Alaska Airlines Upgrade To First Class Cost & Process

Do you have some extra cash/ miles and are willing to get a better air journey experience? Spend them on Alaska Airlines first class upgrade and enjoy unparalleled in-flight travel. Moreover, priority boarding and free seat selection are some other perks.

In some cases, passengers will get Alaska airlines upgrade to first class for free under its complimentary upgrades scheme. The air carrier rewards frequent flyers with gold-elite membership and discounted/ free upgrades.

Let’s explore when and how it is possible to upgrade your Alaska flight.

Different Types of Alaska Flight Upgrades

Passengers can access Alaska air upgrade to first class, premium class, and many other travel categories. However, most are limited to elite-status flyers (the highest membership status under the frequent flyer program).

However, some are available to non-elite travelers for a fee as well. Here is what you must know about these paid/ free ways of getting a better travel class.

  • The chairs at the front of the main cabin are premium class seats on Alaska Airlines. 
  • Also, the premium seats have an additional 4” more legroom and early boarding.
  • Complimentary alcoholic beverages are also available.
  • Elite members are the highest status of frequent flyer program membership.
  • Many upgrades in elite membership are free/ discounted.

Sometimes, Alaska Airlines first class upgrade not available when the departure date is near. Hence, confirm your upgrade as soon as you book the ticket.

How To Upgrade To First Class On Alaska Airlines With Miles?

One can easily secure Alaska Airlines first class upgrade miles benefit via the official website. While purchasing the ticket, follow these methods:

  • Alaska flights and Skywest flights operated by the same aviation company are eligible.
  • Also, visit the official website to secure your better seat.
  • Next, go to the booking section.
  • Further, enter the departure/ destination information.
  • When flight results are available, go to the Filter Results option.
  • After that, go to the upgrade fare type menu and click Mileage.
  • Next, flights shown with F in blue have the opportunity to upgrade.

Finally, pay the respective miles and secure your Alaska airlines 1st class upgrade.

Can I Upgrade To First Class On Alaska Airlines With Reservations?

Dial Alaska air customer service number 1-800-252-7522 to upgrade your booking to first class using miles. Follow this process to get a better chair:

  • Firstly, dial the above-mentioned Alaska airlines reservations phone number.
  • The IVR will provide you with instructions for your related service.
  • Press the number that guides you towards upgrading your existing booking via miles/ cash.
  • You can use the same number to secure Alaska airlines companion fare first class upgrade.
  • Once your call is connected with a live person in Alaska, provide them with your booking details and Mileage number.
  • They will deduct the required miles to get a better seat and confirm your new reservation.

Alternatively, you can dial +1-860-318-2831 to skip the waiting time and secure upgrades on connecting flights.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade To Premium Class On Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines upgrade to first class cost is 15000 miles if you opt to use your mileage plan points. Otherwise, you can also reserve an upgrade when booking the ticket. The cash amount would be equivalent to the miles applicable.

You can buy upgrades upto 24 hours before departure, subject to availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines?

One can get Alaska Airlines first-class upgrade via miles or money. Otherwise, a combination of both is applicable. You may have to pay 15,000 Alaska miles to upgrade to a one-way flight. For round trips, this may go double. On a complimentary upgrade, you may get it for free.

How do I upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines?

You can secure a first-class upgrade into your name by spending 15,000 mileage points. Sometimes, you may receive a lesser quote, depending upon route, destination, and type of flight. If you have a premium membership, we might reduce this cost further.

How do I get a free upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines?

Complimentary First Class Upgrades

The mileage plan program at Alaska Airlines offers free complimentary upgrades if you have Elite status. To secure a complimentary upgrade, the member must be a part of that reservation, and the credits for that flight will get into their mileage plan.

What is the difference between premium class and first class on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines’ first class has more privacy, luxurious amenities, more comfort, and better reclining than premium class seats. Hence, you must opt for first-class upgrades if you have an elite/ any other miles membership status and opt for complimentary upgrades for free.

When can I upgrade on Alaska?

Apart from their saver (x) tickets, upgrades are available on all other travel classes. You can now look for promotions right after booking your ticket until 120 hours before departure. Sometimes, your upgrade might get confirmed even before MVP gold members.