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Qatar Airways Reservations

Qatar is counted as the biggest airline in the Middle-east with the largest route network in the region. It is a flag carrier of Qatar, headquartered in Doha. It mainly serves from Hamad International Airport, Doha, to approximately 170 destinations in 80 countries. Just choose your favourite destination and go for Qatar Airways reservations to fly without emptying your bank balance. With its initiation in 1993, Qatar Airways took its first flight to Amman from Doha, and since then, the airline has been flying to every inhabited continent on Earth. Qatar also has codeshare agreements with Asiana Airlines, Bangkok Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Jordanian, etc. Qatar Airways consists of 200 aircraft within the fleet manufactured by Boeing and Airbus. 

Qatar Airways is considered as one of the fastest-growing airlines globally. It is designed well enough for customers to feel comfortable managing their own Qatar Airways Reservations online and offline. Qatar Airways booking has been made simpler for its customers around the world. People from different countries can book, cancel, and manage their flight itinerary easily.

How to book Qatar Airways tickets online?

Please rest assured to book with Qatar Airways because it ensures a safe and smooth travel experience. Purchasing a ticket is no longer a hassle because you don’t need to queue at the airport to confirm your reservation; just one click from your personal computer or laptop, and you are done! Visit the dedicated official website for Qatar Airways Reservations and follow the next steps to book a ticket without any other effort.

  • Open the official website of Qatar Airways, and on the homepage, you will see a search engine.
  • Fill in all required fields in this expandable search engine to complete your booking with Qatar Airways in the United States.
  • In the beginning, you need to choose the type of trip.
  • Enter the source you are departing from and the final destination.
  • Select the date you want to board the flight. If you are going back and forth, also add the return date.
  • Insert the number of passengers included in the same itinerary.
  • On this page, you can also check travel and entry requirements.
  • If there is any promotional code, please apply it.
  • When finished, click on the “Show all Flights” tab to retrieve the list of available flights. Choose a flight that will not cause any additional burden on your wallet.

In addition to this method, you can also use the airline’s mobile application or the airline’s phone number to complete the reservation. Qatar Airways’ reservation number is 24/7, which can assist passengers in need.

Qatar Airways Phone Number Detail

Qatar Airways Reservations Phone  Number+1-888-541-9118
Qatar Airways United States Number+1-888-541-9118
Qatar Airways Contact Infor+1877-777-2827
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airlines Head OfficeDoha, Qatar Airways Tower
HubsHamad-International Airport
Fleet Size237

How to manage Qatar Airways bookings?

Do you want to change your current reservation? Not to fear as no other airlines provide passengers with the option of managing bookings like Qatar Airways does so that they can easily modify existing bookings. Under the Qatar Airways Manage Booking section, passengers can-

  • Choose seat or change seat assignment
  • Cancel or change flight
  • Change contact information and other personal details
  • Add extra luggage
  • Add special services
  • Check the journey and more.

Follow the steps below to pull your itinerary and make changes.

  • Browse the official website for Qatar Airways Reservations and click on the Manage Booking tab.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and then the booking reference number.
  • After that, click the “find my Booking” button and check out your booking.
  • Now, apply the required changes and save.

Qatar Airways vacation Packages

Are you willing to go on a vacation overseas? Don’t just pack up and go on holiday with old procedures; instead, book a complete vacation package. You don’t have to think about your budget, because Qatar Airways will provide you with a complete Holiday package in your account, and you can roam the world freely.

Qatar Airways Vacations can benefit you in obtaining the real pleasure of travel. Bundle your car, hotel, and flight collectively, and thee can use the money saved to bring more unexpected fun. Qatar Airways Vacation packages offer a range of travel package options designed to make this year’s most sought-after events as convenient as possible. Don’t you know where you want to go next? Why not check Qatar Airways’ destinations to decide your next adventure? Explore the fantastic city and check its recommended flights and hotel packages. Qatar Airways provides you a Destination selection from all over the world.

How can I book a Qatar Airways Vacation Package?

To book a complete vacation package with Qatar airways, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Flights & hotel
  2. Hotel
  3. Holiday types
  4. Destinations
  5. Offers and deals
  6. Travel guide
  • From the holiday type tab, you can select which type of holiday you want: luxury, family holiday, combo, etc.
  • After selecting the holiday type, you can choose a destination from the given number of destinations provided by Qatar Airways Vacations.
  • Choose your car and hotel.
  • Look for offers and apply promo codes if applicable.
  • Now go further and book your desired flight.
  • Pay for your package and itineraries.
  • Pack-up and fly away to your dream destination.

