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Jetblue Airlines Flight Change Policy: Change Your JetBlue Flight

Plans change abruptly sometimes, and we do not have control over that. Such situations require quick decisions and lead us to make a choice between trip cancellation or Change in schedules. Passengers with flight reservations at JetBlue can rest assured as they have fantastic service for managing flight change requests. JetBlue change flight option allows the passengers to make changes to their flights without an issue. They can even choose a new flight without any extra charge except for the difference in fares.

For instance, any passengers willing to make a flight change must be totally familiar with the process as well as the policy. There are certain rules and regulations that one must adhere to before making a change flight request. Let’s read further to find out:

Jetblue Airlines Flight change Options and Rules

Less Than 60 minutes of schedule change

If a passenger wishes to use JetBlue change my flight service for a flight with less than 60 minutes, he has to pay a charge for the flight change. This charge will apply along with the difference in fares, and they will be ready for their new flight.

60-120 minutes schedule change

If a customer wishes to rebook a flight within the same city or a co-located town on the same day, before or after the initial booking date, the change fee will be waived off. But the passenger must use a particular waiver code for processing the exchange evenly.

120 minutes or higher schedule change

If a passenger is willing to change his Jetblue airlines Booking to a new schedule and no other flights are scheduled in that time period. He can change the flight up to seven days before or after the initial flight booking. Moreover, the airline will also waive the changes and fare difference by using a waiver code for processing the exchange evenly.

Though Jetblue airlines offer you simple change options for even higher schedule changes. You must vary in making changes for flights departing after two or more months. If you thoroughly follow the Jetblue refund policy, you can get a full refund for the flight and rebook later when required.

How to change JetBlue flight?

A passenger is allowed to change an existing JetBlue flight booking in several ways. They can choose any available options and follow the instructions from the airline to process the change evenly. These changes are functional online on the website and also from calling the JetBlue customer service change flight. On the basis of their preference, a passenger can choose to make the desired flight changes. Below is a clear description of how these changes work.

Online Method For JetBlue Change Flight

The best way to change a JetBlue flight is to make a change online from their official website. Jetblue has a change flight and cancellation service. So passengers can choose to change or cancel their existing flights according to their schedules. If you wish to change a flight, you need a flight confirmation number/code with your departure and destination information. The passenger can access the flight details with the help of his last name and first name as per the ticket and make changes to the flight online.

If there is a travel voucher or promo code in the booking, the passenger will not be able to make any flight changes. In such a case, they can tend to the Jetblue Cancellation policy and seek expert help for canceling a flight and then rebooking it. Also, online changes and cancellations are available both online on the website and the mobile app. So, passengers can choose any method and access the booking for making changes.

Passengers must also be aware of the Jetblue Ticket Refund Policy. Its rules when it comes to the cancelation of flights and enjoys full or partial refunds for their bookings. Jetblue Airlines will make sure that you are not disappointed with any of their services.

Offline Method For JetBlue Change Flight

The other important method if making changes to a flight reservation is calling the JetBlue phone number and speaking to an airline agent. This phone number is available for the passengers in the official website’s contact us section. You can fetch this number from the website and call it to speak to someone live for help. The expert executives will be at your service in no time and assist you throughout the process. You can even request additional options and offers available at that time if applicable. The fee is waived for only a few eligible customers and for the rest there is a certain charge depending upon the time left for the departure. If you are interested you can connect with the Jetblue airline representatives and ask for options of free cancellations. Right now Jetblue only offers free changes and cancellations for the passengers who are Elite members of the Trueblue Mosaic Elite service. They have many other hidden benefits as well, you can ask all about it from the agents.

How Much Is The Jetblue Change Flight Fee?

The airline has no flight change fee on all its travel categories, except the blue basic tickets. You can refer to this table to know how much you have to pay to change your flight:

Fare CategoryTravel within North America, Central America, or the CaribbeanOther RoutesFare Difference
Blue Basic fare$100$200Charged additionally
Blue ExtraNilNilapplicable
Blue PlusNilNilapplicable
Mint faresNilNilapplicable

Also, to change your flight on JetBlue reservation number 800-538-2583 by paying an additional non-refundable fee of $25. Use an alternative JetBlue assistance number +1-860-374-7617 to change your flight. 

How Much Is The Same- Day Flight Change Fee On JetBlue?

Passengers can make same-day confirmed flight switches on JetBlue by paying $75 without an additional fare difference. 

Fare CategorySame-Day Switches Charge (no fare difference applicable)
Blue Basic fare$75 
Blue ExtraNil
Mosaic MembersNil

If passengers wish to enroll on a standby list for flight change, they must pay a $75 additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay to change your flight on Jet Blue?

One doesn’t have to pay any charge or Cancellation fee at JetBlue, except for those flying on basic blue fares. These are the most restrictive class of travel where you have to pay a Jetblue change flight fee of $100 per head when traveling within North America. On other routes, it is $200 per head.

Can I change flight times on Jetblue?

One can schedule their flight without incurring any change flight fee on JetBlue. However, if you have a blue basic fare flight, you must pay $100- $200 per head to change your flight’s schedule. Also, the difference in fare is applicable, despite your travel class on JetBlue flights. 

How much does it cost to change a flight date on jetblue?

JetBlue doesn’t charge any change or cancellation fee for all its fare categories except blue basic, the most restrictive class of travel. You must pay $100 per head for North American flights and $200 for the Caribbeans and other routes for canceling/ changing a blue basic flight. Additional non-refundable charges of $25 apply for changes over a phone call.

How do I talk to a real person at JetBlue?

Passengers can dial 800-538-2583 to get in touch with a live JetBlue representative or agent. They will help you change flights, make a new reservation, cancel a booking, and purchase a vacation package. You can also ask them to use your TruBlue account points to buy any service.

How to change flight for Jetblue?

To change JetBlue flight online, kindly visit the manage your trip online option available on the homepage of the airline’s official website. If you don’t have a basic blue fare ticket, you must pay only the fare difference to change your flight. Modify booking anytime before scheduled departure to retain its full value.

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