Pre-Travel ‘To-do’ list for all International Travelers

Traveling should be a profound experience and not a stress-filled journey. One can make a journey count by being fully prepared for it. Let’s make a pre-travel checklist for travelers who tend to forget essential things before venturing on an international trip.  

  • Walkthrough your Reservation Details and Documents once again

Travelers need to be safe and secure when it comes to reservation details and necessary documents like passport, address proof, visa, etc. For example, people traveling with American Airlines can check their American Airlines reservations online on the official website and confirm the flight itinerary. It is essential to carry all the required documents mentioned in the confirmation mail sent to you on your email id. Travelers should check the documents list, take all the originals and photocopies of the papers along. 

  • Advance Web Check-in and Seat Selection 

Travelers who enjoy extra legroom and comfortable private space while traveling on an airplane can go for advance seat booking online. You can complete your check-in online 24 hours before the flight departure and select a comfortable seat. Web check-in before time enables you to choose a seat of your choice and enjoy your cozy private time. So, do remember to check-in on time!

  • Make Currency your Priority!

The biggest mistake travelers make with their currency is exchanging their money before reaching the destinations. Due to the exchange rate, travelers tend to lose out on some money when they transfer the currency at the airport, or worse when they change it from the bank. To save yourself from this disaster, visit an ATM; you’ll most likely get the ATM’s best exchange rate. Also, do remember to inform your bank about your travel to apply a travel alert on your account; This saves you from temporary hold/freeze on your account.  

  • What About your Accommodation?

It is essential to select a safe and sound place to stay. You can choose a place depending on your style, the traveling you want to go for, and the comfort level you are looking for. Many hostels offer breakfast, bed, and comfort; however, if you are looking for something luxurious and isolated, Airbnb or CouchSurfing provides short-term lodging in residential properties. Book before traveling and recheck on the formalities, for now, discrepancies in the documents. 

  • Electronics

Before traveling, ensure that you have kept your phone’s charger/adaptor. It is essential to buy a plan for international calls; otherwise, you’ll depend on wifi to make calls back home. 

Be prepared for your trip beforehand, and enjoy traveling internationally without any worry. These were few essential things. Do consider researching different greetings, words that are important to talk to people there, actions that can be offensive to the people around and places, and famous spots to visit before leaving the country. Most of the information can be found on the site of the airlines you are traveling with. For instance, if you have Jetblue reservations, you can visit the official website and research the packages and deals they offer.