How to Upgrade Seat On United Airlines?

Do you want to enjoy your air travel in an upgraded seat? Learn how can I upgrade my seat on United airlines to buy from various in-flight options. The airline allows you to secure a better seat through miles or dollars. Also, you can call customer service or check out the website to pick a seat from the chart on your own.

Let’s explore when and how you should get a seat upgrade on United.

How Do I Upgrade My Seat On United Airlines?

United Airlines seat upgrade facility is available via the official website, mobile app, customer service, and airport kiosks. Check out methods to get an updated seat:

Method 1: Through The Official Website

  • Firstly, check out the official site:
  • Next, go to the My Trips menu and choose the sub My Trips button.
  • Further, enter details such as the confirmation number and last name.
  • Press enter and check your itinerary details.
  • If your ticket is eligible, you will see the option to upgrade seat.
  • Depending upon the ticket, you might receive a complimentary/ paid/ via miles upgrade.

Once you’ve paid the required fee, you can save the changes and receive a confirmation message. The United mobile app has a similar option to access the United airlines seat map and finalize a chair.

Method 2: Via United Airlines Customer Service

  • Initially, dial the United business class upgrade phone number: 1 (800) 864-8331.
  • Next, IVR automated instructions will begin.
  • After that, press the required key for seat selection/ upgrade.
  • Further, it would help if you pressed the key to speak to a representative.
  • Once you call connects, you can place the request to upgrade seats on United.

To skip waiting time for upgrading seats, dial +1-860-318-2831, and the live expert will choose the most comfortable chair.

When Can I Upgrade My Seat On United Airlines?

You can be on a United seat upgrade list throughout the booking process. Whether you are a MileagePlus member, Premier member, or non-member, you can opt for a better seat during these stages of booking and boarding the flight:

  • During Ticket PurchaseWhen you are booking a flight, you will find the option to see the United airlines upgrade chart and pick a preferred seat. Regardless of your mode of booking the flight, you can upgrade seat during ticket purchase.
  • After Ticket PurchaseEven after you’ve bought a ticket and received a confirmed reservation, you can go to manage booking and buy the in-flight upgrade of United airlines seats.
  • At Check-InWhether you opt for an offline or online check-in, you don’t need to pay the United airlines upgrade cost if you are a premium member. Other members/ non-members might have to pay a fee for an upgrade within the check-in window.
  • At The GateDuring the final moments before the flight takes off, you can request United airlines upgrade to economy plus or another category based on your current membership/ fare type.

If you can’t secure a United airlines seat upgrade online, consult an expert at 1 (800) 864-8331 and get the ideal deal at the lowest prices.

What are the Different Seating Upgrade Options at United Airlines?

You can upgrade your seat with United Airlines through 6 different options. All other flyers can seek upgrades for these categories except for basic economy ticket holders. 

Refer to this table to know if you are eligible for such seat options.

MileagePlus membersPremier® membersNon-members
Economy Plus®AvailableAvailableAvailable
MileagePlus Travel AwardsAvailableAvailableNot Available
MileagePlus Upgrade AwardsAvailableAvailableNot Available
Premium cabin seating offersAvailableAvailableAvailable
PlusPoints upgradesNot AvailableAvailableNot Available
Star Alliance Upgrade AwardsAvailableAvailableNot Available

Features available in these upgraded class of United Airlines seats:

  • Economy Plus®: Passengers get extra legroom and earn Premier® qualifying points on such upgrades.
  • MileagePlus Travel Awards: Available for both types of members on United.
  • MileagePlus Upgrade Awards: One of the most commonly available upgrades using miles with premium facilities. Request the upgraded class online/ offline/ via the app.
  • Premium cabin seating offers: Along with luxurious seats, passengers get free standard checked bags, access to priority boarding & security line, and complimentary alcoholic beverages.
  • PlusPoints upgrades: All platinum and 1k members can request a United airlines seat upgrade anywhere the air carrier flies.
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards: MileagePlus members get one cabin upgrade on all Star Alliance member airlines. Every luxury is available for non-stop flights, from priority check-ins to premium lounges.

How Can I Upgrade My United Seat With Miles?

Passengers can upgrade a United Airlines seat using miles earned from booking tickets and other in-flight purchases. The process to redeem them for upgrades is as follows:

  • Upgrade the seat booked with United Airlines by visiting the official domain.
  • Further, go to the manage trip option in your account.
  • Next, click the upgrade cabin option.
  • If seats are available, you can pay for them immediately.
  • If unavailable, you will see a waiting list to get an upgrade to desired seat category.

You will get a chance to secure an upgrade in any category by using miles. If you don’t get the desired upgrade, the miles will get reinstated to your account.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade Seats On United Airlines?

United Airlines seat upgrade policy charges $0- $800 as a fee depending upon the customer’s flying status, itinerary, and membership. The airlines have different priority groups for domestic/ international travelers. Factors affecting the cost of getting a better seat:

  • Elite status
  • Route type
  • Flight Distance
  • Ticket type

How to Get Free Seat Upgrades on United Airlines?

Complimentary United airlines seat upgrade is available on a limited basis. Only the MileagePlus Premier members get free upgrades on a first-come, first-serve basis. Apart from the membership, the branded Chase card members are also eligible for complimentary upgrades. Here is the priority list to get an enhanced seat for free:

Premier statusUpgrade confirmation
SilverDays left for departure
Gold48 hours
Platinum72 hours
1K96 hours

You can use your membership to secure an upgrade by paying low instead of waiting for the complimentary upgrades. Talk to an expert at +1-860-318-2831 to know your chances of securing a free upgrade on United Airlines.

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United Airlines Seat Upgrade – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade my seat on United?

You can get upgraded on United Airlines by signing into the MileagePlus account and looking for modifications to the existing ticket. If you’ve signed in for the account, consider redeeming miles to upgrade your account.

Can I upgrade my United seat after booking?

You can receive a United Airlines seat upgrade even after you have a confirmed reservation. Call the airline’s reservation number or visit MY TRIPS to get a better seat category. Otherwise, you can check in at the airport and confirm your paid/ miles upgrade there.

Can you upgrade to economy after booking United?

Basic economy tickets can’t ask for an upgrade on United. Only the economy flyers can ask for an economy plus upgrade, where they will get extra legroom seats. Also, you can file the request through reservations or the United mobile app.

Who is eligible for United upgrades?

Premier 1K members can ask for a United upgrade with miles if they have an M-class ticket. Also, if you are traveling on full-fare Y or B class tickets, you can only ask for an upgrade in certain routes across the USA.

How much does it cost to choose your seat on United?

Picking a chair isn’t chargeable, but preferred seating starts from $9 for every leg of the journey. Also, if you want to upgrade through United Airlines later, you have to pay a fee depending on your route of travel and fare category.