You can either select an already bundled package or make a bundle yourself according to your needs. Use their accommodation and spa offers to save, earn, and relax.

Discover incredible savings through their accommodation and spa packages, including hotel accommodation, breakfast, room upgrades, and free spa treatments.

After joining the exclusive club and purchasing the “Accommodation and Spa” discount, in addition to saving 5%, you can also earn up to 3000 miles of Qmiles (standard Qmiles for hotel reservations). You can book a single city package or combo holidays with Qatar Airways Vacations. The minimum holiday package deals cost starts from QAR 2000 per person.

Choose your preferred seat online with Qatar Airways.

Now, when purchasing economy class tickets online through Qatar Airways Reservations, you can experience more convenience by choosing your preferred seat.

Whether you want more legroom, more comfortable working space, prefer window seats or aisle seats, or want to sit down with family and friends, you can now choose your preferred seat with the click of a button. Terms and conditions apply while picking a seat. Preferred seats provide free economic value and Flexi ticket prices, and can be booked 72 hours before flight departure.

  • When you book online with Qatar Airways Reservations, you will be asked to choose a preference, window, or aisle. After the reservation is completed, our system will automatically find the seat closest to the plane’s front for you (preferred choice).
  • If you want to change your seat and get a particular seat, you can online or contact the airline.
  • To select a seat online, click the “My Trip” tab at the top of the page. Enter your flight booking reference number and your last name to view your flight itinerary details.
  • On the travel details page, you should scroll down and click the link “Select Seat.” Remember, airlines charge more for seat selection.

Baggage in Qatar Airlines Reservations

Baggage Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airways offers several options for customers to Qatar airways customer service travel with their luggage; however, the weight and the maximum size of the carry-on baggage and checked luggage differ depending on the destinations they are traveling to.

Carry-on Baggage

The basic economy class can carry one free carry-on baggage with a minimum of 7 kg weight. However, flights traveling to Brazil can carry a maximum of 10kg weight. The first-class and business class passengers are entitled to carry two baggage of 10kg in total. The luggage dimension should not be more than 50 cm x 37 cm x 25 cm (20″ x 15″ x 10″).

Checked Baggage

Check baggage dimensions and weight differs from carry-on baggage, which is strictly followed on Qatar Airways. Passengers who wish to bring along additional luggage can purchase extra baggage allowance via Qatar Airlines manage my booking. 

Please Note: Customers can purchase additional baggage allowance after confirming their Qatar Airways reservations online.

Route Economy ClassBusiness ClassFirst Class
Flying to/from BrazilTotal: 2 bags

Max weight: 23kg 

Max dimension: 158 cm (62”)

Total: 2 bags

Max weight: 32kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (62”)

Total: 2 bags

Max weight: 32kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (62”)

Flying to/from Canada, Argentina, and the U.STotal: 2 bags

Max weight: 23kg 

Max dimension: 158 cm (62”)

Total: 2 bags

Max weight: 32kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (62”)

Total: 2 bags

Max weight: 32kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (62”)

Flying from AfricaMax weight: 45kg

Max dimension: 300 cm (118”)

Max weight: 65kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (118”)

Max weight: 65kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (118”)

Flying to/from other destinationsMax weight: 30kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (118”)

Max weight: 40kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (118”)

Max weight: 50kg

Max dimension: 158 cm (118”)

Qatar Airways Check-in Info

Qatar Airways enables its customers to check-in online and offline easily. 

Check-in Online

Passengers who are interested in web check-in can visit the official website and follow the on-screen instructions. Once on the site, customers need to click on online check-in, enter ticket details and last name, and select a preferred seat. Web check-in starts 24 hours before the flight’s departure and ends 60 minutes before boarding. Confirm your Qatar Airways reservations and check-in online to save your time and energy at the airport. 

Check-in at the Airport

For some reason, passengers who are unable to check-in online can check-in at the airport by reaching 160 minutes before the flight’s departure. International flyers need to reach the airport 180 minutes prior to the departure. Customers who need special assistance for check-in can ask for help at the Qatar Airways help desk. 

  • Seat Selection

Qatar Airways allows customers to select a seat that suits their taste. 

