The Top 5 Best Airports in the USA

Think your regional airport is a top airport or a maintenance zone? In our ranking of the best airports in the United States for business travelers, find out which ones rank the highest. As many travelers already know, an airport experience can mark the beginning of a good journey. As the warm spring weather approaches, travel has attracted more and more attention. Compared with the year-end trip, the spring travel season is more unpredictable, especially for business owners and executives. We improve the ranking by evaluating the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), the distance from each airport to the city, and airport amenities.

Impressive Airports in the US for Business Travelers

  • Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Atlanta

Surprisingly, this is the country’s busiest airport for two decades and the best choice for business travelers. This high ranking varies widely, but the reason for placing Hartsfield-Jackson first is that only 1% of flights are canceled. “Despite millions of passengers passing through Hartsfield, in 2018, an impressive 82% of departure points and 85% of arrivals were on time, which is high for businesses traveling under time constraints. It’s imperative.”

  • Salt Lake City International Airport

According to our research, Salt Lake City International Airport is the best airport for business travelers. Among the airlines reporting to BTS, the total number of domestic flights of SLC in 2018 was 112,800. SLC’s flight performance was outstanding, 86% of which took off and arrived on time. Affordability also makes SLC number one. The daily parking fee at the airport is only US$9, and the average nightly hotel fee in Salt Lake City is US$165. SLC Airport has only one business lounge with wifi, while Hartsfield-Jackson has only 14. Check the Aeromexico Reservations helpdesk and make your reservations at SLC.

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ranks in the top three on our list. This is a relatively large airport, with 172,000 domestic flights reported in 2018. Eighty percent of departing and arriving flights arrived on time, and only 0.71% of flights were canceled. PHX is conveniently located, only 5 miles from downtown Phoenix. Business travelers will love it. For extended business trips, the daily parking fee in the wallet is only $7. In Phoenix’s area surrounding Phoenix, the average cost of a hotel stay is $168, making the city an affordable option for business travelers.

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP)

MSP continues to maintain high ratings among readers for its abundance of dining and entertainment options-so many that it might make you forget to go here and you know you want to leave. No less than 50 stores sell designer clothes and shoes, and our favorite food venue-French Meadow Bakery and Café-serves Mexican chili goat cheese tortillas, bison short ribs as well as scones and mini cheesecakes. With the takeaway delivery app’s help, you can order food more quickly and deliver it directly to the boarding gate.

  • Savannah Hilton Head (SAV)

SAV is not generally a busy airport, but because it is small, not to mention its town square-style layout, it makes it feel exciting and tempting at the same time. Travelers, while they visit here, might think they were sent back to the historic southern streets in time, with benches and oversized clocks on the roads, and chronographs under the glass roof. Over the years, travelers have been rated one of the “happiest” airports in the country (and many surveys on dating sites). Travelers can buy cigars or golf equipment at the PGA Tour Grill or dine in classic southern cuisine. Make sure to consider Delta Airlines Reservations and enjoy your air travel.