JetBlue’s Big Fall Sale: Book one way flight at just $39

Get ready for JetBlue’s incredible Big Fall Sale! Take advantage of the amazing three-day deal that will take you to your dream destinations. Book your one-way flight now at just $39 and enjoy a high-class experience on JetBlue. And, if you are looking for the procedure to book a flight on these deals, you are on the right page. We will guide you on how and when to benefit from this #3daydeal.

Will there be a JetBlue fall sale in 2023?

JetBlue Airlines offers good deals to sell flight tickets. The year 2023 is no different, as the airline has announced the launch of this deal. As the name suggests, passengers will experience a great fall in flight booking prices. Have a look at the table below to get all the relevant information regarding this flight deal:

Starting date21 August 2023 (Monday), Midnight
Ending Date 24 August 2023 (Thursday), Midnight
Extend dateTill November
Sale onJetBlue one way flight bookings
Starting price of one way flights39 USD
Fare class on saleJetBlue’s Blue and Blue Basic
Sale availabilityLimited
Travel dates on Sale6 September 2023 to 15 November 2023 (excluding Fridays and Sundays)

How to book a JetBlue one-way flight on sale?

As the sale is limited, checking whether the Big Fall sale Jet Blue is available on your preferred flight is important. To check that, visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines and navigate to the ‘Flights on sale’ section. From there, you can check the availability of flight bookings on sale. If the flight to your preferred destination is on sale, click on it. Have a look at the instructions below to book the flight:

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down and find the option ‘Explore low fares’ or a similar phrase.
  3. One can also use the ‘Best fare finder’ tab on the top of the jetblue website.
  4. Click on the explore low fare option to enter a page full of flights from your region to various destinations.
  5. Some fares start from $49, while others even touch the ground of $39. It completely depends on the availability of the flight and the destination you choose.
  6. Click/choose the flight that matches your requirements and follow the prompts.
  7. You can manage your flight bookings at the time of flight booking and after bookings. 
  8. Pay the total amount at the end to confirm your flight bookings.

Note: If you change your flight bookings, the fare differences may or may not be under sale. After the change, you must pay the fare differences that apply to your flight bookings.

How often does JetBlue have sales?

JetBlue Airlines offers sales on Blue and Blue Basic fares throughout the year. You can explore summer, fall, and winter destinations without spending much. However, the sale may vary depending on various factors. While the JetBlue 1 day sale does not offer enough discounts, the JetBlue Big Fall Sale will delight you with amazing discounts. 

If you plan to travel on the JetBlue sale today, stay updated in the upcoming month/year. You can follow the airlines on social media, sign up for JetBlue emails, and stay in touch with an airline representative. The airline will inform you about all the ongoing and upcoming sales so you can be the one to take complete advantage.

Am I eligible for a refund if the fare price decreases?

Passengers often regret when they see a price drop after 2-3 days of booking a flight. However, domestic customers qualify for flight credit if the price of their flight bookings decreases within 5 days of purchase. It’s one of the terms and conditions of JetBlue price drop policy. This rule applies to passengers flying within the country of departure. So, if you experience a decrease in the price of your reservations, call the airline staff and ask them for a refund. You must provide your flight booking number and other relevant details to the on-call airline executive. 

Note: The airline will not refund the fare difference automatically in your TrueBlue account. It’s up to the fare holders to initiate the request and reprise their flight bookings.

When is the next JetBlue sale?

JetBlue Winter Sale 2023

JetBlue gives passengers the delight of flying high by spending less. Winter comes with events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. It is a perfect event to travel as JetBlue sells flights at prices as low as $49. This sale will come after JetBlue Big fall sale in 2023. You can check the complete information on the official webpage of JetBlue Airlines.

How to take advantage of the JetBlue Big Fall sale?

When booking a JetBlue flight on sale, use JetBlue points from your TrueBlue account. It will help you save more money. And passengers with elite membership can access many more benefits on sale. For example, all passengers with JetBlue Plus cards can get 6 points per dollar for flight services. So, if you book a flight on JetBlue Sale for $49, you earn up to 300 points per flight. Use these points to book your future flight. So this is how you maximize the profit. Now, you can fly on sale on your current and future flights.


Hurry up! Don’t let this fantastic opportunity slip out of your hands. Check the official site of JetBlue Airlines and the flights on sale. If you get one suitable for you, click on it and follow the prompts. On the payment page, you will get various payment options. If you have some TrueBlue points in your account, use them or pay using jetBlue cards. Paying with jetBlue cards will benefit your next trip as you earn transaction points. Also, if the price goes down within 5 days of your flight booking, call the airline to reprise your flight bookings. The airline will transfer some credits into your TrueBlue account.