Make your Winters Remembered with these Ciders

The Best Ciders to Drink while you enjoy the Winters and Snow.

While the hot summers are gone, gone are the cold chilly drinks with them. Now, what gives the perfect amalgamation of Cozy Blankets and bonfires is the chilly winter weather. While enjoying the chills, who doesn’t want to get some warmth from liquors? Maybe the mellow red wines are your thing but nothing beats the aura of ciders. They give you the robustness while making you feel warm. Winter cider is one thing, when seasonal affective disorder is severely hit, craft cider houses will release seasonally suitable batches of cider. We have discovered these amazing seasonal ciders that can help you through the rest of winter.

Hard Ciders that’ll boost you up during winters

The flavory Mad Bark by Ciderboys

If you are looking for the winter season in the glass, you can choose to buy the Ciderboys Mad Bark in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The holidays are in excess, this cider provides a big taste of apple candies and cinnamon. Mad Bark is a bit like the iced carbonated form of cider…or the equivalent of the cider displayed crazily by your neighbor. Mad Bark is one of their winter products and actually broke the top ten to taste. It can be used until the end of February and is infused with cinnamon. Gives you a taste of apple pies.

Apple Hill Cider by Shacksbury

Only made from 150 wild apple trees found in the historic harvester farm in Rochester, Vermont. This Apple Cider has a bright apple flavor with natural aromas of cinnamon and cloves. After a sip of cider, it produces a sweet and sour apple flavor, accompanied by considerable acidity, and the subtle flavor of citrus. Its  acidity in the second half of the drink increases, and the sweet and sour grape flavor appears, which exceeds the taste of apple and becomes the main flavor. The sweet and sour grape flavor continues into the aftertaste, accompanied by a very subtle cinnamon aroma.  Originated in Vermont you can find the best suited tastes only there and to visit don’t forget to checkout Aeromexico Reservations to get the best travel deals for the USA.

The Hard Redbyrd Still Barrel for Winter Spikes

The owners of Redbird Orchard ciders pride themselves on having as little intervention as possible during the fermentation process, and their orchards have even obtained biodynamic certification. Kingston Black is one of the apples used to brew Still Barrel. It is aged in barrels and unfiltered, so it will absorb a lot of flavors from the barrel. It is definitely a good winter cider. This cider has aromas of beeswax, jasmine and lavender and is best served with duck, cured meat and roasted vegetables at room temperature.

If you have a room full of people, then let them describe their own tastes, everyone will describe slightly different flavors. So don’t just sit and head to one of the best locations in the USA just to taste their speciality in Ciders. Make you Spirit Airlines Reservations and enjoy the fun of warmth.