Hawaiian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

Sometimes, you might not be able to accompany your toddler on a flight due to events that are out of your hands. For such cases, Honolulu-based carrier has a Hawaiian Airlines unaccompanied minor policy.

You can send your 5+ year child for air travel to Hawaiian by paying a fee. The airline will safely drop your kid to another city. However, Hawaiian has framed a minor policy for solo travel for the smooth travel of your kids.  

Therefore, read the subtopics below to learn how to make use of this policy.

How To Book Hawaiian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Tickets? 

As per the official sources, you should get in touch with the Hawaiian agents to book your ticket. Here is how you can buy an unaccompanied minor ticket.

  • Firstly, dial the Hawaiian official ticket booking phone number.
  • After that, go through the IVR and wait for your turn.
  • Talk to a Hawaiian agent and share their details such as destination, date & time, and minor’s ID details. 
  • Lastly, the agents will ask you to wait and book your tickets accordingly. 

Finally, download the Hawaiian Airlines unaccompanied minor form from official sources after getting the ticket. Please fill out this form and submit it when you check in with Hawaiian agents.

What Are The Restrictions For Unaccompanied Minor Travel In Hawaiian?

Unaccompanied travel for minors between 5-11 years of age has some restrictions. Also, these limitations depend upon the destination and age of your child.

Domestic FlightsInternational Flights
Minors between 12-18 years of age can fly alone.

Flyers between 5-11 years of age can travel with a 15-year-old minor if both are in the same compartment.

Children between 12-18 years of age can fly alone only if they have additional documents to support their case.

Flyers between 5-11 years of age cannot fly on international flights.

Minors of 12+ years must be accompanied by an adult of 18+ years only if they fly in the same compartment.


Minors below 17 can fly only on a direct/ non-stop flight. Hence, do not book a reservation for your child on a connecting flight.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For Unaccompanied Minor Service Assistance? 

The Hawaiian Airlines unaccompanied minor fee depends upon the number of children and the flight’s destination. Hence, read the policy carefully before making any Hawaiian booking.

5-11 Yrs Old 

  • For non-stop flights within Hawaii, you have to pay $35.
  • For non-stop flights between North America and Hawaii, you must pay $100. 
  • International flights are not allowed.

12-17 Yrs Old (Optional Service)

  • For non-stop flights within Hawaii, you must pay $35.
  • For non-stop flights between North America and Hawaii, you must pay $100. 
  • International flights are not covered under this service.


Hawaiian will provide service for two kids of immediate family with one payment. However, they must have the same drop-off and pick-up destination and guardian. To cover more children, parents have to pay a single fee for each child. Parents/guardians can pay this fee upon check-in. 

To get more info on the unaccompanied minor Hawaiian airlines policy dial Hawaiian service number 1(800) 367-5320 and talk to 24/7 live Hawaiian travel agents. 

Hawaiian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor FAQs

Do Hawaiian airlines allow unaccompanied minors?

Yes, indeed. With certain restrictions, Hawaiian airlines let minors between 5-12 fly alone. Children between 12-17 years of age are not compulsorily required to use this service from Hawaiian. 

Does Hawaiian Airlines ask for birth certificates?

If you have an infant with you, Hawaiian may ask you to produce proof of age. Also, you may have to pay a fee if you cannot provide such evidence.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines unaccompanied minor fee? 

You will be charged $35 per flight per segment for a non-stop flight within the state of Hawaii. For non-stop flights with north America, it will be $100. 

Can minors travel on International Hawaiian Flights?

Under any circumstances, minors cannot board an international flight on Hawaiian. However, unaccompanied minors over 12 years of age may fly internationally upon providing certain country-specific documents.

Where can I get the Hawaiian Airlines unaccompanied minor form? 

You need to visit the carrier’s official website to download the form. In this form, parents must sign the legal declaration along with the flight details of the minor. 

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