How Do I Book Multi-City Flights on Delta Airlines?

The famous aviation company Delta now offers a variety of flight bookings. Whether you want to travel one way, round trip, or on a connecting flight, you can select from the options in the flight search bar. Also, there is an addition of Delta airlines multi city flights in the services provided by the airlines. Now, you can explore the wonders of different destinations in one flight booking. Enter the Delta Airlines website and search for multi-city flights using the same feature. And, to know more details about Multi stop/city flights, follow this blog post till the end.

How Can I book a multi city flight on Delta?

You can easily book Multi city flights to any destination with available Delta flights. There are many ways to get your flight reservations for multiple destinations. One method is using the online method by visiting the official site of Delta. You don’t have to pay any service charge for the flight booking fee. 

Another method is the offline method. You can ask the airline agent to make multi-trip reservations for you. Reach out to Delta agents either on call or at the airport. Here, you must pay a service charge in exchange for the time and effort of the airline executive.

Book Flights Through Phone

  • You need to connect with the phone on Delta Official website.
  • Then choose the desired language to speak to the airline representative 
  • Now, you’ll get to various options to make a flight booking 
  • Here, you need to select a new reservation by pressing the relevant button
  • Moreover, you’ll get in touch with the Delta live person, but you may need to wait. 
  • As the call gets connected, you need to tell them about all the things about the trip.
  • Although, they’ll inform you about the available flights to fly your destination
  • Here, make the flight selection & provide the passenger’s contact details.

Offline Method 

The online method is the most convenient and time-saving; one can do it from the comfort of home. Therefore, many of you might want to know how to book Delta multi city tickets online. Have a look at the step-by-step guide below:

  • Please visit the airline’s official page at, as it’s the best source for booking flights with Delta.
  • Take your cursor and click on the ‘Book a flight’ menu at the top of the page.
  • You can now access the search flight option. 
  • In the search flight option, fill in all the required details to book a multi trip flight.
  • Click on the red arrow to get the available flights.
  • You will then see a list of flights available for departure and arrival to/from your preferred destinations. 
  • Choose the flights that suit you and continue with other required details like fare class, baggage facilities, etc.
  • Then, provide your contact details and all the required documentation of passengers.
  • You will then get to the last step of your flight reservations, where you must pay.
  • Select one option to pay among the available options on the page.

You will then get the confirmation regarding the flight bookings. Also, if you want to book Delta multi city flights round trip, do so by selecting the round trip option at the time of the search for flights.

Advantages to Booking Delta Airlines multi-city Reservations:

Reserving the seats on a multi-city flight makes your trip comfortable, along with other benefits. 

So, here are some points that refer to its benefits:

  • First, avoid wasting time and money while booking separate flights. 
  • However, you can book a common flight & enjoy the most convenient flying experience. 
  • Now, look for the best offers & spend the minimum amount on the fare. 
  • Enjoy trouble-free journeys to multiple destinations along with the other services. 
  • The other thing is you can also focus on the other rather than searching for different flights. 

Can I book a Delta multi-stop flight using miles?

To book flights (multi City) on Delta Airlines, check the ‘Pay with miles’ option on your selected flight. Click on that option to get to your miles account login page. Once you provide your login credentials, you will be able to use Delta Skymiles to book a flight. The process is simple; you don’t have to look for each flight in the availability list. Rather, look for eligibility on the summary page. 

If your flight is not eligible for miles, you will get no option to use miles. Whether you are looking for international or multiple domestic destinations, miles eligibility varies.

This rule applies to all types of flight bookings on Delta. 

Delta Multi City Vacations Deals

When planning vacations to multiple destinations, consider booking Delta multi-city vacations. This feature helps to get multi city flights in your vacation package. To reserve seats, you must initially pay a deposit amount and give the rest on the day of flight booking confirmation.

You can explore various destinations and the amazing features of the vacation package. Delta Vacations will include flight bookings, car & other transportation rentals, and stay-in.

How can I Get a Discount on Delta Multi City flights?

Whether you book a one-way or Delta multi city ticket, you can get discounts on all. The airline offers timely discounts on flight bookings (sometimes on extras). Also, there are many ways to get cheap flight bookings. Have a look at the tricks below:

  • Book well in Advance:  The earlier you book, the more your chance to get a good flight price. It’s because the value of flight bookings increases as the departure time gets closer. Also, booking in Advance will help you make any changes or cancellations free of cost or at fewer change charges.
  • Be flexible with travel dates : It’s only sometimes possible to get the exact flight date you want at a discount. Therefore, passengers who are flexible with flight dates are more likely to get flights at a good price.
  • Use Delta Skymiles: If you have canceled your flight or any service on Delta previously, there must be some miles in your Delta account. You can use those miles to reduce the payment to some extent. You can then pay the rest and proceed with your Delta reservations.

Other methods include looking for flights that depart midweek and traveling during the off-season.

Frequently asked questions

Does Delta offer multi-city flights?

Delta multi city facilities are available on both domestic and international flights. You can use the Delta website to book a flight with up to 6 legs/segment in a single reservation.

Why is Delta Multi City not working?

When searching for Delta multi city flights, ensure you haven’t skipped any details. Also, pay more attention while selecting the calendar dates to avoid any errors.

How do I book a multi city on Delta Vacations?

Call the Delta Vacations team and ask them to book your vacation with multiple flights. You can book flights to up to 5 destinations in a single reservation and make changes or cancellations easily. 

Can you use a Delta companion ticket for multi city flights?

The Delta Companion Certificate provides a free roundtrip ticket for a companion when purchasing adult round trip fares within the United States. One-way and multi-city bookings are not allowed.