Some Countries Put a Ban on Travelers in 2020

Since March 31, the United States has been in a state of four-level travel advisory (most extreme), and citizens are advised to avoid traveling abroad due to Covid-19. All American citizens abroad have been instructed to return to the United States immediately.

Countries that allow American travelers to enter have implemented varying degrees of restrictions. Jamaica’s economy is heavily dependent on U.S. tourism, so leisure travelers from the U.S. are permitted. Still, travelers from Arizona, Florida, New York, and Texas are required to submit a negative Covid-19 test within ten days of arrival. At the same time, South Korea’s control of Covid-19 has been praised by the World Health Organization, which requires American travelers to be quarantined for 14 days after arrival to pay for their stay in the quarantine area, which may cost US$2,100.


According to a report in the Washington Post, after a surge in the island nation, the Bahamas will ban American travelers from entering the port on commercial flights and ships from Wednesday (private jets and yachts are still allowed to enter the port).

The Europian Union

The 27 EU countries/regions extended their ban on American travelers on July 16 and will review the list of accepting countries every two weeks. The countries included are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Latvia, Poland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Sweden, and Ireland, etc. You can read through Spirit Airlines Reservations COVID-19 Guidelines to precisely understand the procedure for travel.

Mexico and Canada

Mexico and Canada both do not allow unnecessary travelers from the United States to cross the border; while the numbers in Mexico are climbing, the number of climbing cases in Canada is as low as they were in March.


China has banned all travelers from America, and all those from china have been banned from entering the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), due to COVID-19.U.S., Has issued the “Level 3 Travel Health Notice” in China and Hong Kong. Citizens who are traveling or living in China or Hong Kong might be remanded without access to U.S. consular services or information about their suspected crimes. U.S. citizens may be subject to lengthy interrogation and long-term detention without proper legal procedures; security associates may imprison and/or expel U.S. citizens for sending electronic messages that are private and criticizing the Chinese government.


Due to the increasing situation in the country, Japan is also temporarily banning American travelers. If you travel to Japan, you should refer to the COVID-19 webpage of the U.S. Embassy and visit the CDC’s Travel and COVID-19 webpages.

Avoid contact with sick people.

New Zealand

New Zealand bans American tourists from visiting the country because they almost wiped out Covid-19, and a new case was reported on July 20. The New Zealand Health Ministry has provided detailed information about any orders or instructions that may be in place. These may include: isolation on arrival, and if you are unwell, then self-isolation, and infection control methods such as limiting gatherings or contact tracing. Go through the policies stated by Copa Airlines Flight Booking to get through complete details regarding the US’s travel ban.