Breeze Airlines Flights

Breeze Airlines Flights Booking- Plan an exciting Getaway.

Searching for better options to fly within the United States?  Book Breeze Airlines flights to your favorite destinations around the USA and enjoy exciting holidays. The airline was launched recently in May 2021 and is offering flights to Southeast, Northeast, and Midsouth locations in the country.

For instance, the airline flies to around 15 unique destinations. However, it plans to cover about 500 more destinations in the near future, including international routes. However, the major concern of the airline is to offer low-cost fares to each and every passenger.

Besides, the airline has been offering high-quality service to the customers. Hence, several passengers have been shifting to Breeze Airways flights. Moreover, you can enjoy it better when flying with these brand-new airways. Now let’s read more about the airline’s launch and history.

Find out more on Breeze Airlines Flights and History!

With emerging technologies and service enhancements, the aviation game is also expanding. Each day, the new airline launches where some of them just go down as soon as they appear. Meanwhile, the others begin to soar high.

One such airline is Breeze Airways launched in May 2021 by its founder David Neeleman. Similar to other emerging airlines, Breeze Airways also offers flights to underserved American routes within budget. 

Besides, all the crew members of Breeze Airways have been trained at the headquarters in Utah. However, after training, the crews got stationed at other locations like Charleston, New Orleans, Norfolk, Tampa, etc. Still, they are the newest in the industry and have only just launched flights. So let’s get to know their services a bit more.

What cities will Breeze airlines fly to?

Breeze Airways is the new definition of low-cost flights for underserved destinations in the USA. The airline services non-stop and point-to-point flights within the secondary US airports. Besides, you may also find flights within major cities that aren’t directly connected by non-stop flights.

For instance, there are around 15 destinations that Breeze Airways serve. Still, they are expecting to serve more in the future. The main destinations served by Breeze Airways along with the IATA and city are as follows:

  • Alabama Huntsville, HSC
  • Arkansas Bentonville/Fayetteville, XNA
  • Connecticut Hartford, BDL
  • Florida Tampa, TUL

Palm Beach, PBI

  • Islip New York, ISP
  • Kentucky Louisville, SDF
  • Louisana New Orleans, MSY
  • Ohio           Akron/Canton, CAK

Columbus, CMH

  • Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OKC

Tulsa, TUL

  • Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, PIT
  • Rhode Island Providence, PVD
  • South Carolina Charleston, CHS
  • Texas San Antonio, SAT
  • Virginia RichmondRIC

Baggage Policy of Breeze Airlines Flights

Breeze airways are obliged to make each travel step simple. Therefore, the airline makes sure that you do not feel any discomfort while flying. And the baggage plays an important role in our trips. 

No matter if one is excited about pictures or not, everyone wishes to take a thing or two onboard that is necessary for their journey. Hence, you must know about an airline’s baggage allowance and limits. Read more to find out the Breeze Airways Baggage Policy in detail.

Personal Items onboard

Every fare type and cabin class includes one personal item with each ticketed passenger’s name. Hence each passenger can bring one personal thing onboard. This can be anything, like a purse, laptop bag, small backpack, briefcase, etc.

Moreover, your personal item should be large enough to be fitted under the seat in your front. Also, the maximum allowed dimensions of this item can not exceed 17 X 13 X 8 in.

Does Breeze allow carry-on bags?

Yes, each guest can bring one carry-on bag onboard. However, the bags are for free on Nicer fares, and if you wish to get them with “Nice” fare, you must purchase them.

Furthermore, your baggage must be enough to fit inside the overhead bin of your seat. Also, the maximum allowed dimensions of this item cannot be more than 22 X 14 X 9 in. And the weight of this bag should not be over 35 pounds.

Taking Checked Luggage onboard

Suppose you wish to take more bags other than a personal item and your carry-on bag. In that case, the checked luggage allowance matters. Note that you get one free checked bag with your Breeze Airways tickets under “Nicer” fares. Whereas you must purchase this allowance for “Nice fares.”

Besides, the airline only allows three checked bags per guest when purchasing on their official mobile app or website. Moreover, if you forget to enter the baggage options while booking, you need to pay the excess baggage charges at the airport.

Furthermore, the linear dimensions of this bag can not exceed 62 inches, whereas the weight shouldn’t be more than 50 pounds. Further, note that any bag that exceeds the limitations will count as oversized or overweight luggage and will impose a charge.

For instance, Breeze Airways does not accept bags weighing over 99 pounds and those where dimensions exceed 80 linear inches.

What is the difference between nice and nicer seats on Breeze airlines?

Breeze Airways flights right now offer two cabin class fares to the passenger, namely Nice and Nicer. Both of them are actually like the generic Economy and Premium Economy fares of other airlines.

Though they only offer these two fares, they have announced that in the future, they will also offer the Nicest fares as their third cabin class. This class will be equal to the business cabins in other major airlines. Now, let’s know more about the Nice and Nicer fares on Breeze Airways.

“Nice” or Economy Fares on Breeze Airways

The Nice fares or Economy class cabins are generic fares on Breeze Airways that offer usual amenities at the most affordable cost. The passengers can avail themselves of all the basic facilities by the airline under this fare.

Furthermore, this is the best choice for passengers who wish for the cheapest flights with little add-ons to fly to their favorite destination directly. Also, the passengers can buy extras like baggage, drinks, and meals at a minimum cost.

And the seats of Nice Fare cabins are in a 2 * 2 configuration. Besides, they offer standard legroom in the seats. However, the ticket fare does not include extras, so you have to purchase them.

“Nicer” or Premium Economy Fares on Breeze Airways

If you wish to go one step further, you may enjoy better facilities with your Breeze Flights. You just need to visit the Breeze Airways website and purchase your tickets under this fare. 

After that, you can enjoy all the Premium economy benefits and the add-on facilities for free with this fare. Though the cabin remains almost the same, passengers enjoy better facilities under this section. Here are the main services that come as a complimentary add-on with Nicer Fares:

  • Extra Breeze Loyalty Points on every purchase
  • Extra Legroom Seats
  • Complimentary Snacks and Drinks
  • Carry-on luggage and checked luggage allowance
  • Priority check-in facility over Nice fare passengers

Wide Legroom seats are also a part of the facilities with a 2*2 seating configuration. Henceforth, you can look forward to enjoying an exciting flight with the airline.

Does Breeze airlines have first class?

Well, Breeze Airways do not offer first-class as of now. However, they have announced that in the coming year, they will launch a new fare option, “Nicest.” This new fare will be like a Business or first-class cabin.

They have claimed to offer first-class facilities in the flights on their A220 Airbus aircraft. And will only be available to passengers with “Nicest” flights.

Does Breeze airlines have WiFi?

No, Breeze Airways does not have any Wi-Fi facility on the planes right now. However, they have promised to offer free Wi-Fi on their flights to every passenger. Besides, the airline has claimed that the passengers may be able to connect to Wi-fi and surf the internet using mobile, laptop, tablet, and any other device.

Does Breeze Airways serve alcohol?

Being the low-cost Airline, Breeze Airways currently does not provide any food and drink options on their flights. However, they will surely offer in the near future. These options will, though, cost a certain amount which will be a must with most basic fares. However, this will depend on your purchased ticket.

Furthermore, if you need additional information, you can contact our airline experts and enjoy the flight bookings with exciting discounts and offers.