How to Book flight for Unborn Baby

Is your due date soon, but you can not wait to book your flight to your vacation place and celebrate your baby’s birth? Are you wondering how to book flight for an unborn baby? Well, every airline has a different rule and policy to book flights for infants. However, securing an extra seat for an unborn baby is still a question, as every airline needs a passport or any other identification to book children onboard. Passengers can book a flight for an unborn baby when traveling to distant places, but with certain conditions. 

Furthermore, they need to keep in mind that there are some restrictions on flight booking. Therefore, passengers should get in touch with their specific airline beforehand. Also, note that: We have mentioned an informal booking policy below, and you can directly check with your carrier for the latest information.

Booking flights Before your Baby is Born with a Carrier.

Many airlines offer the benefits of booking flights for your babies before birth, and the same goes for prominent ones like Ryan Air. The airline allows booking flight for unborn baby via two methods, and you are free to choose any of the methods. Therefore, based on the priority of your flight booking, you can choose to book flights for an unborn child either while you are planning to make a booking or add the infant after their birth. Let’s take a further look at the options.

  • Book flights while making your reservations

If you are booking flights for an unborn baby during the time of booking with Ryan Air, you can simply book flights using TBA as your baby’s first name. Also, provide the surname of your baby and put the latest available date as the birth date in the booking system. For more information, contact the airline as soon as you step into the booking phase and clear all your doubts.

  • Add your Babies to the booking after their birth

If you do not have enough time on the due date after booking a flight, you can add the baby to the reservation. The airline allows you to add your infants to your existing flight booking once they are born. Therefore you can call Ryan Air and book flights for the unborn baby.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to book tickets for Lap-children

Yes, you read that correctly! If your baby is still unborn and you are booking a flight for them, they sure will be in your lap when flying after birth. Therefore, you do not have to book any flight tickets. You can declare this information at the time of check-in that you have lap children with you and board the flight. Moreover, you won’t even be paying any cost to make flight bookings for them. Just make use of the airline’s policy for Lap Children and enjoy flights with your infants when they are born.

For instance, if you are booking international flight for unborn baby, you need to book far in advance since it’ll cost you less. Therefore, we advise you to look into an airline’s policies when booking flights for unborn children with any airline. Also, you don’t need to worry if you already have a name in your mind and know the gender of your baby. Moreover, you can update the necessary information once the baby is born. So, always try to book sooner to get the preferred seats and fares within your expected budget and enjoy flights.

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