Experience Economy Class Like Never Before

Qatar Airlines brings out the next generation of Economy class where customers can enjoy the ultimate comfort. Built to suit everyone’s convenience, Qatar Airways have introduced 19-degree recline seats with 6 degrees pre-recline position for a comfortable flying experience. The economy class comes with maximum comfort wherein customers get sliding bi-fold meal table and dual trays for maximum table space, 4K widescreen with Orxy in-flight entertainment system, seats instilled with high-power charging outlets, magazine pockets, and adjustable lightweight head wrap for a convenient trip around the globe with Qatar Airways. With comfortable seating, the economy class also offers free amenity kits to relax and feel fully refreshed for the customer’s arrival. 

World’s Best Business Class

Qatar Airways offers its customers the most memorable flying experience through its world-class services and comfort. 

Business-class luxurious seats are designed to provide elegance and spaciousness. Passengers traveling in business class can relish their own private time with 4000+ in-flight entertainment options, generous storage space within reach, a personal charging point, a refreshing kit including lip balm, hydrating cream for passengers to reach fresh and energetic to their destination, advance LED lighting, hand-picked cuisine designed by the best chefs of the world served exclusive vintages. Each seat has its own dining space for customers to savor mouth-watering dishes luxuriously. 

First Class Tailored for Customers

The first class consists of spacious sleeper suits with luxurious facilities and a full-comfortable lie-in bed with Frette linen and a Duvet. The first-class comes with 4000+ in-flight entertainment options, onboard WiFi, a laptop power outlet, and USB. Customers can choose from a variety of dishes available onboard. 

Qatar Airways believes in delivering the best to its customers regardless of which destination they are flying to or from. The aim of Qatar Airways has always been to serve its customers with world-class services. 

Qatar Airways Manage Booking

Customers looking for a relaxing and refreshing flight can choose to book a flight and select seats and facilities through Qatar Airways flight booking. Qatar Airways reservations allow passengers to choose their seats, menu onboard, in-flight entertainment, additional baggage allowance, WiFi facility, etc. Passengers who want to manage their flight’s itinerary online can follow the instructions given below:-

  • Visit the official website of Qatar Airways. 
  • Scroll down to ‘Manage My Booking.’
  • Enter your last name and booking reference number. 
  • Once passengers are in the section, they can choose various options to make their flying experience with Qatar Airways comfortable and memorable.  

 Qatar Airways Whole World Phone Number 

Qatar Airways All Information
Qatar Airways Sao Paulo Office Contact Info(4700)-8673
Qatar Airways Sao Paulo Office Contact Information+1-800-777 -2827, (+55 11 2575 3000)
Qatar Airways (SAC)0(800) 777 2827
Qatar Airways Montreal Canada Contact Number1-(888-366)-5666
Qatar Airways USA Customer Service
Qatar Airways US Contact Information1877777(2827)or +1954745{0380}
Qatar Airways Canada Français
Qatar Airlines Canada Français Contact Number1 888-366-5666
Qatar Airways Global Contact Information
Qatar Airways Office Contact Detail+1-888-541-9118
Qatar Airways Booking Phone Number974-4023 (0000)
Qatar Airlines Mall of Qatar Office Number974-4418-8408
Qatar Airways’s Manage Booking974-4431(5596)
Qatar Airways Government Ticket Office Contact Info974-4423-5088
Qatar Airways Gharafa Office Contact Info+974-4486-9983
Qatar Airways Industrial-Area Office Contact Detail974 (4460)5115
Qatar Airways Ras-Laffan Office Contact Information974 (4014 8869)
Qatar Airways Premium Lounge Phone Number Detail+1-974-4462-0874
Qatar Airways Premium Sales Office Contact Phone974-(4432)-(6600)
Qatar Airways Rayyan Office Contact Info974(4480)5885
Qatar Airways Airport Office Contact Detail974(4010)5106
Qatar Airways  Pearl Office Phone Number974-4418-(6932)
Qatar Airlines Al Wakra Office Contact Detail974 4463 0972 (0973)
Qatar Airways Salwa Office Contact Info974-4436 {5466}
Qatar Airways Iran-Farsi(language) Phone Number Details
Qatar Airways Tehran Sale sand Reservation Number9821-75-925
Imam Khomeini Airport+9821 (510) 07630, +9821( 556) 78306
Mashhad Airport(+98513) (340) (0027)
Shiraz Qatar Airways Reservation Office(+98713) (227) (1860-67)
Tehran Qatar Airways Office+9821( 75 925)
Qatar Airways Office Phone Info Number in Mashhad+98513 (766 )4101-6
Shiraz Airport Qatar Airways+98713 (722 4575)
Qatar Airways at Isfahan98 313 (527 5067 )
Contact Detail Isfahan Office+98 313 {235-3536}
Qatar Airways Phone Details In Iraq
Qatar Airways Contact Info at Sulaymaniyah City Office964 (770) 496 0001
Qatar Airways Contact Info at Erbil Airport Office(964) 770 670 0511
Qatar Airways Contact Info at Najaf Airport Office964 783 (500) 6221
Qatar Airways Contact Info atCity Office964 783 (100 0150)
Qatar Airways Contact Info at City Office+1-(964 783 100 0170)
Qatar Airways Contact Info at Erbil City Office964 772 (9029696)
Qatar Airways Phone Number Sulaymaniyah Airport Office(964 770) 670 1469
Qatar Airways Phone At Najaf City Office964 (78310)00160
Qatar Airways Reservations Basra Airport Office  Phone Number964-783-500-(6231)
Qatar Airways Contact Details In Jordan
Capital office Phone Number{962}65679{444}
Qatar Airways Contact Info in Kuwait
Cargo Office Contact Info+1-965-2437-2372
Airport Office Phone Number(96524343888)
Management Office Contact Detail965 (2205) 4510
General Reservations Phone Number965 (2290 1777)
Ticketing Office in Kuwait City(96522054510)
Qatar Airways in Lebanan Contact Number
Qatar Airways Lebanon Minah El Hosn –961 1 {763100}
Qatar Airways Oman
Qatar Reservation number968{24162700}
Sohar Office Qatar Airways Phone Number968(22525500)
Muscat Office Qatar Airways Phone Number968-2252-5500
Salalah Office Qatar Airways Phone Number968-2252-5500
Salalah Airport Office Qatar Airways Phone Number968-2416-2700

