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If you are one of those enthusiastic travelers willing to try new every day, you will be glad to know Avelo. A new airline launched amidst the pandemic and has been ruling the hearts of passengers since its launch. Passengers are in awe about taking Avelo Airlines flights to their favorite destination in the US.

Furthermore, the interesting part is despite having launched in April 2021. They have been receiving so much attention. And the reason behind it is their low, well ultra-low fares for flying domestically in the US. 

Therefore, with utmost facilities and high reliability, Avelo is a rising star among all the big names in the aviation industry. Furthermore, the airline has been focusing mainly on the routes that other airlines currently don’t serve at all or serve very little.

Wish to know more about the airline? Well, read on and find out by yourself.

Avelo Airlines- An Overview

Looking for flying domestically within the USA? Avelo Airlines Flights are your best choice. And the main cause to that is that they have come up with utterly low fares for your domestic flights.

Starting with a thought to build better, this airline has been established by a few world-class, highly professional flying experts. Furthermore, the airline is truly meant to add soul to your air travel. 

Founded by Andrew Levy, Avelo Airlines has a leadership team where you can find 200 years of collective knowledge in aviation. And each of them serves their duties the best. Now, let’s move further to know the airline flight bookings and its services.    

What airports does Avelo fly out of?

Avelo airlines serve several American locations that other airlines do not serve that much. Furthermore, you will find point-to-point flights to such underserved cities from Hollywood Burbank. Operating all Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 189 seats each, they boast supreme quality in their single cabin arrangements.

Besides, Avelo majorly focuses on serving the East and West Coast. And on the West, you’ll find flights mainly between Californian locations. In addition, you may even get to fly to destinations like Arizona, Washington, and Oregon.

However, in the East Cost, Avelo Airlines’ base is at Tweed New Haven Airport in Connecticut. And the airline serves several southeast and northeast locations of the US from there.

What does Avelo charge for baggage?

Avelo has been launched as an ultra-low-cost carrier, and therefore, it does not offer any free luggage allowances to the passengers. And to keep the basic tickets cheaper, it advises the passengers only to bring personal items onboard and avoid additional luggage.

However, if a passenger needs an additional bag, he can purchase it as an add-on. Below is the detailed description of Avelo Airlines Baggage Policy. You can keep reading to know about them in detail.

Personal Items on Avelo

Though baggage on Avelo airlines flights is chargeable, you can still bring a personal item for free. However, the personal item should be enough to be kept under the seat in the front. Plus, the dimensions of this item can not be more than 14 X 9 X 9.5 inches. 

Taking Carry-on Bags

If you need additional bags on the flight, you need to purchase them as a flight’s add-on online from the Avelo airlines website. For instance, suppose you need a carry-on bag with a laptop or your infant’s necessities. In that case, you need to purchase the allowance. 

Besides, the backpack’s dimensions should not be more than 24 x 16 x 10 inches. And the bag should be of a size that can fit in the overhead bin of your seat on the plane. Moreover, your carry-on luggage will cost you 25 USD online and 35 USD at the airport or customer service phone.

Checked Luggage on Avelo Airlines Flights

If you wish to take extra luggage than one personal item, and a carry-on backpack, you need to purchase a checked luggage allowance. The maximum allowed weight for this bag is 22.5 kg and may not exceed this. Furthermore, the total linear dimension may not be more than 62 inches.

Furthermore, note that if your bags do not meet any such requirements, you cannot take your luggage on board. Besides, your first checked bag will cost 20 USD online and 30 USD if you purchase it at the airport or Customer service center.

And, your 2nd and t3rd bags will cost 30 USD and 100 USD respectively when purchasing online. In contrast, they will cost 40 USD and 100 USD if purchased over the call or at the airport.

Is there WIFI on Avelo airlines?

As we discussed earlier, since Avelo Airlines is a low-cost carrier, they mainly focus on providing flight services to customers of each category. Therefore, they do not offer any luxury that may further add to the cost of the flights.

Henceforth, right now, the Avelo Airlines passengers can not cherish the joy of entertainment onboard. And neither does the airline has Wi-Fi. However, despite being the news in the industry, the airline has promised to provide W-Fi on every flight as soon as possible. So you may be patient and keep supporting the airline.

Do you have to pay for a seat on Avelo Airlines Flights?

Avelo has been in the spotlight since Andrew Levy purchased Xtra Airlines and overturned it to today’s Avelo Airlines. However, the airline now mainly focuses on offering budget travel to the passengers. Therefore there are only a few extras available for purchase.

Hence, the airline offers only standard Economy seats with a seat pitch of 29 inches on their aircraft. Furthermore, most of them recline, which is quite unusual thinking that Avelo is a low-cost airline.

Still, moving further, you can get plenty of seats that offer 2 to 9 inches of legroom if you pay a bit extra. Hence, you have to pay at least an 18 USD fee extra on your initial fares to get additional legroom seats.

However, you can save money by not selecting a seat in advance. This way, the airline may itself assign a seat for you while check-in without any additional charges.

What is the Avelo cancellation policy?

Who can guarantee that there can’t be emergencies that may hinder your future travel plans? No one, right? Well, situations can be unfavorable for anyone, and therefore, you must be prepared for them all. 

Suppose you booked a flight with Avelo Airlines to fly somewhere in the USA, but now you can not just board it as per the schedule. In that case, what you should do is follow the Avelo Airlines cancellation policy. As a result, you may still enjoy future flying benefits.

Can I cancel my flight ticket and get a refund?

Firstly, you must be glad to know that if your travel gets hampered due to COVID-19, Avelo won’t charge you any fee for the change or cancelation of flights. However, you must inform the airline and cancel or reschedule your trip before the flight’s departure.

Henceforth, the airline’s cancellation policy allows you to cancel your booking within 24 hours of the initial purchase absolutely for free. Moreover, you may receive a full refund on the flight to your original payment method. However, on the condition that you made the booking at least a week before the flight’s scheduled departure!

Other Cancellations

Suppose you cancel the flights after 24 hours of the booking time and your flight is scheduled to depart within the week. In such a case, the airline will offer you Avelo Travel Funds. These funds will only benefit the original ticketed passengers.

Furthermore, the passengers could use these funds for their future Avelo Airlines Flights. Also, you can reschedule or cancel your flights up to at least 15 minutes before the flight’s departure.

For further information, you are free to dial the Avelo Airlines Customer service live person on the given contact numbers. And the airline agents will allow you to schedule your new flights with Avelo.

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Being the newest Airline, I was doubtful about booking my flights with Avelo at first. But despite all the confusion. I carried on with my vacation planning and booked Avelo Airlines flights. And I’m glad I did. The online booking went smoothly, and then came the day(Just exaggerating; the day of departure came). And the onboarding as well as the flight attendees all the process went by easily. I enjoyed my time on the flight. They currently do not have any additional amenities, but the ones they do are just amazing.