Southwest Airlines Change Flight

Are you looking for a flight change on Southwest? Do you have an issue that doesn’t allow you to fly right now? Well, Most Passengers think that Changing flights is a complicated process when there is such a situation. But not everyone knows that changing a Southwest Flight can be as smooth as online booking. The Best part is that Southwest change flight service offers you a no-penalty policy for changing flights. This means if you make changes to your schedule at least 10 minutes prior to the departure, you won’t be charged any flight change fee. Moreover, the flight will most probably be within your initial fare range.

Different Methods to change a Southwest Airlines Flight

If you have a booking with Southwest Airlines and need to change your flight, you can use their southwest airlines change flight service. First, this process is very easy, and secondly, you can enjoy a change fee policy if you follow the stated guidelines. Further, there are several methods to change a flight with the airline, and you can choose any of them without any second thoughts.

Change flight at least 10 minutes prior to the flight taking off

With the southwest flight change policy, the passengers can enjoy no-fee changes. This means that most of the time, passengers need not pay any penalty for making flight changes. This applies to your flight tickets only if you make the changes at least 10 minutes prior to the departure of your original flight. 

Note 1: If you purchased Southwest Airlines Tickets by phone, the changes are only possible by phone, and you can not use the online flight change method

Note 2: You can make the penalty-free flight change as many times as you wish as long as the flight departure is still after 10 minutes from your change.

If the passengers are not sure about when they will fly again, they can cancel their flights and request for a refund. Southwest airlines refund policy allows the passengers to get a refund for their canceled flights followed by some set of guidelines.

Login through the Southwest Airlines official website

    • After deciding to change the flight, the next step is to open your preferred web browser and navigate the web. Then, You can find the Southwest Airlines website homepage. 
    • To initiate the process, log in by clicking on the login tab on the right of this page and then log in using your correct credentials.
    • Enter your Southwest account username and password, and then click on the Login button.
    • If you do not remember your login credentials clearly, click on the Need help logging in button at the bottom right of the page.
    • Follow the on-screen directions or skip and straight move to the change my flight southwest option.

Open the Change/Cancel tab available at the top-right corner of the page

Passengers can change their flight or choose to cancel it after reviewing the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy thoroughly.

  • Once you logged into the account, you’ll see the main screen popup with several options available for your ticket.
  • You will also see a Change/Cancel tab on the right of the page. Click on it and move further.

Provide your flight details as per the ticket

After choosing to change or cancel your Southwest Airlines Tickets, the next step is to enter the right details.

  • After you enter that tab, you’ll see various labels asking you to enter three basic details of the booking. Enter the correct confirmation number with the ticketed passenger’s first and last name in the respective fields.
  • Note that the first name and last name should be of the person who booked this flight.
  • If you do not know the flight confirmation number, you can see them in your Southwest Airlines account or review your booking confirmation email from the airline.

Review and select the flights you wish to change.

Once the passengers have input the correct information, they can see the page which shows your complete booking details. Here you can choose to use southwest changed my flight service for the tickets you wish to change and reschedule for another day & date.

  • Further on the next page, you can choose the new schedule from the available list. 
  • Select the new flights after proper navigation and properly review all your flight options. 
  • Choose the flight that suits you and pay for the difference, or you can choose a lower flight to get the overage to your account.

If you wish to change a Wanna Get Away Southwest fare, you will receive travel fund credits instead of a refund. Call the southwest change flight number and confirm your options before changing the flight.