Qatar Airways Customer Service

With the help of customer care service, passengers can enquire regarding Qatar airways booking status and reservation. The personal team of Qatar Airways will assist passengers in the best way possible. Customer care service executives can also help passengers change details on the tickets like name and date, etc. Passengers having issue with Qatar Airways reservations can directly contact customer care executives. The procedures which can not be done through online service can be executed through offline services. 

Once the customer has filed the complaint or inquiry, they will get a Qatar Airways customer service number, which will be required for future reference. Hence, passengers are requested to keep the customer care number with them during the boarding and deboarding process. 

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

Because of certain undeniable circumstances, sometimes we may need to cancel or change your Qatar Airways reservations. To handle this situation, you must understand Qatar Airways’ flight change policy. Qatar Airways welcomes passengers/customers to modify flight reservations with open arms. Here are some key points about the flight change policy by Qatar Airways.

  • Passengers are advised to read and understand the latest Qatar Airways reservations rules and policies to avoid any confusion in the future and prepare in advance. You will get a clear explanation of each of the terms and conditions of Qatar Airways flight changes.
  • Passengers should always change the scheduled flight within 24 hours of the original booking.
  • In case of an accident, such as the death of a family, the passenger can change the flight booking. You only need to show the relevant documents, and the airline will not charge any changes.
  • If Qatar Airways changes the departure and arrival times of the original flight, it can change other Qatar Airways flights without paying any change fees.
  • Passengers should use a credit card to book tickets, as this will allow them to cover the scope of travel changes.
  • If you buy tickets directly from the airline and not any third-party agent, you can change the flight on Qatar Airways without paying any change fees.

How To change Qatar Airways flights?

Qatar Airways provides passengers with two different options to change flights online or offline.

Change flight online:

Passengers can make a convenient flight change request 24 hours before departure without paying any change fees.

  1. Visit the official website of Qatar Airways and log in to your account.
  2. Now, click on the “My Journey” tab.
  3. Enter all the details, such as the passenger’s last name and ticket confirmation code.
  4. Click the “Continue” button.
  5. Select the flight you want to change from the list of booked flights.
  6. Please follow the steps/instructions on other screens to complete the flight change process.
  7. Finally, please make sure to get confirmation about the new flight via email or phone.

Passengers can change flights Booked with Qatar Airways Reservations without paying any fees, but they should complete the flight 7 days or 24 hours before the original flight. All Qatar Airways tickets canceled after 24 hours will incur a change fee. If the ticket is refundable, the passenger can also request a refund.

Offline: Passengers can directly contact Qatar Airways Customer service number in order to cancel or change his/her flight ticket. The Airline has representatives working 24/7 to provide the customers with the best help possible and give them a comfortable travel experience with Qatar Airways.

Frequently Asked Questions Faq’s

  • What is Qatar Airways’ frequent flyer program, and what are its benefits?

