How to change flight on Allegiant Airlines?

Have you postponed your travel plans because something suddenly came up? Don’t stress as the air carrier has an Allegiant change flight policy that lets you modify booking as per convenience. It would help if you visited the Manage Travel option on the website for booking changes.

The Allegiant Flight Change Policy differs from other airlines as the air carrier offers only non-refundable tickets to its passengers. As per the rules, passengers won’t be charged a fee in the 24-hours risk-free period. They only need to pay the fare difference.

Let’s understand the details of flight modification rules at Allegiant.

Allegiant change flight policy | fee & process

The Allegiant air flight change rules allow you to modify tickets via the Manage Travel option available online. You can dial the Allegiant Air phone number to ask a representative to change the flight.

Allegiant Change flight Within 24 Hours Of Booking

  • Change/ cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchase to receive a full refund.
  • However, the flight’s departure must be scheduled away by 7 or more days during ticket booking.
  • The Airline will refund your amount on the original mode of payment.
  • Also, you still have to pay the change in fare, if applicable. 

Hence, no allegiant change flight fee is applicable if your itinerary/ date/ time modification follows the above rules.

24 Hours Allegiant Change Flight Policy

  • After 24 hours, your bookings with Allegiant are non-refundable, regardless of travel category. 
  • When you pay a charge for canceling/ changing bookings, the rest of the amount will be available as future travel credit (subject to rules). 
  • When less than 7 days are left for taking off, you cannot modify your bookings, even if you pay the Allegiant change flight cost. The entire money will get refunded.

Therefore, kindly purchase a trip flex fare or modify the booking within a 24-hours risk-free period to avoid penalty charges.

With Trip Flex Allegiant Protection

  • One can buy Trip Flex from Allegiant when paying for ticket reservations.
  • You can edit your date/ time/ and booking itinerary once.
  • You can modify the penalty for hotel packages until 72 hours before the flight’s departure.
  • With trip flex purchase, your change flight time is 1 hour before the plane’s take-off. 
  • One-time change in fare is also waived.

You have to pay a change flight fee for the same facility without trip flex. The amount may equal your purchase, making it fruitless to change your flight.

Methods to change Allegiant flight:

Passengers often face the need to change their flights and request the airline to do the same. They can make easy amendments to their flights with the help of Allegiant’s flight change option. It is very easy to change the flight. There are generally two ways to change the flight: online and offline.

Offline Allegiant Change Flight

Passengers can modify their flight schedules easily offline with the help of Allegiant Airlines agents. Allegiant Airline has a team of professional experts that are available around the clock at your service. You can call on Allegiant Airlines Telefono and tell them about your reason for changing the flight. They will hap you book a flight on the new schedule at the same price without any excess charge. Passengers will get full-time assistance from the airline agents on calling their dedicated line and requesting a flight change. The staff is fully trained in serving the passengers at their best.

How To Change Allegiant Flight Offline?

Passengers can dial the Allegiant change flight phone number (702) 505-8888 or (860) 374-7617 to talk to someone at Allegiant to modify their ticket.

  • Firstly, dial the number mentioned above to modify your flight.
  • After that, wait for the IVR to guide you to the right executive for you.
  • Press the respective number to change the flight.
  • Once you are connected with the representative, inform them if you have an Allegiant Credit Voucher, flex fare booking, or a regular ticket.
  • Next, please give them your booking details and the ticket changes that you have opted for.
  • The airlines will inform you if those modifications are available and confirm the same.

Pay the necessary Allegiant airline change flight fee, and securely get a new reservation detail on your confirmation email from the live expert.

Online Allegiant Change Flight

Suppose you have trouble calling or don’t have time to communicate with an airline agent and wish to complete the flight change process independently. You can change your flight online with the help of the Allegiant Airlines Manage booking facility. You can follow a simple series of steps and make changes to your already made air travel booking.

How to change Allegiant flight online?

With a few simple steps, you can use the Allegiant flight change policy online. Kindly follow the method below:

  • Check out the official domain and open its homepage.
  • Further, look at the top menu bar and click the Manage Trip link.
  • Next, you can get your ticket details and status by entering info based on your confirmation #, email, or credit/debit card information.
  • Once you’ve entered details to access the change flight option, click the Find My Trip button.
  • Click Modify This Booking button and follow the rest of the prompts to complete the change.

Without trip flex, you may have to pay the change in fare, if any. Avoid changing your ticket after 24 hours unless you have a flex fare ticket.

Make sure you receive a confirmation mail or message from Allegiant on your registered contact information. After you have a clear understanding of the Allegiant Air flight change process, your next concern is what is the flight change fee. Well, different airlines have different types of services, and the facilities they offer are also various. If you have made an Allegiant Airlines Booking for your next flight. The change fee will vary depending on the time left for your flight departure; please refer to the change flight policy to make sure what is the price you have to pay for changing your flight. Note that all Trip Flex changes depend on the availability of tickets.

How much does It cost to my Allegiant change flight?

Usually, the cost to modify a ticket at Allegiant may range as per your flight’s distance and time left for the flight’s departure. 

  • Allegiant change flight for one passenger is $75 for each leg of the flight.
  • Also, you must pay the change in fare, if any.
  • For trip flex users, there isn’t any change in flight fee or difference in fare applicable.
  • You will receive the rest of the ticket amount as credits for future travel.

Lastly, when less than 7 days are left, and you haven’t had a flex fare ticket, you won’t get credits/ booking amount for canceling the ticket.

Allegiant Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to my Allegiant flight?

Change flight is free for flex flight fare bookings until 1 hour before the flight’s departure. Without a flex trip, you must pay $75 per head to modify the itinerary/ date/ flight of your booking. Also, no credits are issued when less than 7 days are left.

Can I cancel my Allegiant flight without a penalty?

If you mean to ask, can I change my allegiant flight for free, so the answer is YES. If you are canceling/changing a ticket within 24 hours of purchase when departure is more than 7 days away, you can do it for free. Trip flex fare bookings are also eligible for the waiver.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Airlines change flight facility for standard fare tickets which have passed the 24 hours is $75 per head. Only trip flex fare tickets are eligible for a change in booking free for one time. After that, you have to pay the $75 fee.

How do I talk to a person at Allegiant Air?

Can you change allegiant flights by talking to someone on the reservations team? Yes, you can. Dial (702) 505-8888 or (860) 374-7617 to get in touch with a live executive, and they will modify your booking within minutes.

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