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Flying with Hainan Airlines takes you to the next world of comfort while traveling. Hainan Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the Republic of China, connecting people to more than 500 domestic and international routes. It is also the fourth-largest airline in the Republic of China in terms of fleet size.

People appreciate the services offered by the airline because of the high-end amenities offered onboard. Make Hainan Airlines Seat Reservation and enjoy the exquisite range of amenities and comfortable experience on the flight. Moreover, from cheap flight tickets to the cancellation policy, Hainan Airlines ensure that passengers do not go through any hassle.

How to make Hainan Airlines Seat Reservation?

Hainan Airlines understands the customer need; that is why the airline has made the booking process very simple. There are various ways through which a person can book flight tickets on Hainan flights. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to make a flight reservation quickly.

Hainan Airlines Customer Service

If you want an expert’s help while booking the ticket so that you can easily get available discounts directly from an airline representative. All you need to do is call on the customer service and talk with the airline executive. You will be surprised by the prompt assistance of designated experts. So, connect with the customer service via Hainan Airlines Contact and make flight reservations immediately.

Moreover, the customer service team is round the clock available and ensures that passengers do not have any trouble. There are various methods available to connect with the designated airline executives, such as Chat, SMS, and contact.

Hainan Airlines official website

The official website is the one-stop where you can find exciting flight deals as well as all the flight-related information like baggage allowance, in-flight amenities, etc. Follow the step by step process mentioned below to book flight tickets from the official site.

  • Type hainanairlines.com in the search bar of your web browser and hit Enter. Then select your region and language preference.
  • After that, click on the “Flights” option in the “SEARCH FLIGHTS” tab.
  • Enter the departure and arrival destination in the required field. Then, choose the type of trip for which you want to make Hainan Airlines reservations.
  • Enter travel date in the “Depart” field. If you are booking round the trip ticket, then enter the date for a return ticket as well.
  • Enter the of travelers as children and adults, and select the travel class.
  • After that, click on the “FIND” button.
  • On the next page, you would be required to select a flight from the available options. Then click on the “CONTINUE” button.
  • Next, you need to select the travel class based on the fares shown on the page. Then click on the “CONTINUE” button.
  • The next page will show you the preview of flight fare. If you have a Hainan Airlines account, then sign-in, otherwise click on the “guest” option and hit “CONTINUE.”
  • Enter the passenger’s details such as name, contact information, etc.
  • After that, make payment to complete the Hainan Airlines reservations.
  • On the last page, you need to confirm the flight booking, and you will get a confirmation mail after finishing the booking process.

Hainan Airlines Mobile App

In this digital era, the majority of people are leaning toward mobile uses instead of other things. That is why Hainan has launched a mobile application comprising all the provided services by the airline. The dedicated mobile app is available on almost every platform, such as the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Download and install the Hainan Airlines mobile app on your device from the needed platform. After that, book tickets from the flight booking menu. In case of problems while booking tickets, then you can take help from an expert by dialing the Hainan Airlines.

Hainan Airline Baggage Policy

Hainan has created a comprehensive baggage policy, including free as well as paid baggage allowance. Baggage policy is one of the few things, which everyone should check because avoiding the norms set in baggage policy may cause you problems at the airport. So, follow the baggage allowance by the airline when packing your backpack for the flight. In case you wish to travel with extra luggage than allowed, then you should take advice from an expert by dialing Hainan Airlines.

Carry-on Baggage allowance on international routes except between China and North America:

First and Business Class:

  • On this route and travel class, every passenger is entitled to travel with two bags without paying any luggage fee.
  • The maximum dimension of each bag is limited to 32 linear inches.
  • The total allowed weight of these two carry-on bags should not exceed 10kg.

Economy Class:

· Passengers in economy class are entitled to travel with one carry-on bag, which should not exceed the weight and size restriction of 35 linear inches and 5kg.

Carry-on Baggage allowance on flights between China and North America:

Each passenger traveling with a valid flight ticket is allowed to travel with one personal item and one carry-on item fee-free.

  • Both carry-on bag and the personal item should be placed under the seat in front or overhead bin.
  • The maximum weight and dimension of the carry-on bag should not exceed 45 linear inches and 10kg.

Carry-on allowance for domestic routed in China:

First Class:

  • On a domestic flight, first-class passengers are allowed to carry two bags on the flight.
  • Each bag should follow the size limit of 35 linear inches.
  • The total weight of carry-on bags should not be more than 10kg.

Business and Economy Class:

· Passengers in business and economy class are allowed with one bag, which should not be weighing more than 5kg and follow the size limit of 35 linear inches.

This is the carry-on baggage allowance defined by Hainan Airlines, which is not applicable for any fee. Extra baggage then carry-on allowance should be applied as checked baggage. You can apply for the checked baggage from the official website of the airline by paying the applicable fee. In case you want to know about the checked baggage allowance, then give a call on Hainan Airlines and talk with an expert.

Hainan Airlines in-flight amenities

  • Seats are designed ergonomically, which allows you a comfortable air trip. The width between seats on wide-body aircraft is 31 to 33 inches, which helps you to stretch out your body completely.
  • Two meal services are offered on the flight so that passengers never feel hungry. Hainan flights feature three types of menu options, including two Chinese and one Western. The meal features main courses, appetizers, desserts, and a variety of cheese.
  • A personal entertainment system is offered onboard to keep passengers away from boredom. A flight may display also provided in the entertainment stuff. The entertainment system includes the latest popular music, films, and magazines to read.
  • Passengers are also offered Wi-Fi on certain flights.
  • For the comfortable & relaxed journey, passengers get fluffy waist pillows, soft and comfortable blankets.

These are a few of the amenities offered by Hainan on the flight. If you want more information about these amenities, then contact with Hainan Airlines Customer Service team. Additionally, the airline has created an extensive customer support system so that passengers do not face any flight-related problems. Areas specific customer service is also provided by the airline, which allows passengers to deal with problems like language issues. For example, if you are traveling to/from a US destination, then you should connect with the Hainan Airlines USA team.

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