How Much Will it Cost if You Change Your Flight on JetBlue?

The cost of changing or canceling a flight depends on the specific details of the airline’s policies, which vary from airline to airline. In some cases, you can change your itinerary for free. An easy way to change a flight without paying is to complete it within 24 hours of booking. Are you looking for options to change your JetBlue flight? Read below to find out how!

When using JetBlue book a flight; you will choose between various fare options- Blue, Blue Basic, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or JetBlue Mint. These fare types of JetBlue also apply to reservations on TrueBlue redemption, except for Blue Basic. Remember that to change or cancel a booking by connecting with JetBlue customer service. There is a non-refundable fee of $25 per person in addition to any fees applicable to the fare. You can save $25 per person through online self-service on the official JetBlue website.

What are the terms for changing Non-Refundable fares?

  • Suppose you have purchased Flight tickets with Jetblue Reservations before 31st May 2021 are free of change and cancellation fees. Moreover, All bookings made one week or more before you can change the flight departure date within 24 hours after booking without any penalty. Generally, Blue basic tickets are ineligible for change, so keep getting updated information through the newsletter.
  • However, for the tickets booked on or after 1st June 2021, if you have purchased a Blue Basic fare for traveling within the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean,  or Central America, it can be changed with a fee of US$100, while on all other routes, a fee of US$200 with fare difference applies.
  • For every other fare like Blue /Blue Extra / Blue Plus /  Mint, only the ticket price difference is charged. 
  • There is no change fee for Blue Extra tickets, and Mint tickets require a 200 USD change fee.
  • For all same-day changes of the fares, there will be a 75 USD charge which passengers have to clear.

Note that Elite members of the TrueBlue Mosaic plan can enjoy free changes and cancellations. Jetblue requires a flight change fee based on the ticket price, so please make sure that your personal ticket fee is as small as possible because the change fee is directly related to the ticket cost.

JetBlue COVID-19 change fee policy

JetBlue currently waives all reservation changes and cancellation fees until February 28, 2021, including Blue Basic tickets. The fare difference will apply. You will obtain flight points for flight cancellation through JetBlue’s travel bank, valid for one year from the issuance date and applicable to all passengers. For more information, you can dial JetBlue Telefono and speak to an airline agent to obtain the necessary information about their change fees and procedures. It should be noted that Jetblue Airlines, flight change and cancellation policies keep changing based on the fare class. So ensure you read through the policy before you plan to change your flights. 

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