How do I Upgrade on a British Airways Flight?

Are you bored traveling in the same cabin class again and again on British Airways? It’s time to upgrade your cabin class on British Airways. Passengers with domestic flight bookings might not want to upgrade, but when traveling for hours, you might look for the best upgrade option. British Airways has 3 categories of Cabin upgrades: First, Club World, and World Traveller Plus. British Airways seat upgrade offers different facilities to passengers with different needs. So, if you want to learn more about these cabin classes and the process of upgrading, read this blog.

British Airways Seat Upgrade Options and Benefits

First, knowing what you are looking for in a British Airways seat upgrade is important. To select the best cabin class on British Airways, look at the benefits of each cabin class. Have a look at the following to choose the cabin class that suits your requirements:

British Airways First Class Upgrade

  • First is the most luxurious way to experience your flight journey with British Airways. 
  • From the time you appear for the scheduled departure of your flight, British airlines offer priority services. 
  • Upgrading to first class, one will get first and fast security check-in, access to high-class lounge facilities, and complimentary snacks. 
  • As you enter the flight first, an airline crew will take you to your personal and spacious suite.
  • To rest, convert your seat into a 198cm (6ft 6in) fully flat bed featuring a luxurious quilted bed, cotton white duvet, and pillow.
  • Get the comfort of Temperley London Loungewear and other travel essentials. The essentials kit is from Elmis, a popular British skincare brand.
  • Get customized fine dining and delicious treats anytime you want.
  • All seats have a 15-inch screen and ports to connect your devices.
  • The airline will also provide noise-cancelling headphones to avoid any disturbances.
  • The airline allows First-class passengers to take up to three bags on the flight.
  • Opt for services like pick up and drop baggage from/to your doorsteps.
  • British Airways offer dedicated customer service for First class passengers.

British Airways Club World

  • British Airways One Club world seats will make you feel the best services of any Business class of other airlines. 
  • Dedicated check-in and access to private lounges
  • Priority baggage allowance and assistance.
  • A spacious seat, which converts into a fully flat bed
  • Delicious food and drink using fresh, local ingredients
  • Luxury bedding, amenity kit, and in-flight entertainment
  • Inflight entertainment facilities and noise cancellation headphones to avoid disturbance.

World Traveller Plus

  • Priority boarding services and priority check in the 3rd boarding group(after first and Club World passengers). 
  • Wide seats and more legroom space for comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Some aircraft will have a small cabin to stay in privacy.
  • Complimentary bar and two delicious meal services 
  • Personal entertainment system and noise-cancelling headphones
  • Stylish amenity kit from high-class brands.
  • Double baggage allowance than in regular economy class on British Airways.

Note: One can expect the same inflight service on British flights, but the seats, cabin class structure, and arrangements may vary. While seats on one aircraft become resting beds, seats on the other might recline to give you ample comfort. Therefore, check all the facilities mentioned under your reservations.

Before you upgrade British Airways seats using Avios

To use Avios for a flight upgrade, you need Avios points and an available seat in the cabin you want to upgrade to. Finding available seats is easy – search for flights on the Avios website if you need a booking. Search for the cabin you want to upgrade to and ensure the seat is available on the same flight.

If you already have a booking with Avios, you can upgrade it using more Avios if there’s a seat available in the next cabin. You’ll need to pay the difference in Avios points and passenger taxes. If you make a new booking with cash, you’ll need to pay a cost in Avios points and passenger taxes, the difference in points needed from one cabin to the next.

How many Avios do I need for a British Airways seat upgrade?

For most long-haul flights, upgrading to business or first class requires between 18,000-30,000 points one way, depending on peak or off-peak travel and how far you’re going. To calculate the exact Avios cost, subtract the points required for your current cabin from those required for the cabin you want to upgrade.

How to upgrade a British Airways flight using Avios?

One can only use Avios to upgrade to the next cabin class on British Airways. It’s the biggest limitation of British Airways upgrade using Avios. And if you still want to use Avios for an Upgrade, follow the steps below:

  • Login into your British Airways account using your flight booking details from the confirmation mail.
  • You can access your flight details using the ‘manage My Booking’ tool.
  • Or, if you are a member of the Executive Club, log into your Executive Club account.
  • Navigate to the ‘Sign in’ tab and proceed with your account.
  • After logging in, click the ‘Upgrade my class travel with Avios’ option at the bottom of the webpage.
  • You can find this link under the Quick Links section.
  • If you have multiple bookings with British Airways, you will get the option to select the flight that you want to upgrade.
  • Passengers with single bookings will get the direct option to upgrade the flight cabin/travel class.
  • If you face any issues at the time of upgrade or are unable to get an upgrade even after 

What are the different ways to pay for an upgrade on British Airways?

There are a total of three ways you can pay to Upgrade your seats on British Airways;

  • Pay with cash at the time of payment after the virtual upgrade.
  • Pay with Avios (British Airways reward points)
  • Using British Airways Executive Club Gold upgrade vouchers. 

The above ways are realistic ways to get the possible upgrade on your fare class. It’s better to rely on something other than your luck or a wonderful outfit to Upgrade on British Airways. 

How to check the availability of British Airways seat upgrades?

British Airways understands passengers’ requirements may change with time. Therefore, the airlines allow you to check the availability of upgrades on your existing flight bookings. To upgrade your British Airways flight:

  • Log in to your account on
  • Go to the ‘Manage My Booking’ section, click ‘Executive Club’ and then the ‘Spend Avios’ tab.
  • Look for the option of “Reward Flights” and search for available seats in the cabin class above your current booking.
  • Upgrade your booking using cash or points to the next higher-fare class if seats are available.

Use Avios & upgrade to the higher cabin class of the Oneworld alliance.

As British Airways is a part of the Oneworld alliance, you will soon be able to use Avios to upgrade to the higher cabin class of partner airlines. It has already been declared for many partner airlines and will spread more soon. The decision to have a unified miles/points system is still in conversation. That means, sooner or later, your Avios will not only help you upgrade on British Airways but also on other partner alliances.

Till then, you can use Avios points to get an upgrade on British Airways flights. Or, contact the airline staff of British Airways, and you will get the best way to get an upgrade.