Does Frontier have a Refund Policy?

Frontier Airlines is a prominent low-fare airline and the eighth largest carrier in the United States. The company handles more than 100 destinations across the United States and travels to another 30 international destinations. Frontier Airlines provides bundled deals and discounts and allows you to earn bonus miles. Although booking a Frontier flight is simple, there are sometimes unexpected situations, and you may have to cancel or delay your flight. If you want a Frontier Airlines refund for any reason, we know the best way.

What is Frontier Airlines Refund Policy?

Frontier airlines require all the passengers to fill out a refund request form in order to process their refunds. Passengers can cancel their booking on the official website. Those who need a refund can fill out the refund request form on the official Frontier Airlines Booking website and wait for the response.

You can cancel a flight for a full refund if the booking was made within 24 hours and the flight is not expected to depart within the coming seven days. Though passengers can ask for Frontier airlines refund online in the manage booking section, they still have to fill out a form for the processing.

Rules to Get a Refund from Frontier Airlines

  • All reimbursement requests are subject to review and require additional documentation. 
  • If applicable, the airline will deduct the fee from the refund amount.
  • Do your best to complete the Frontier airlines customer service refund form to expedite the request.
  • Certain restricted tickets may have no refund value.
  • All ticket refunds will only be credited to the original payment method.
  • Your submission of this form acknowledges that you understand these conditions.

How to Request a Frontier Airline Refund via a form?

You can find the refund frontier airlines form on the official website. You can navigate the website to enter their customer service page and fill out the form. This form has a total of 4 sections. A passenger needs to fill in all the details along with the documents and submit the form to get a refund.

  • In Section I, you will find notes to Passengers.
  • Section II requires customer info.
  • In Section III, fill the original ticket details.
  • Section IV needs the customer’s contact information.

According to the Frontier airlines refund policy, all the refunds are subject to the passenger’s fare type, route as well as time left for the flight’s departure. Moreover, the service charge and cancellation fees are also deducted from the refund amount if the passenger is liable to pay that. The refund policy also states that the passengers will get refunds to their original payment form as long as they are eligible for it.

Steps to Request a Frontier Airlines Refund

Once you have canceled the Frontier Airlines tickets and are in for a refund, you must fill a refund form. At the beginning of this form, you will find the required information section that indicates what you should do with the form.

  • Now enter the name, address, and other details of the person who purchased the ticket in the appropriate fields and provide the name of the passenger if someone else has bought tickets for them.
  • Secondly, you need to provide the ticket details for which you want a refund. This includes departure, arrival city, flight number, dates confirmation code, and other payment details.
  • Next, you need to provide a reason for the refund request. Moreover, explain the request in the box below that says “Explanation for request.” 
  • If there are any related documents, you need to provide a file attachment below this section.
  • In the last section, you should provide the email on which you want a response from Frontier airlines.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of canceling the flights and the refund process, you can simply change your flight to later. Use the Frontier airlines change flight service and schedule the flight date for when you are comfortable flying. If there are still questions in your mind, dial the airline’s official contact number for assistance.

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