check-in allows you to make a seat assignment, kindly pick a chair as soon as possible. The air carrier won’t provide a paid seat selection as soon as all chairs are booked.

How Much Is The Japan Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

Route (Flights Between)Canada SaleJapan SaleOther Countries
Japan and Europe/ North America/ India/ Australia100 CAD10,000 JPY$100 USD
Japan and South East Asia (Excluding Manila)60 CAD6,000 JPY$60 USD
Japan and East Asia, Guam, Manila and Vladivostok (Russia)40 CAD4,000 JPY$40 USD

Passengers with a Diamond, Sapphire, Cristal, Global Club, and One World Tier Status won’twon’t have to pay a seat selection fee for choosing an extra legroom seat. Also, flyers with Y class bookings don’tdon’t need to pay a fee to pick a seat at Japan Airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Japan Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

JAL or Japan Airlines provides both paid and free seat selection on their different aircraft. They offer extra legroom seats, aisle and window seats at a price. Also, passengers have to pay a fee to secure front-row seats.

How Do I Choose My Seat On Japan Airlines?

You can pick your seat for free from available chairs. Also, if you are a premium member of Japan Airlines’ frequent flyer program, your seat selection is free. You can choose a seat after a confirmed reservation until your flight’s check-in window closes.

Can I choose my seats with an Economy Class ticket at JAL?

Japan airlines international seat selection and domestic seat assignment are available for tickets of all fare categories. Even if you have a discounted fare/ award ticket, JAL won’t restrict you from a paid seat assignment.