Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus with Social Distancing

Importance of face mask and social distancing

Our well-being and health should be our prior concerns. COVID 19 is having a dreadful effect on health care systems even in the most developed countries. Every day we hear some new information on what are new symptoms of coronavirus, how it spreads, and what are the best ways to prevent it from spreading. The most important precautions are washing hands frequently, practicing social distancing, and wearing face masks. Everyone is trying their best to take every possible safety measures to stop the outbreak of this virus. 

This pandemic COVID 19 has effected every industry, including the tourism industry. To cope up with the virus, all airlines are taking safety measures like Copa Airlines is releasing the hygiene, health, and sanitation protocols. The airline will resume its operations on June 26, 2020. You can make Copa Airlines reservations without any worry. 

Social distancing

Be a champion in social distancing!

Help yourself and help others to slow down the outbreak of coronavirus. It is a must for everyone to continue the social distancing until the situation gets normal. Everyone must play his or her role as it is a community effort. As people are moving continuously, the virus can be transferred onto objects. These are the loopholes that must be removed. Social distancing should be practiced rigorously. Physical distancing is very effectual and every inch counts. The 6-feet rule has become a new way of life during the epidemic. Encourage your family and friends to follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

  • Follow the rule of “stay home, stay safe.” Consider your family as a unit, if one person is exposed, everyone in the house is at risk. 
  • There should be 6 feet difference between you and others.
  • If you are not able to keep an appropriate distance, always wear a face covering. 
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering and after exiting the store or any other business. 

Follow these rules and stay safe.

Cloth covering or face covering

Face masks are very helpful in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Even if you are healthy, it is important to cover your face with a mask. Face mask lessens the risk of spreading the infection. Your mask must cover your face from your nose bridge to under your chin. 

Important points

  • Do not seek out of the mask.
  • Do not touch your nose, eyes, face, mouth after you take off your mask.  
  • Wash your covering or cloth mask every day.
  • Sometimes people who have coronavirus don’t show symptoms and they just spread the virus by talking. This can be limited by wearing a face covering.
  • Your face mask should be comfortable, so you don’t have an urge to touch it again and again. 
  • Your mask should have multiple layers of fabric. 
  • Wash your hands immediately after removing your mask. 

Keep all these points in mind and keep yourself away from the novel coronavirus. Copa Airlines is preparing to fly again with all the necessary safety measures. Call on the Copa Airlines Telefono and confirm your booking at the earliest.