Qatar Airways’ loyalty program is an elite club. The program is entirely free and allows passengers to earn VIP status and miles. These miles are beneficial and can be redeemed for various future awards, such as award flights, tax-free shopping, priority seat selection, etc. To obtain VIP status, passengers need to get the number of Qpoints required for each level.

  • Do I need to print an e-ticket on Qatar Airways?

When you book a ticket on Qatar Airways Reservations, you will get an e-ticket, an e-ticket. If you need a paper version, you can print it. According to relevant airport rules and regulations, some airports may require physical copies of e-tickets.

  • Does Qatar Airways offer free upgrades?

The privilege club Qcredits can be used in many ways; the most attractive of which is the free upgrade of Qatar Airways flights. Qatar Airways offers its members to use Qcredits to upgrade from economy class to business class and from business class to first class.

  • Are drinks free on Qatar flights?

Another highlight of the Qatar Airways’ on flight services is the number of beverages provided throughout the flight, including some premium spirits, which is a rarity in economy class today! You can also use onboard WiFi.


  • Can I upgrade from Qatar Airways’ economy class to business class online?

Upgrade on departure: Book your revenue ticket and request an upgrade at the airport—Upgrade Qatar Airways’ business class or first class by redeeming Qmiles and pamper yourself. When you fly out of Doha and choose an airport, you can also redeem Qcredits at the airport for an upgrade.

  • What is the check-in time for Qatar Airways?

Three hours, Qatar Airways recommends that you check-in three hours before the departure time. The boarding counter is closed one hour prior to departure time, and the gate closes twenty minutes before departure. These times may vary depending on your departure airport.

  • Can you get free drinks on Qatar Airways?

Another attraction of Qatar Airways’ services is the unlimited drinks during the entire flight, including premium spirits, which is a rarity in economy class today! You can also use the WiFi on the board. Call Qatar Airways Reservations number in case you have some special requirements on drinks.

  • Do I need to print the Qatar Airways e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an e-ticket issued when Qatar Airways purchases a ticket. If a paper copy is required, it can be printed. According to airport regulations, some airports need to submit a copy of the ticket to the airport security department or immigration authority.

  • What is the “Qatar stopover” program?

The Qatar stopover is a unique plan designed by Qatar Airways and its destination management agency in cooperation with the National Tourism Administration. It allows passengers to stop in Qatar when transiting through Doha on vacation or travel.

  • How can I change my reservation online?

If your seat booking meets the conditions for change, you can handle and change your reservations via Manage Booking, and then click “Change Flight” or “Change Flight Date” under the “Manage Flight” menu. You are free to contact the Qatar Airways Reservations Phone Number anytime you wish to confirm or correct and change something.

  • Can I travel with my pet?

With Qatar Airways, pet dogs, cats, and birds can travel as carry-on luggage. All the other kinds of animals are transported as shipments. When you connect to a Qatar Airways reservations flight from another airline, pets must travel alone as shipment and not considered excess baggage. Transport animals must comply with local country/region regulations. For more information, please contact your local Qatar Airways office.

  • How to book a preferred seat?

 If you have already booked a ticket on Qatar’s website, you can select a seat from the booking confirmation page after completing the booking. You can also manage your seat preferences via “Manage Booking” on Qatar’s official website. 

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 3 reviews
by James Benjamin on Cancellation Flights
Qatar airways

I want to share my wonderful experience with Qatar Airways. I was going on a trip to the Emirates. So I booked a multi-city flight with them. Using the Qatar Airways reservations official website, I was able to book my air ticket and reserve a car service plus a three-day stay at a hotel in Sharjah, and for the fourth day, my flight to Dubai was scheduled. It was the best layover flight, and I returned after nine days of a beautiful Emirates trip. They provided the best service throughout my entire journey, and I was able to relax a lot.

by Sam Bill on Cancellation Flights
Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines globally, at least in my opinion. We were in the Economy class, and still, the legroom was perfect, and we even got a menu and metal cutlery. The food was good, but not great; In-flight Entertainment was ok, not many movies and TV shows. However, the seats were very suitable, and the flight attendants were respectful. In short, I recommend this aircraft to anyone who plans to travel long distances and head to different countries/regions.

by Joseph Taylor on Cancellation Flights
Qatar Airlines

Due to the coronavirus, the other airline I booked from had canceled my flight. So, I made a Qatar Airways Reservation and was able to fly to Australia immediately. Since I booked at the last minute and being a vegetarian, I could not choose my preference meal online, but the staff was great and prepared vegan meals for my flight—really excellent flight and service during a stressful time. Protection Status