Most Popular Street Food Cities in the World

Street food has always been an essential part of experiencing the culture and country. Each city has its own specialty when it comes to street food. It is a true fuel for people. From Pad Thai in Bangkok to Pani Puri in Mumbai, visitors are definitely spoilt for choices when it comes to the best street food cities around the world. Visitors just don’t have to dine in the gorgeous restaurants to taste the most authentic local cuisine. 

In all these cities, you get innumerable options of street food; choose as per your taste buds. Make Southwest Airlines reservations and travel to any of these cities without hitting hard on your pocket.

Bangkok Thailand

When in Bangkok, it is hard to avoid street food where you can find plenty of street food options.  It is quite impossible to find a square meter of a sidewalk that does not have a stall of some kind. Street food here is a kind of way to live, especially at night. You have many different options to choose from like vegetarian dishes, meat, and noodles. Don’t forget to try sweet desserts and delicious fruits. 

Where to eat?

  • Chinatown
  • Soi Rambutri
  • Aw Taw Kaw
  • the Saochingcha neighborhood

Try the best street food at these places.

Istanbul, Turkey

Ubiquitous street stalls of Istanbul are a welcome sight for every visitor. Whether it’s the scrumptious baklava treats, balik ekmek (it is a fish sandwich), huge baked potatoes (known as kumpir), traditional doner kebap,  and bagel-style sesame bread (known as simit), you are definitely going to lick your fingers after eating this food. 

Where to eat?

  • Istiklal Caddesi
  • Karaköy and Ortakoy

Mexico City, Mexico

Blue-corn quesadillas, tamales, burritos, tacos, and flautas – so little time and so much food. The streets of the city are flooded with food stands. If you are a vegetarian, then also you have plenty of options to pick from. Save some room for Jugueros (juice vendors) and Fruteros (fruit vendors), which offers the freshest tropical fruits of Mexico. Roam around the city and satisfy your plate with your favourite food. 

Where to eat?

Food stalls are available throughout downtown. 

  • South of Plaza de Insurgentes
  • Rio Sena between Rio Papaloapan and Reforma
  • Near the corner of Aranda and Ayuntamiento

Tokyo, Japan

Food in Tokyo is not that expensive. Eating here is an unexpansive affair. Visitors love to devour on some sushi while a favourite of locals is a big bowl of udon noodles or ramen that is served from street carts. Food stands are available at busy neon-lit lanes and they are famous for yakitori BBQ skewers or takoyaki (balls of little dough that are stuffed with octopus). 

Where to eat?

  • Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Yakitori Alley (a lane in Shinjuku)
  • Kabukicho


Like all other things in Singapore, street food is clean and provided in an orderly fashion. It is not necessary that you will find it on the streets, you can eat delicacies of Chinese, Indian, and Malay in government-regulated markets and food malls that are available inside shopping centers, office towers, and apartment buildings. Besides all this, the food is “street” in style. 

Where to eat?

  • Chinatown Food Center
  • The Hill Street Food Center
  • Seafood and satays at Newton Circus Hawker Centre
  • The Muslim market
  • Ellenborough Market
  • The old hawker center
  • The Chomp Chomp Food Center
  • Lau Pa Sat Food Center

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