Marvellous Places in Indonesia that will Make your Trip Worth it!

A land gifted with exotic water villas, pristine beaches, cultural ethos, and vibrant tribes; no, we are not talking about a dream, we are talking about Indonesia. With long of places to visit in Indonesia, you will never fall short of opportunities for cultural and adventure interaction. It is the fourth most populous country around the world and there are plenty of beaches, volcanoes, and jungles are waiting to be enjoyed. Whether you are someone who seeks peace or an adventure lover, Indonesia is the place to go. Each region of the country is unique and offers something special to every visitor. Ranging from some beautiful sights to extravagant adventures, Indonesia is perfect!

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Places to explore in Indonesia

  • Bali

While talking about Indonesia, how can we not talk about Bali? Bulk of visitors comes to Indonesia only to see Bali as it is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Asia. There is a reason why this destination beckons visitors from every corner of the world. Bali is a cliché picture of heaven, which is blessed with green volcanic scenery, blue water, and wide pristine beaches. Other than beaches, Bali is home to the number of traditions and cultural landmarks. If you are in Bali, Kuta is a must-visit beach here. If offers a spectacular view of the sunset to its visitors.

Top reasons to explore Bali are-

  • Volcanic villages
  • Hindu temples and culture
  • Good place for beginner surfing
  • Romantic escapes
  • Boutique shopping


  • Lombok

Lombok is a Bali’s neighbor and is a second big stop for travellers. Most people visit Lombok to see the popular Gili Islands. Every year numerous tourists and backpackers come here to satisfy their wanderlust. Snorkeling at a Turtle Sanctuary is very famous here. If you are looking for a place to reconnect your body and mind, you have an abundance of yoga classes option here. Kayaking is another famous sport in this place. The Gili Islands offer a more relaxed alternative to Bali.

Reasons to visit Lombok-

  • Exciting Gunung Rinjani trek
  • Affordable water sports
  • Big party scene on Gili T
  • Paradise islands


  • Java

Settled between Bali and Sumatra, this oblong-shaped island is the most populous island around the world. It is a crowded and busy place, but if you want to see real Indonesian culture, then Java is the perfect place for you. More than 50% of people in Indonesia call the area home. Java is home to Gunung Bromo, which is an active volcano and is one of the most visited in Indonesia. Stop at the massive caldera to witness a spectacular sunrise.

Major reasons to visit Java are-

  • The cultural city of Yogyakarta
  • Mount Bromo and famous volcanoes
  • Experience modern Indonesian life
  • The sprawling metropolis of Jakarta


  • Sulawesi

The tentacled, twisted island of Sulawesi is located north of Flores and east of Borneo. Tough and different shapes of Sulawesi betrays the travel experience here. Going to the interior of Sulawesi is not that easy, you have to put in efforts and sweat for it. The Togean Islands and Kadidiri offer incredible diving opportunities but are hard to reach. 

Reasons to explore Sulawesi are-

  • Undeveloped, beautiful islands
  • World-class scuba diving
  • See ritual animal slaughters
  • Get off the tourist track

All these are the most popular places in Indonesia that you must explore to have an unforgettable journey. Choose Frontier Airlines for your journey as it offers top-notch services to its passengers, like easy booking, quick Frontier Airlines check-in, etc.