Interesting facts about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most popular holiday destinations, which is famous for featuring beautiful landscapes from mountains to beaches to stunning cloud forests and rains. The destination attracts visitors from every nook of the world. You must have known this place for its beautiful views and sights, but there are some other interesting facts that will make you love this place even more. 

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Here is the list of facts that will definitely grab your attention.

Locals of Costa Rica address themselves as ticas and ticos

Natives have affectionate nicknames for themselves here. Tico is for males and Ticas is for females. They love to call themselves that. They also have nicknames for foreigners, which is “Gringas” for females and “Gringos” is for males. They are very loving people and will treat you very kindly.

Costa Rica has 5% of the world’s biodiversity

Costa Rica biodiversity is very vast and it has more than 5% of the world’s diversity. Landmass available here only takes .03% of the surface of the planet. If you are a wildlife lover, then this is an ideal place for you as you will never run out of wildlife places here. Make JetBlue Airlines reservations now and explore its amazing wildlife.

Currency of Costa Rica is very colorful

When you look at Costa Rica’s currency, you will find that there are different animals and landscapes available on every denomination. These had been selected from the vast biodiversity of Costa Rica including blue morpho butterfly, sloth, capuchin monkey, and white-tailed deer. All of these can be easily found in Costa Rica. Though it has its own currency, but many stores list prices in US $.

You can enjoy phenomenal sunset and sunrise in one-day

Isn’t it interesting that you can view sunrise and sunset, all in one-day? Costa Rica has plenty of beaches that are world-renowned for many different reasons. If you want to look at the beauty of the rising sun, then you can watch it from the horizon on the Caribbean coast and watch it falling on the beach on the Pacific coast. You can afford to miss this mesmerizing view. Make JetBlue Airlines reservations and visit Costa Rica without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Costa Rica has no army

The country has always boasted the fact that it has not had a military or army since 1948. The government here is democratic and it has no standing army. The presidential elections are held every four years. 

Costa Rica is considered one of the happiest countries around the world

This must not come as a surprise for you as you can see it from everything that this place offers to its visitors. This Central American jewel has the most lovely, jolly, and kind-hearted people. Is it difficult to believe? Come here and you won’t be disappointed for sure. 

So, what are you waiting for now? Aren’t these facts enough to grab your attention? Make Turkish Airlines Customer service as soon as possible and fly to Costa Rica affordably.