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Nowadays, the majority of people opt to travel by flights instead of other transportation methods. One reason behind this is the world-class amenities and services offered by elite airline companies. Another reason which makes air travel the first option is the chance of being on time as compared with other modes of transportation.

If you are planning to travel by flight to your next destination, then choose to book flight tickets from It ensures that people experience a hassle-free experience with the services offered. That is why it has created a comprehensive cancellation policy. One big reason due to which many people avoid air travel is the hefty flight cancellation charges. So, if you are a flexible traveler, then book flight tickets from to avoid the hefty flight cancellation charges. is a one-stop platform that connects you to the no. of trip providers. It allows you to check the flight fares on different trip providers and select the suitable one.

How to make flight cancellation?

To cancel the flight booking, make sure that you have the flight ticket details, such as the Passenger’s name and e-ticket. Follow the steps to cancel your flight booking:

  • Visit the official website of the trip provider and navigate to the “manage booking” section.
  • After that, enter the required details such as the Passenger’s name and e-ticket.
  • Now, click on the search button; it will show the details of your flight booking.
  • Click on the cancel button, and give confirmation to complete the cancellation.
  • You will get the confirmation email regarding your cancellation Flights.
  • Alternatively, you can cancel the booking from the email, which you got at the time of flight booking.

Keep in mind the flight tickets follow the refund rules as per the trip provider’s cancellation policy. cancellation policy

As mentioned above, is a platform which offers the facility to make flight reservations from various trip providers. So, if you want to make flight ticket cancellation, then make sure to check the cancellation policy of the trip provider. If you need assistance regarding the flight cancellation, then contact the designated travel experts of So, make sure to dial the dedicated helpline to resolve your query related to flight cancellation. refund policy

After making the flight cancellation, passengers can apply for a refund. However, the return on the ticket cancellation depends on the eligibility. You should visit the official website of the trip provider and check the eligibility. Also, you can check the refund eligibility of your ticket from manage booking section at the site of the trip provider. However, if you need expert assistance regarding reservation cancellation, then contact with the customer support team of

How to make a refund request?

AS mentioned above, the cancellation policy depends on the policy of the trip provider. Passengers can request for a refund after ticket cancellation from the “Refund-request” page on the trip provider’s website. The refund will credit into your account within seven working days. However, the refund time may vary according to the refund policy of the trip provider. Contact the customer support team of the trip provider to know more about it.

Additionally, you will be required to enter the flight ticket details like Passenger’s name, e-ticket, and more. Make sure that you have the correct details available unless you won’t be able to make the refund request.

What to do when the airline cancels the flight?

Sometimes, airline reschedules or cancels the flight due to some circumstances like bad weather, technical issue, or any other fault. In these circumstances, passengers are provided with the reschedule flight or full refund on flight tickets. If the reschedule flight timings are not compatible according to your schedule, then you can apply for a refund from the website of the trip provider. People who are stuck in this kind of situation should check the Cancellation Policy & Refund price from the site.

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